Launching Buymeberies 🍓🥳

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Buymeberries is now live 🍓🥳

Buy me berries lets you fund your work and goals by accepting Hive donations. You will receive any donation within 3 seconds. If you have a Hive account, you already have your own page.

If you think this could help someone or some organization you know, ping them here in the comments or anywhere else!

Everything in a 3 minute video

The homepage

On the homepage you can type in any hive username, you can then click generate codes to generate buttons, banners, etc. that you can add to your blogpost or on your website. You can also click check page to visit the buymeberries profile of that user (more on that in a bit).

This is the buymeberries homepage.

This is what it looks like when you click generate codes, these codes can than be directly copy pasted into your blog or on your website.

Below is an example of a generated button, you will see that clicking on it directly redirects to my buymeberries profile. There are different types and different sizes of buttons and banners.

The profile page

On every profile page you will see some user information. There is also:

  • An optional #bmbhome post under the home tab
  • An optional #bmbupdate posts under the update tab
  • The supporters of that account under the supporters tab
  • The widget that allows you to send you berries to that account.

You can see my latest #bmbhome post showing under the home tab.

My #bmbupdate posts showing under the updates tab.

My supporters are showing under the supporters tab, as you can see they also left me nice messages which are shown as well.

How can someone support me with Buymeberries?

Directly from on your profile any Hiveian can buy you berries to support you. They select the amount of berries they want to support you with, optionally say something nice and use either Hive keychain or Hivesigner to complete their transactions. Within 3 seconds, you will receive the HBD in your wallet. How cool is that?

With Hivesigner, a supporter does not have to enter their username (as it is done when confirming).
With Keychain a supporter has to enter their username before confirming the transaction. Afterwards, the username and preference for using keychain is saved automatically for the supporter, so the next time they won't have to.

What does it cost to use Buymeberries?

It costs nothing to create your page and generate buttons for your page. We operate by charging a 3% fee when someone donates to you, in short we don't earn anything if you don't! 😁

Anything else I should know?

Nope, that's it! If you do still have questions you can always reach out to @martibis or contact us over mail on [email protected]. I hope it helps all of you creators, devs, ngos and others to find more support for whatever amazing project you're involved with. ❤️


Thank you for this EXCELLENT idea!

I am setting up a Hive-based bookstore and this is PERFECT ... hey @shanibeer and @jayna ... this is something Ink Well writers should know about!

Brilliant idea!

Awesome, it's amazing to see how quite a few people have already mentioned their plans for Buymeberries! Super exciting! 😁

This is very cool!

Thanks, I felt like it was a fun idea to execute on for sure! 😁

We'd love an adult version of this. Kind of mini-onlyfans.

You're not the first one to ask, with some paywalled member-only content than I'd assume? It's definitely something I can look into!

with some paywalled member-only content

You nailed it. Yes, what is great is it let's people dip their toes into the blockchain with something fairly straight forward and easy to do. Maybe, integrate hiveonboard button if someone needs to sign up easily. The adult world is ripe for blockchain and "onlyfan" type sites to sit on top of them. Let us know how we can support you and discuss it. We have a discord here too , or we can chat via beechat in the tribes ( it is open to all tribes atm). Exciting stuff!

Let me jump in the Discord so we can discuss it further one of the upcoming days!

Wow! I will look into this as I will be publishing an ebook soon! 😉👍🏼

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Awesome! What will the book be about, I am always interested in a nice book! 😁

And thank you for the berry!

It's nice to see you posting @martibis. With the amount of things you add to this community, bout damn time we know who you are.

See this @coloneljethro?

I am totally not slowly backing away until I am hidden again, haha! 😅

Then i appreciate the random appearances even more. On behalf of all travelivers:
Thanks for all that you do.

Aww, you're too kind, but much appreciated! 😁

Hey, looks like a nice invention. Its basically like the tipping function on peakd, but without beeing attached to a post directly. Maybe you could think about the 3% cut. I won't say it's much or unfair, but maybe it could be adjustet to 1% and still interesting.

Yes, and with a way to add buttons and banners that can easily be added to your sites / posts!

I've kind of ran the numbers and even at 3% it would likely still not be profitable (which I am okay with). To give you an idea, there would need to be 1000 HBD in berries sent each month for me to earn 30 HBD, which could about cover my costs to keep it up and running! 😁

I like the idea to adjust the percentage from a producer's perspective. In other words: play with it like the government plays with taxes in Pull it to 1 % for driving people to it. Push it to 10 % for covering some costs. Turn it to the user to choose or even turn it to the donor. Just don't stick to one of it, because you could drive away all the neysayers. ;-)

Why not add an option like: "choose who's playing with the fee throttle: developer, user, donor" and then I can chose to be fine with everything you do just by being asked. And soon you'll see in the back-end who you are dealing with and in what quantity. Welcome everyone! Just saying.

