Two Big News from Binance

in #bitcoin8 months ago

Another day another interesting stuff in cryptocurrecny.

Police Raid in office ?


For starters one of bitcoin media sites wrote that there was raids in Shanghai offices of Bithumb and Binance

That was scary for everyone but both companies denied this.

CFO of Binance went even further saying they have no offices so they cannot be raided. This pretty much shows some doubts people had about the location fo the company. The company is literally nowhere ;)

Binance Bought WazirX


You heard of it ? If not then probably because you are not from India. Its the best and biggest Indian exchange with rupee fiat gateways.

Market Pairs


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Aws you didn't even know/mention that WazirX trades Steem.

i didnt, but thanks for info!

Fake news! I think the shorters wanted to short today. Seeing the price, it might have worked.

really strange such big portal went for fake news but what can one do

The market was building to a big move and this fake news conveniently gave the perfect excuse for the move to be down.

lets see what happends now ;x

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WazirX does not have INR deposit even, in fact, its banned, so no exchange does have that. WE can trade only via P2P and the rates are pretty high for USDT, almost 6-7 % more. Not sure, how the binance acquisition would help.