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RE: Nioh (PS4 game): another PlaystationPlus game

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What would you say the ratio of games that are good vs the free games that are bad is with the Playstation plus membership. I am guessing you get one free game a month? I would just be curious to know if it is six out of 12 or better? What are the other benefits you get with a Playstation Plus Membership. If you have to use as many buttons as you say, then this would definitely not be for me. I am just too uncoordinated.


The games they give for free are usually good games but kinda old.

The games they give for
Free are usually good
Games but kinda old.

                 - belemo

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It used to be amazing. When PS+ first showed up, the game lineup was sick. Good games! Nowadays, there's the occasional worthwhile pickup, but I have to give the nod to Xbox Games with Gold for quality of free games right now. Coupled with Game Pass? Knockout play.

Very interesting. I haven't owned a decent console in years, but I was just curious what the ROI was.

On the PS3, it was a must-buy. Nowadays, not so much. They still have decent games every now and again.

it's a crapshoot really. Some months I am amazed at the titles they give away and other months both games (oh, you get 2 a month by the way, sometimes 3) are something that i have zero interest in. However, i am not an early adopter of games anyway, so the fact that the games tend to be older does not bother me. I think it is worth it because if you pay for a year it ends up being $3 a month or the way i like to look at it, $1.50 / game.

The other "benefits" are all purchase related like additional discounts in the online store. I think you can't play some of the online games without a membership but that is rarely a factor for me since I prefer one-player, story-driven games.

Very interesting. Thanks for the reply! It does sound like it would be a good deal.