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I'm glad to participate in my first ever Hivechess Tournament thanks to @stayoutoftherz who's organizing it.

I usually play with random people in lichess and I never participated in a tournament in my life. Despite playing chess almost every day for years.

I learned it from a friend. And I never watched videos, or read books about it. I like to improve by experience. Sometimes it's a hard way to learn, but I enjoy it. There are people I can never win. There are people can never win me. And I enjoy meeting someone like me, when I sometimes lose, and win sometimes. That make it more interesting to keep playing with the same person.

Here is the link to The Blockchain Chess Team !


Not too bad for the first tournament, hope to see you regularly :)

Yeah, despite my wife and son were walking around and didn't allow me to concentrate, I had some successful battles. I hope the next time I'll be more free to play better. ☺

I love chess too as well, is it possible to join

Sure, just follow my blog and the ones from @schamengerbert and @chessbrotherspro. There you will find the announcements (weekly).

Ok thanks a lot

Yeah, it's free for everyone to join. Just register in, join the club, and you will see tournaments there.

Hive Chess Tournaments / Хајв турнири

ThuBlitz Blunder Barrons20:0021:00@the-real-betman
FriHivechess Tournament20:0021:00@stayoutoftherz
SatChess Tournament20:0021:00@schamangerbert
SunChess Brothers League19:0020:00@chessbrotherspro
SunPIZZA CHESS22:0023:00@cryptoniusraptor
MonCheckmate Coin20:1521:15@hive-129589, @giacomone and @petreius

I love Chess.. but not computer chess.. being able to touch the pieces really helps for me