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This mind is lost.

It's time for a change but change takes time.  Not even sure what to do with this blog of mine.  Miss the crowds.  I won't deny I'm just some random guy.  No need to live a lie.  This world has bigger fish to fry.  Part of me wants to go bye-bye.  Another part still enjoys the high I get when I give this writing thing a try.  Sometimes I wonder why my thought supply runs dry.

That never used to happen.  I miss the folks and their laughing but my head is taking a nap and all I got is this rapping mess I'm slapping down here to take the place of my happiness.

So dark inside my mind but it shouldn't be.  Need to find the place that resembles me.  Been looking for it but I couldn't see.  Everything remains a mystery.  This world and all the controversy surrounds me as my head pounds out these drum sounds like a firing squad and their gun rounds killing all that was left of me before I hit the ground.


Went from driving fast cars and always drinking in bars to this life in the middle of nowhere, staring at the stars.  I could pack my scars and go live on Mars but I've been saving that treat like the fancy cigars we passed around when I did my part to bring life to this town.

Asked for nothing so that's what I got.  The battle was won before it was fought.  The world works in mysterious ways.  All I have left now are these words and even that pays.

Suppose now is the time to wish for better days.

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Big Deal

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"Something simple, random, and easy to look at, I guess, I dunno, plus trying new things."

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Just wait when the mind is tired. and you have to put your head in a tub of water. Get out just before drowning. it is good to think at night. But if it is to think about bringing the night ... anyway I don't know where this interpretation will go. I'm always as pessimistic as you. and I love your style..

I'm not sure if I'd call it pessimism. I simply don't deny one side in favor of another since it takes both to maintain a balance. The dark side of that always optimistic personality is the fact it's often forced or fake. Superficial. Inside they suffer and when the shit goes down, they ain't ready.

Your mind is full of art! Can I have a plate pliz?🍝🍜

It's a start after another long-ass brain fart. All the plates are dirty though so using a bowl might be smart.

😅lol that should work. Wash your plates mhn!

Ran outta that damn soap stuff again...

Someone here started making honey with words, i like that every word have it own magic.

I guess that's the Hive thing to do. Was hesitant before hitting post though. You called it magic. For some reason I didn't think people would like it; tragic.

Everyone has his own perspective, some see it is negative, and the rest see it attractive.

One can spin a top in either direction but it still stands; balance.

This man needs to discover what makes the world tick.

I’m trying to think of a good response, but am coming up short.

You must be this tall > ------------------ to respond.

I knew you would have a creative answer!

Some call it being creative. Others call it being a smart-ass.

Nice day today!

Good day to take that honda for a workout! I miss my xr200. Used ride that as kid some years back.

I had an xr200 before this one. Was good for hitting backroads and trails but I was bored of the low top speed. The crf450 will do about 140 kph and that's a lot of fun on loose gravel.

Must say you have a way with words, great post!

You have a way with compliments. Thank you. Was feeling a bit awkward putting this out there but that's starting to fizzle out now. Thanks again.

Feeling you bro, dark poetry but so relevant and relatable.
Turn the page, rise up, the world is still a beautiful place.

Dark but we can't always keep the lights on. Sometimes you gotta save power...

Can you tap along to something you can't hear? Or am I just defective?

You're probably just defective. Sorry to hear about that. Get well soon.

That's what I was afraid of. I looked it up and I think I'm stuck like this forever :O

Damn! Forever is such a long time. I don't know what to say but don't worry, I don't judge. The world needs defects.

Writing, sometimes, is a way to purge out our feelings just like a young man who has running stomach. Writing makes us communicate our feelings to others. And that is what you do effortlessly dear friend.

Don't say bye bye 🙄

I don't mind being real, or whatever it is. It's not like I'm feeling overly burdened or anything like that. Didn't really put the effort into thinking, the thoughts simply came out like that, plus the added rhymes for effect. Not a big deal. Life isn't perfect, and that's fine.

True! Life's totally imperfect and in its imperfections we tend to survive on a daily basis.
Reading your posts from day 0 - a knowledgeable reader would know you put little or no efforts in your writings. It comes in a conversational pattern - just like you are talking to someone.
I feel like you stand in front of me speaking to me. Just that I can't put your voice in it. Haha

It's cool to find out it the writing comes across like that. Effort exists but the goal is to make the words speak.

I know right 💯

You are blessed with magic words friend

Are you gonna quit so hasty to all those loving nuzzles and tender caresses of @trafalgar & @traf?

Keep in mind that there are not so many the exclusive recipients of such amorous deference and rare courtesy. };)

Never said I was quitting. It's just an art post. You're focusing on the wrong thing...

You're focusing on the wrong thing...

Oh, then I'm happy with my mistake. I suspect it were these chunks of your harangue the ones that confused my 'focusing'. :)

  • Part of me wants to go bye-bye.
  • Need to find the place that resembles me.
  • Suppose now is the time to wish for better days.

Place that back into the context and watch what happens. This wasn't an essay or some kind of life update status message. Just taking some raw thoughts and trying to be creative.

I don't need to explain myself though. You don't need to worry about who votes for what either. There's enough content police around as it is.

It says I enjoy writing right after your first point. The second point had nothing to do with this place. And there's nothing wrong with wishing for better days.

Hahaha, If only I had not read before most of your posts and a few where you report and state that you have fled and practically have renounced to continue sharing your content with us here, probably I wouldn't have confused my 'focusing'.

You don't need to worry about who votes for what either.

Oh! in fact that doesn't worry me in the least. I just mentioned it as a way to cheer you up in case you were giving up on continuing with your blog. According my wrong focusing. };)

Please go find someone else to troll.

Ah! then I'm trolling you now eh?

Perhaps I touched some sensitive nerve today to be Monday?

Nowadays, Even the change is not yet coming forth