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RE: A delicious vegan version of the typical Mortadella !

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Why give any vegan products a meat inspired name?
Tofurkey, Facon vegan mortadella.
Vegans naming vegetable dishes after meat strikes me as odd. No offense.

If it were the other around, if I was a pure carnivore, I wouldn't be naming things after vegetables - you wouldn't see me sharing my recipe for meatatos or cowslaw.


Hi @ashspencermd, thanks for your comment!

Well the naming is meat inspired because this recipe is meant to replace the meat desire, and if it looks similar enough to the original meat recipe, it'll satisfy the craving of those people, at least visually :P since most new vegans still have cravings for the food they ate in the past.

Also it can't be the other way around :D if you try to eat only meat, you'll most likely die :| you need essential amino-acids to survive, and they can only be fund in plants ... no offense ;)

Anyway this is just a name, it's not meant to harm anyone or to trick meat eaters ... it's just some familiar name that most of the new vegans will recognize and most surely will appreciate the alternative way of preparing (veggie based) <3

Vegans have a desire for meat? It seems to me if someone's going to the extreme of not eating any meat or animal based products, then their meat desire would be at pretty much zero.
What kind of self respecting vegan wants to pretend they're eating animals whilst eating vegetables?

Seems I didn't get the idea across ... vegans don't desire to eat meat, but most of us grow up eating meat based foods, don't we ?

Being vegan is a moral choice rather than a dietary one. Most vegans won't tell you that meat tastes bad ... only that you shouldn't harm other beings just for your own dietary satisfaction.

The mortadella for example is just a meat based food, but who eats mortadella by itself ? You usually make a sandwich or eat it next to something else .... the desire is for that sandwich ... that you used to eat in the past ... and you can't deny the memories are still there, even tho you decided to stop doing harm to animals :P Most vegans still have a pleasant feeling when thinking about a dish they liked to eat as a child.

And how can you still eat the same sandwich that gave you that wonderful feeling in the past ? It's simple, you use a vegetable based alternative <3

Isn't it still a sandwich ? Is it really immoral to want to eat a sandwich, that looks like a meat based one from your past, if you're not harming any animals in the process ?

If not eating meat is a moral choice as you say, i.e. you use to eat meat, and now you've realized the eating of meat is morally wrong, then the fashioning of a sandwich that allows you to look back at your past moral failings with fondness strikes me as a very odd thing to do.
I'm not saying you are odd as a total person, just the single practice you are describing here.
Sure it's not immoral to eat the non meat sandwich today, of course not. ...but to make the sandwich so that it purposefully reminds you of past crimes you committed against animals, seems like something you'd want to avoid, not seek out because it makes you feel good.

As an analogy...say i'd been smacking my kid regularly up until they were 9 (i don't have any children, but just go with me here)... once they hit 10 I realized what a monster i was and vowed I'd never to do it again because it was morally abhorrent.
You'd say good for me presumably.
But what if i said, i got a large doll that looked like my kid and I enjoyed smacking it just to get in touch with the feelings I used to have when I was smacking my kids for real. It's not immoral to smack a doll... you're not harming any kids in the process. But it'd be a weird thing for me to want to do don't you think?

If you become a vegan the first thing you have to do is forgive yourself for the past mistakes, accept them. This is the key concept that I don't think you're seeing ... my previous reply was informative enough ...

I'm sorry I can't help you understand why a vegan would crave a certain dish from his past :)

My suggestion is to try it for yourself (go vegan!), that's the best way to understand it <3

sooo eating a sandwich with real mortadella is like beating up your kid (the kid feels pain) and eating that same sandwich with vegan mortadella is like beating up a doll (can't feel pain) ... it's an odd comparison, but completely on point (pain wise) ... i'm not sure i care why you'd beat up the doll, if it's weird or not, but i'm 100% positive i'd rather have you beat the doll instead of the kid :D

btw i think it's worse to eat meat than to beat up some1 else :D since the animal has to die first :P

also most ppl that eat meat don't kill animals themselves :P they pay for the final product, they like to eat the final product not raw meat ... so if the final product can be made meat free and you can eat it with peace in your heart ... why wld you NOT do it ? cuz it will "remind you of past crimes" ? really ?