De-i and Titan are now good friends

in #catlast year

We are very happy that De-i and Titan are now good friends. They enjoy playing together and they love to stay close all day long.

De-i is especially naughty and runs very fast. A few days ago, she ran toward my feet and this frightened me and made me fall down the floor. I hurt so much and could not stand up for a while…. At first, I thought my leg was broken, but nothing was so serious.

Titan was coming to console me and gave me his kiss. This can warm my heart. I understood this was an accident and I didn’t blame De-i for this.

Anyway, I love to play with De-i and enjoy watching her running after the toys in my hand while Titan just sits and stares at her.

De-i likes photography, but Titan is too shy and usually walks away whenever I try to take photos of him. That's why I have many more photos of De-i than Titan's.

De-i...... ^_^

Titan.... ^^