Caturday Night shift // Caturday turno de noche

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My cat has been in heat for almost a month. Today is the first day of normal noises after 6 days of her somewhat disturbing and harassing behavior and I was so enamored with her newfound social skills that I decided to take her to work with me.


Mi gata ha estado en celo durante casi un mes. Hoy es el primer día de ruidos normales después de 6 días de su comportamiento algo perturbador y acosador y estaba tan enamorado de sus nuevas habilidades sociales que decidí llevarla al trabajo conmigo.


Normally this isn’t a place for animals as it is a lumber mill and quite dangerous (not to mention excruciatingly hot) but due to COVID-19 and a shattered economy (and the fact that it is a night shift) I decided to reward her and bring Taiger with me.


Normalmente este no es un lugar para animales ya que es un aserradero y bastante peligroso (por no mencionar el calor insoportable) pero debido a COVID-19 y a una economía destrozada (y al hecho de que es un turno de noche) decidí recompensarla y traer a Taiger conmigo.

First we got acclimated to the heat and noise the boiler makes. That took a while but a piece of pepperoni and a bottle of frozen water to lay with made her feel right at home.


Primero nos aclimatamos al calor y al ruido que hace la caldera. Eso llevó un tiempo, pero un trozo de pepperoni y una botella de agua congelada para acostarse la hicieron sentir como en casa.


Then we went on the hourly “fire watch” and though at first she enjoyed the walk...then didn’t...then did again, we thoroughly explored the entire mill. We found out she doesn’t like when the headers release pressure and hiss. It took us a half hour to thoroughly investigate the saw deck.


Luego fuimos a la "guardia de fuego" cada hora y aunque al principio le gustó el paseo... luego no... luego lo hicimos de nuevo, exploramos a fondo todo el molino. Descubrimos que no le gusta que los cabezales liberen la presión y el silbido. Nos llevó media hora investigar a fondo la cubierta de la sierra.


When we got back to the boiler room we had some ice cream and complained a lot about having to go in the box. But in the end she liked it and fell asleep regardless of alarms and the fact that noisy dust blowdowns occur every 7 minutes.


Cuando volvimos a la sala de calderas tomamos un poco de helado y nos quejamos mucho de tener que ir en la caja. Pero al final ella gustó y nos quedamos dormidos a pesar de las alarmas y el hecho de que los ruidosos soplidos de polvo ocurren cada 7 minutos.

We haven’t even hit the three hour mark and she’s already asleep in her carrier outside. If it gets any hotter I’ll have to put her in the bathroom, which is strangely the only room accessible after hours that has air conditioning.


Ni siquiera hemos llegado a la marca de las tres horas y ya está dormida en su portaaviones afuera. Si hace más calor tendré que ponerla en el baño, que extrañamente es la única habitación accesible después de horas que tiene aire acondicionado.


I hope I don’t get fired for this.


Espero que no me despidan por esto.



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Cats can make quite the noise when they are in heat. That can get very annoying.

It's fun that you were able to bring Taiger to keep you company on your shift. There's lots of stuff to explore there for sure.

Happy Caturday in advance!

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Oh man I have had endless hours of listening to her make some very unpleasant noises at the window and having to lock her out of my bedroom so I can sleep.

The vet has been unable to perform the operation to prevent her from getting pregnant, and now it's been long enough I don't know if I am suffering a moral dilemma when I consider having her fixed.

I'm really not a cat person. I prefer my turtle, but for some reason I always end up with a cat. Lol

I was also torn on doing my SamSams Spay. I waited just over 3 years, she is 10 now. But after a discussion with my Vet on the medical risks of non spay. (uterin cancers and such) The higher death rates of non spay. The death from overpopulation, starvation, kill shelters, etc. with millions of kittens per day in this world. Please consider doing it. The benefits are 10 to one.

Hola @nathanpieters. Es un hermoso gatico, que bien que le hayas dado un paseo. Saludos desde Colombia.

OMG i just read the entire thing you feed her Ice Cream!!!! how sweet! also the faces she is making is to smell the place better with her cat things that i forgot how they are call rn that they have inside their mouths she is so pretty awww you are such a good cat daddy!

Jajaja me gustó tu publicación, me hiciste reír en ocasiones y muy linda esa gata, esperemos que no te despidanuntitled.gif

this is the best post I've come across in forever

Me-wow my heart melted <3

Demasiado consentida jajaja... Al parecer no anda de buen humor en estos días.


Es el hambre y la emoción?

The ice cream looks so good! Lucky cat!
What a nice place for the cat to have an adventure! But too hot!

Yo también espero que no te despidan, es muy linda la gatita, procura esterilizarla y por favor no le des peperoni, besitos

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so cuttttte .....

Linda tu gatita y linda historia.