Nioh (PS4 game): another PlaystationPlus game

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Nioh is another one of those games that I almost certainly wouldn't have ever played if it wasn't my "free" game that came along with my Playstation Plus membership. The graphics looked fine, the story looked fine, but I was never going to pay $50 or even $20 for it. However, I got it included for free and I am playing it now. Here are my first impressions.


It's an action RPG similar to many other titles such as Witcher and the latest God of War in that it is somewhat open-world but doesn't allow total freedom or map control like those two titles do. It is linear but with multiple paths to choose but you can't simply roam as you please.

However there are some critical differences between this and those games (and many others)


You play the role of William, which is based on what apparently is a real life western samurai named William Adams. Of course a great deal of the story is fabricated and magic and what not is brought into the storyline. It is not meant to be an accurate representation of the actual William Adams - who i would presume most people haven't ever heard of anyway.


You have a choice of weapons to a certain degree and it is up to you as to how you are going to specialize in them. The game starts out with a "tutorial" of sorts as you are introduced to increasing levels of difficulty. And this game is TOUGH. Well, at least it was for me. For one thing, you can take almost no damage the same as the enemies you face. I suppose this is more realistic but it isn't terribly conducive to introducing the game. The very first enemy I encountered killed me.... twice.

You quickly learn that the game is more about avoiding blows rather than just running in and slaughtering a group of people, because at least at first, this is not at all possible.

There are also enemies you meet at the start that you stand little to no chance of defeating and you are meant to avoid them rather than fight. However, the game gives you zero indication that this is the case.


Eventually, you figure out after the 3rd or 4th time you die that maybe you aren't ready to face 2 armored knights at the same time and to be fair, you likely weren't ready to face one of them.

The game is realistic in the sense that your environment plays a big part in which weapon you should use as swinging a spear around in the cramped hallway will definitely result in you simply hitting the wall all the time.

From a Playstation official channel

Mostly, I feel as though this game is far too difficult for casual gamers. I am something of an advanced casual gamer, and I can barely hold interest even just a few hours in. It was, however, one of the best selling games of 2017 and a sequel is in the works as we speak. Therefore, I don't really feel as though I am the right person to give advice on this title.

I will say that my initial impressions are not all the great. It's really hard, the lighting makes navigating difficult, and the controls are already using the entire controller even after just a bit of playtime.

Perhaps for advanced users or hardcore gamers this one might be worth a look, but for me.... i am glad that I got it for free with my membership. I'm afraid it is just too complicated for me. I'll give it another hour or two and see what happens....


I noticed this on PsPlus and was toying whether to renew it, I didnt in the end as I rarely play the games.

You say the last God of War was open world? Might give that a go.

Open World Kratos will be hella fun. Imagine going on a pointless rampage with all that god energy, GTA style

I finished GoW 1 a long time ago and liked it, open world would be good. I have seen a little of the game and liked the look of it.

it's a really fantastic game. It is frequently on special too. I would say it is a worthwhile purchase although it has very little in common with the previous installments as far as controls are concerned, but that was fine with me!

I tend to buy the physical copies, @dismayedworld has a PS4 and the DRM etc.. makes it inflexible for her to play. Physical can be re-sold too, but don't get me started on the digital vs physical topic!

It's around £15 to buy the disc, may pick it up soon.

I think that is a good price for that game

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😂😂😂You broke my heart here man💔.

How do you look at yourself in the mirror after getting killed twice by the first bad guy and I bet he wasn't even like the Boss or anything 😂😂.

Its kinda like Assasin's creed in that you don't just run up on people and gung ho your way out of everything. Sounds very technical and might I add enthralling. Give it some hours and you'd adjust to all the movements and patterns. The key to games is that once you get a grip of the dynamics, everything becomes a sequence and you just play by muscle memory.

What would you say the ratio of games that are good vs the free games that are bad is with the Playstation plus membership. I am guessing you get one free game a month? I would just be curious to know if it is six out of 12 or better? What are the other benefits you get with a Playstation Plus Membership. If you have to use as many buttons as you say, then this would definitely not be for me. I am just too uncoordinated.

The games they give for free are usually good games but kinda old.

The games they give for
Free are usually good
Games but kinda old.

                 - belemo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It used to be amazing. When PS+ first showed up, the game lineup was sick. Good games! Nowadays, there's the occasional worthwhile pickup, but I have to give the nod to Xbox Games with Gold for quality of free games right now. Coupled with Game Pass? Knockout play.

Very interesting. I haven't owned a decent console in years, but I was just curious what the ROI was.

On the PS3, it was a must-buy. Nowadays, not so much. They still have decent games every now and again.

it's a crapshoot really. Some months I am amazed at the titles they give away and other months both games (oh, you get 2 a month by the way, sometimes 3) are something that i have zero interest in. However, i am not an early adopter of games anyway, so the fact that the games tend to be older does not bother me. I think it is worth it because if you pay for a year it ends up being $3 a month or the way i like to look at it, $1.50 / game.

The other "benefits" are all purchase related like additional discounts in the online store. I think you can't play some of the online games without a membership but that is rarely a factor for me since I prefer one-player, story-driven games.

Very interesting. Thanks for the reply! It does sound like it would be a good deal.

I forgot they gave this out this year. It's a solid title! I like what I played of it. Really need to finish the game, though...

i'm gonna stick with it, i just think the game became too difficult too fast.... and well, the AI on enemies is pretty dumb so far as in you will kill someone in the same room as his pal and he is just standing over there with his candle not noticing the entire, loud encounter.

Heh, yeah. Sometimes the AI is pretty bad. You do need to grind out Amrita and stack your stats according to the weapons you're using. If you're using Kusari Gama, for example, you want more Dex as opposed to Body. Uchigatana users will favor Body and Stamina over Dex or Agi. But the important thing is to specialize based on the weapon you're using. Bank early, bank often, and level up as much as possible.

Comparing this game to The Witcher or God of War is like comparing apples to cereal eaten out of a prolapsed anus. They're just not quite the same thing.

Nioh definitely falls more into the souls category of games like Dark Souls/Demon souls/Bloodbourne/etc. and definitely is not the type of game for people who just dabble the tip of their penis into gaming. The games are brutally frustrating, but also pretty fun and rewarding with the combat. But, yeah, they can be a time sink and cause you to want to just spread your asshole and shove your controller up there from random bullshit occasionally.

haha, wonderful as expected. I think you are more geared to this type of gaming experience than i am. I am more of a Rayman Legends type. I am definitely a casual gamer outside of RTS games. When are we gonna get another good one of those?

Man, you just reminded me the RTS genre has been more ignored than a reddit incel. I can't really think of any RTS games that exploded in popularity in recent years. I can only think of two semi popular RTS games off the top of my head, Tropico 6 and They are Billions. But, TAB is a mix of Tower defense and RTS instead of just straight RTS.