Delicious vegan wrap!

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Today we'll be making this wonderful vegan wrap.
It is so colorful, healthy and easy to prepare!

We'll need:
• 2 pita breads
• 500 gr. oyster mushrooms
• 1 avocado
• ½ red pepper
• ½ yellow pepper
• 2 big lettuce leaves
• ½ carrot
• ½ tomato
• 3 cloves of garlic (I used garlic that is very small, so you'll see more than 3 cloves in my photo)
• 1 small cucumber
• 3 tablespoons oil
• some lemon juice (which mysteriously does not appear in the photos :) )

The oyster mushrooms should not be washed, because they act just like a sponge and if they absorb water they’ll no longer be as tasty. That's why it's good to wipe them with a wet towel if they’re dirty. In this way they won’t absorb so much water and they’ll cook proper and will preserve their intense aroma.

Let’s begin:
Sprinkle some oil on a pan and heat it up.

Make sure to spread oil on the entire surface of the pan.

Cut some mushrooms and put them in the pan.
Stay near them when cooking and keep your eyes on the pan, if it’s dry, add some more oil.

Because the mushrooms aren’t perfectly flat, we’ll press on them with a fork to flatten them out.

Wait until they turn brownish and flip them on the other side.

Once they are well roasted on both sides, take them out on a plate and, if there are still some mushrooms left, just repeat the operation.

After all the mushrooms are roasted, we can start cutting the vegetables in long stripes.

Then we’ll wash the lettuce leaves, dry them and we'll leave them uncut.

Now let’s prepare some avocado cream.
For the avocado cream we’ll need: the avocado, garlic, oil and some lemon juice.

Separate the avocado pulp from its shell with a spoon

To get it out more easily, it's recommended that you buy ripe avocado (mine was a bit green).

Cut the avocado into cubes, place it in a bowl and add the oil and garlic.

Using a kitchen mixer, we’ll blend the three ingredients until we get a fine cream.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some lemon juice in order to avoid oxidation. I almost forgot :P

This is how the avocado cream should look like when it's done.

What we'll have to do next:
First let’s spread the avocado cream on the pita bread.

Make sure it’s well spread over the desired area.

After that add one lettuce leaf on top, or more leaves depending on their size.

On the lettuce we’ll arranged the mushrooms.

We’ll now add our cut vegetables.

After adding the vegetables to the pita, we’ll carefully roll it up as tight as possible. Here’s how I’ve done it:

And voila! Our first vegan wrap is done. Just repeat the process for the second one.

I’ve cut it diagonally.

There you have it, here's how the final product looks like. I hope you’ll like it! It's delicious!


Awesome! I actually thought the oyster mushrooms were little chicken pieces at first but I like the idea of using mushrooms as the 'meat'. Sometimes when I indadvertedly create 'vegetarian' dishes but I used mushrooms, I don't even miss the meat part!

Thanks for sharing and I also appreciate the care you took in preparing all those ingredients, makes a difference with presentation :) Keep it up.

Greetings !!!! It was a pleasure reading your comment.
Thanks @phamished for your encouragement, means a lot to me :D

No worries, keep up the great work! Love the support of our foodie community here on Steemit :) I look forward to your future posts !

One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well...

Looks great. Very delicious.
You are part of my "Food by Redfish" curation post.

Thanks a lot, I feel really honored @jamjamfood
Keep up the good work, followed ;)

This looks amazing and a perfect lunch! Need todo some food shopping and will make it during the week. Thanks for sharing :)

@theinspirator thank you for your comment, you could also try using some other vegetables

Thanks for your tips @veganfamily! Will try some other veggies as well :)

Loving it . Vegan I have never been the biggest fan of I think key is taste and these days with the pro-chefs like yourself making them tasty and delicious it certainly does add to the appeal. Lovely looking food nice job. Cheer$:) Ps: one can never eat too many mushrooms ...


Thank you for your kind words @craigcryptoking. I hope you will try it out. It certainly tastes as good as it looks :D

@veganfamily looks really delicious, I will try making them this week and report back :D

@lucygarrod thanks a lot, can't wait for your report :P

Awesome post, looks really good :P


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Looks so fresh and delicious.

I assure you that it really is fresh and delicious :P

It looks very delicious :)

@delicacies and tastes delicious too


I knooooooowwwww, right ? :P

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