A Day In Pulau Ketam(Crab Island)

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Decided to post something very very different from my usual animation and design posts. I figured that I need to take a break from writing guides and maybe something different for a change. My friend @macam.yes even commented that she's been reading all these animation posts from me, it feels like everyone can also be an animator. hahaha, which is true, everyone can indeed be an animator, but I'll leave that for next time.


So yes, I will be sharing some awesome photos of my travel to the "land of crabs" AKA Pulau Ketam.

Pulau = Island | Ketam = Crab

That weekend was a good day to go for a short trip. As I've mentioned in one of my post long time ago about "Recharging that first Love for animation", I would often take a break from everything animation to be re-inspired and to recharge my batteries. Like what I'm doing right now, I'm currently writing a travel post instead of an animation post or a design post.

I had to drive to Port Klang Jetty to get a boat ride to reach Pulau Ketam. As soon as I got there, the huge golden crab greeted my friends and I. After many years, the Pulau Ketam community has grown that it has now become a tourist spot for visitors to experience the lifestyle of fishermen.

Long story short as I don't want to bore you with the history of Pulau Ketam. Fishermen arrived in Pulau Ketam to fish for crabs, fishes and prawns. This was their livelihood and they did this daily, traveling to and fro from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam. They then decided to permanently stay there and travel to Port Klang to only sell their crabs. After a few years, the population began to grow and a fishing village came about.


Back to where we were in Port Klang Jetty. We bought tickets to catch the boat to Pulau Ketam. The price was RM16(4usd) for two ways. I guess it would be 35 Steem for the tickets, seeing that Steem rates have dropped quite a fair bit.


This was how the boat we sat in looked like. It's not bad, equipped with air-conditioning too.


The happy faces knowing that we're about to embark on an exciting adventure. Little did we know, there was pretty much nothing to do on the Island except look at crabs. Lol


Then we're off! Pulau Ketam was a 35 minutes ride from Port Klang Jetty. It was pretty quick and you could see the island after a few minutes over the horizon.

Reaching the harbor of Pulau Ketam.

As the boat steers to its dock, you can see a lot of houses just right behind the docks. Pulau Ketam now has a population of around 8 thousand villagers. The island is also equipped with the basic facilities such as primary schools, secondary school, a hospital, and a police station. Children who finished their high school would usually go over to the mainland to further their studies.


As we proceed to travel into the inner parts of the village, this is what it looks like. It took about 1 and a half hour to walk through the whole village. So you can guess how small the village actually is. Unfortunately, there weren't many things that caught my attention that's worth photographing.


We reached the end of the village and decided to take an Instagram worthy photo so it doesn't look like it was a waste of time.

Overall, I did enjoy seeing the people that are living simple lives there. It reminded me back when I was still living in my hometown. I did enjoy experiencing a fishing village for the first time but after awhile there was really nothing much to see. If you ask me, if I would ever return again, I would definitely not. There weren't many things to do there. The best thing about it is that the seafood there is definitely fresh. Other than that, it is a fishing village after all.

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Last photography may be you look outside for standing..this photography really beautiful. Anyway thanks for share your memories. 😊

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So Instagram worthy photo wo... I have friends from Pulau Ketam and the seafood there is freshhhh!!! =)

I like the van with 44 on it. Nice pictures, just have been a really good day out, wish I could take my camera there..