Discovering Bugs & Ideas for D.Buzz

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In this article I will outline a list of bugs I discovered on https://D.Buzz, a single bug I found on https://Next.D.Buzz, and some recommendations I have in mind as a returning user.

Disclaimer: This article is strictly from the perspective of a user.

Discovered Bugs: Mainnet



A. I posted a Buzz with exactly 0 characters left, but instead of properly posting to Mainnet (https://D.Buzz), it does not show up on my account (https://D.Buzz/#/@loving-kindness), but instead, directs to:

The title section may be inappropriately consuming some of the character limit, but that's just a guess.

B. The tip feature via @buymeberries seems broken, and I think it's been broken for a while.

C. The wallet page does not separate delegated Hive Power from each user's real #HivePower, and this leads to a skewed view of a person's holdings.

to see what I mean . . D.Buzz displays it wrong.

D. The video upload fails for me 5 out of 5 times.

  • I used 20 second pre-recorded videos from an Android phone.

E. Image uploads fail 2/5 to ⅗ for me.

  • I am using an Android Phone.
  • I am referring to it failing before I press Buzz.
  • The error might be related to it displaying improperly before publishing only, but I am not sure.
  • I have also noticed that images fail much more with an intermittent Internet connection, but Facebook and other Web 2 platforms, do not have the same unreliability (given the same set of circumstances).

F. When a new account is added inside https://D.Buzz, and then:

  • The theme is switched, and then:
  • The profile page from the upper-right-hand-corner is clicked . .

The profile & cover photo of the previous account logged in is displayed instead of the photos (or lack of photos) of the new account.

Discovered Bugs: Testnet


  • The "-" (minus sign) does not work in the username field of the login page on

When the - character is typed, nothing shows up.

Recommendations for @dbuzz:


  • I recommend @dbuzz use the D.Buzz name logo for link previews instead of the incircled D.Buzz icon . . the former directs views to the domain name.

When the Web Dapp is downloaded to a Desktop computer the app title is named:

  • Micro-Blogging for HIVE

I recommend changing it to just D.Buzz

It's already correct on Mobile Phones / Android.

Add a weekly notification that notifies users when they have unclaimed balances.

More than once a week is a nuisance.

  • Add the ability to cross-post to a secondary community, besides just the D.Buzz Community

@threespeak has this feature for their video platform.

  • Add the ability for the @dbuzz account to claim discounted HIVE account credits.

It's #Free.

  • D.Buzz used to remember the upvote strength each user used last, I recommend this be reimplimented so that users can easily upvote without having to readjust the update strength each time.

  • Add a custom Trending Hashtag section that shows trending hashtags limited to D.Buzz, instead of featuring #Hashtags from the entire blockchain.

  • Someday it would be good to add support for the 17+ other Graphene chains (except for Steem) and using might be a good way to do it.


I'm excited about the #Metamask integration!!