Happy #BitcoinPizzaDay !

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Today it's not only #Bitcoinpizzaday, but also the 10 year anniversary since the poor guy allegedly bought two Pizzas for the cost of 10,000 Bitcoin. Needless to say, that means there'll be plenty of Bitcoiners around the globe enjoying a few slices today.


While I felt like going the extra step and having a large $35 pizza just for myself, I didn't quite reach the bill in the story😅. Instead, I'm just happy I managed to finish this thing off!

So what are you all eating today? Are you far enough down the rabbit hole that you'll religiously stick to having pizza today?😋

Let me know what you had in the comments, and make this thread all about Pizzas!🍕


That looks like one of the most delicious pizzas I've ever seen!

Actually been on a bit of light eating intermittent fast day - I had porridge at 12.30 and then Dahl just now (around 18.30) and some fruit.

No pizza for me today! But that does look amazing.

It is my all-time favourite! It's a $35 Premium Chicago called "Even Heavier Heaven" by Peppes Pizza, which is an "upgraded" version of their best-seller "Heavy Heaven"! 😁

Having their Pizza restaurant literally just outside my apartment is quite dangerous... But had to treat myself on Bitcoinpizzaday!

How many deadlifts to burn that beast off?

I don't want to know😅

If you skip breakfast and lunch tomorrow you'll be fine!

It's the 'eat like a lion strategy', but just with Pizza rather than raw Gazelle.

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Now that's a Bitcoinday worthy pizza!😄

i ate an octopus today :P i think it's far from pizza but life isn't fair....at least for the octopus :P

today though i will probably eat pizza

Damn! You did? I'm yet to try that...
So you can have an Octopus and Pizza on the same day?

ahh sorry my bad i meant tomorrow regarding the pizza :P i guess i want to eat pizza so badly that i ended up typing "today" :P

you haven't tried octopus yet?

That poor guy is probably never eating pizza ever again. The after taste of bitcoin must be unbearable.
Your pizza looks delicious!

Haha. I very much doubt that he's poor. If he was that early into Bitcoin, chances are low that he spent everything on those Pizzas.

Also, it takes people to use a currency for it to grow and gain value. Without those first steps of innovation, Bitcoin may never have gained the value that it has, and thus it's uncertain whether or not it was "a loss".

It is still hard to wrap your head around how things have changed so much. I think we are actually having pizza tomorrow so we will be a day late which pretty much sums up my entry in to the cryptocurrency space :)

haha, anytime works! ;)

Haha, okay!

No Pizza for me today - is there a prize of the first t-bone steak brought with hive or steem?

I'm sure there could be if we make a viral story out of it somehow.

"Man orders $50 steak, gets paid $500 to post a picture of it on social media"?🤔😛

Too many "do this" days. Doughnut Day, Pirate Day, Star Wars Day, Pancake Day, Slurpee day (just the ones on top of my head).

So I will most likely not be having pizza today. I am just glad that I am not that guy having to kick my self each day with regret. Although I have made plenty of mistakes to regret so... 🤷‍♂.

Haha, I tend to agree that having too many days for x,y,z is just tedious. I would rather just do whatever I like, and not need a day to tell me what to do.

But it's different when it's a fun meme to the community one is a part of :)

To each their own! One day I will probably join the crowd. Will you consume honey on Hive Day?

No. But I may have a few BEErs!:)

Some sweet fresh tongue licking sumptuous pizza you've got there haha.
I didn't really much today just some fish pepper soup in the evening and white rice for breakfast 😋

Couldn't have said it better myself!😅😋.

Sounds good too!

I just decided to play on words 😂😂😂

Hi, I like pizza with oregano, yours seem to be delicious.

I had a supreme pizza for lunch. Sadly it was just a frozen one, didn't look nearly as delicious as yours does.

I actually had milk and cereals right now... Not a Bitcoin maximalist I have to admit :))

Sounds like breakfast. So then there's still time for pizza?;)

Probably tomorrow... It's 21:24 where I live. I often eat breakfast instead of dinner and vice versa... I'm kind of random :))