Building BBH and Splinterlands for 22nd May 2023

I have to say this day has been a slow online day for me. With this account and the @bradleyarrow account this is only my 3rd post.

I got a few threads out. But basically doing chores inside and outside and family time.

Building BBH 👷‍♂️

Screenshot_20230522_192255_Firefox Beta.jpg

Although the trajectory of this graphic looks awesome, there appears to be missed days. That is because of claim times. The graphic below s the truth on daily earnings.

Screenshot_20230522_192312_Firefox Beta.jpg


Screenshot_20230522_192224_Firefox Beta.jpg

Top ten tokens holding for BBH today.

Screenshot_20230522_192348_Firefox Beta.jpg

BBH and I are Alive and Thriving.


May the tip and Splinters and positivity be with you.