- Traduccion al Español | [ Final Resume + All post ]


After almost a month of hard work it is finally done, I have been translating the whole Cryptobrewmaster game to spanish as part of a collaboration with its creators and I think I feel proud to be able to help a community to establish itself in the sometimes difficult hispanic market, games that use some kind of blockchain to generate income are fashionable among users of my native language so I hope this small contribution works to spread the wings and make other people know the game.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you with this task, it has been a challenge to translate more than 4000 words but I think in the end the effort has been worth it, I hope to collaborate with you more often and if you need anything I will always be waiting for your call!

Parte 1 Parte 2
Parte 3Parte 4
Parte 5Parte 6
Parte 7Parte 8
Parte 9Parte 10
Parte 11Parte 12
Parte 13Parte 14
Parte 15Parte 16
Parte 17

Thanks and see you on the Hive!