Oh yeah, it's definitely not a bad idea to experiment with the fee and see what works!

You work are very helpful to others, salute to you and hope you don't mind me trying it

Thank you and of course not, go wild with it, that's what it is for! 😁

Good job!

Thank you! 😁

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

wow this is really remarkable work excellent job dear , proud of you on this great effort

Thank you, was fun to make!

Very nice idea and front-end elements. I'll see your platform soon. A !BEER ?

Awesome, already looking forward to what you will do with it! 😁

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

This is superb work.

Exactly the sort of dApp we need to see more of to give folk a lots of choice on how they can use Hive. This sort of thing will really help Hive grow.

As I mentioned in the other comments, thanks again for the berry and the kind words! 😁

@martibis, In my opinion this Project can turn Helping Effort into Gamification.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always.

Awesome, I love seeing people already thinking of the possibilities Buymeberries brings to them!


Thanks for your idea

Absolute pleasure, hope you have fun with it!

this is awesome! I saw you proposing this idea in HiveDevs just few days back and here you are implementing this, just epic. good work

Hey, if I get going... I get going, haha! 😁

The tipping economy is a live and well on Hive.

Such a cool project!

Going to test it out right now :)

That it is, it's fun to see all the different projects pop up! I feel like Hive in general is kind of coming into a DAPP spring and it's hella exciting! Thank you for the berry too! 😁

Very cool

Thank you! 😁

Cool new feature to have. I implemented it in my user experience contest entry aswell let me know if you want more exposure and I will do a blog aswell. Untill now I will put it in the terminal and the ladies of hive for more awareness ! Good luck

Awesome! And of course the more exposure the better! 😁 Thanks for sharing around already!

Wow, this is a really sweet idea @martibis!

It seems like it might be a good option for our small non-profit charity, for which we fund operating expenses from all sorts of different sources. We have a Hive blog but it has been somewhat intermittent because gaining visibility (beyond a few cents here and there) has been difficult when you only have a few moments here and there.

This is something I'm definitely going to look into!

Thanks, I am quite happy with how it turned out! 😁 And yeah, charities are definitely a big use case for Buymeberries! Yeah, it takes time, consistency and good quality posts to get recognition but keeping up with it definitely pays off, mostly with the amazing people you get to know!

It's pretty cool. Just an idea. Why don't you listing berry token at Hive_Engine and let mint it via this buy calls?


I thought about it, but it would be pretty easy to abuse (e.g.: constantly send between two of your own accounts etc.) Definitely something I want to keep in mind and see if it's possible!

Yeah I had that thought too. If get an idea to resolve this I will let you know!


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Very fuckin cool brother! I dig it!

Thank you, thank you! 😁 How have you been, been ages since we talked!

As a small sidenote, can you take a look at the last Pinmapple & Haveyoubeenhere proposal too and check if it's something you'd support (

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This is totally awesome! I didn't knew about this! Now I can show my musical work and make a kickstart by using this awesome DApp, I feel really excited for it!

Thank you so much @martibis for develop this kind of tools that could make that people use Hive in another level to grow up in a better way!

You're awesome!

Good vibes and blessings from Venezuela!

My absolute pleasure, I am glad it's already helping Hiveians all over the world! 😁

Oh how I love the idea to flood the web with individual dapps. Well, I am coming here, because it looks like some server is not updating. See?


Ah, thanks a lot for letting me know! There was an issue when trying to read JSON metadata when there is none. It should be fixed now! 😁

It indeed is, thank you! It might have had to do with the fact that I posted a #bmbupdate before posting the #bmbhome. I always love to experiment.

No, the issue was with there not being a profile picture a "user" object was not made in the JSON stored on chain, so I was trying to get an undefined object kinda thing, haha!

Aha, I see. Well, good you fixed it that quick. btw: don't you upvote comments often? Now, have fun at Hivefest. Unfotunately I can't make it, because Steampowered does not run on WINE and I don't have a quick idea on how to jump on.

I do my best to jump in and fix issues as fast as I can! 😁 I don't really do upvotes, my account follows the vote of one of my projects (@pinmapple) as I fully trust the curation team. Oh, that's unfortunate, can't you run it directly without going through Steam?


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This sounds like an interesting project.

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