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RE: Bringing A Feminine Touch To Food, Farming, & Crypto!

I'd have given up at the attempts to get WAX stage. Sounds like too much hassle for a game I don't even know if I want to play. 😅 It would be back to Splinterlands for me. Looks cute, though.


LOL! I knew I wanted to play it and it's super fun and was totally worth the hassle. I don't think everyone has this issue. I think it's cuz Canada hates crypto haha. I couldn't get into Splinterlands. Magic is better 😝 (just kidding I have no idea, never played Splinterlands).

Don't all banks hate it? 😉 We have similar issues with some of the banks here in Australia. Luckily, splinterlands is connected to Hive, so no issues there at all.

Heard Magic mentioned...I think...brain not the best of late. Never looked into it, though. Have you played it?

lol true all banks hate it. Farming Tales is going to be on the Hive blockchain soon. They're working on it now.

And yes I love Magic. @ryzeonline introduced me to it. He bought me a few packs of cards but we also play online occasionally together. It's really fun! If you play let me know and we can play together!