My oldest friend Ben (the @blockbrothers dev) and me just before we are going to ...

in #appics4 years ago

... see the new Star Wars movie in the Cinema. Fully loaded up on snacks and a 4 pack of beer. Man, I hope it’s good.


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Everything I have heard so far seems to be pretty positive about it. I guess we all know how inaccurate that can be though. I am guessing if you are a fan, you will love it.

I am a fan and have mixed feelings about it. Because it's Star Wars I want to love it but it's difficult. The movie is all over the place. Sometimes it's more like Independence day (1996) with Harry Potter than an actual Star Wars movie.

I found it not terrible but it's far from great.

I'm going to watch it again with Bianca in a couple of days. So much happens in the movie I couldn't process all of it in one go.

That is probably a good idea! That is too bad it hasn't quite lived up to your expectations. I am hoping to catch it next week if possible.

That kitkat looks like it's gonna be fun to touch once you open it. :P

It was a terrible idea to put it there...


Enjoy it!!!

Let me know your thoughts. I probably won't get a chance to watch it until this weekend or next week, but I've found I enjoy reading the spoilers and just enjoying the movie after the birth of my kids and I couldn't go see 7 and 8 on release.

Gotta love spending time with friends doing stuff we love

Yeah, it was fun!

Oh wow, wish I was there!! Enjoy the movie guys, I hear its pretty good, and of course a must see on the Big Screen!!

..ok, professionals, no doubt..enjoy..

I’m waiting to see Star Wars also! Hope it good!

Hope you enjoyed the movie 🍿

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how was it seems like i need to see that one this weekend

Keep going guys

Hope you enjoyed the movie 😁