UI and Development Updates!

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Authored by @eddiespino


Hello, Ragnarok NFT Game community,

Get ready for an exciting development update! While we've been highlighting our recent artistic endeavors, rest assured that game development has been receiving equal attention. Our team has worked tirelessly, addressing numerous bugs and ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

If you're eager to get involved in shaping the game's future, we invite you to join our Discord community and apply for the exclusive Alpha test. Don't miss this opportunity to be among the first to explore our game's features and provide valuable feedback! Reach out to @eddiespino to request the role. You'll find the Discord server link at the bottom of this post.

UI Update

We're thrilled to share some exciting UI updates with the community! We value your feedback, which is crucial in refining our design. Please remember that you're about to see a preview, and the final product may undergo further enhancements. Nevertheless, we're eager to provide you with a sneak peek.

Kindly take a moment to review the screenshots below:

Preview of the chessboard:


Menu UI:






New Art for the Chess Pieces:


We're excited to share the following development updates:

  • Timers have been updated to 30 seconds.

  • An attack with 0 will now trigger defense.

  • We've resolved the health display issue. Health will now be accurately displayed.

  • Currently, we are working on maintaining stamina and health after battles and resetting other data.

  • We've ensured that all player pets target the opponent's pet with the lowest speed.

  • I the opponent's pet dies after two attacks from our pets, our pets will target the next pet. If no pets are left, they will attack the opponent's character.

  • We've fixed the issue with stamina not returning to the next battle.

  • We've tested the bugs reported by @andrewmusic.

  • We've identified two bugs that need to be fixed and are currently addressing them.

  • We've resolved the engagement amount issue.

  • The attack popup design has been updated.

  • We've fixed the discrepancy with the attack number.

  • We've revised how playing cards are spawned.

  • We've addressed issues with pet attacks, which were sometimes not visible.

  • We've fixed the pet spawn issue, so both players can now see the pets on the battlefield.

  • When any player is attacked by a pet and their health reaches 0, the game will automatically reveal all cards, as in an "all in" scenario, as the player has no points left to bet.

  • Mana will now start from 0.

  • We've added functionality to destroy a card, along with a destroy effect, if the player already hasnine9 a card.

  • We've examined all the bugs reported by @andrewmusic.

  • The reported pet issues were not found in my build, even after clearing the cache memory and restarting the game. The pets panel was accessible.

  • We're addressing other bugs related to the "all in" scenario reported.

  • We've addressed the counter-attack issue. Only extra points will be deducted after a player engages in a counter-attack.

  • A cancel button has been added to the messages, so players can cancel the match and try again.

  • We're working on additional bugs and adding a change region function.

  • We've resolved the attack amounts issue at the game's start. When a player goes "all in" initially, the behavior will be as expected.

  • We've added a region feature, but we're working on some issues that arise when connecting to certain regions.

  • Pets' health will be updated when attacked, allowing players to know how much health remains.

  • We've resolved the region issue.

  • We've identified and fixed a bug at the start of the match.

  • One issue was when player 1 made a bet during the pre-flop and player 2 attacked with a pet, reducing player 1's health to 0. The game would end, but playerone1 still had a bet amount, so we've fixed this.

  • Another issue was that card explosion effects occurred even after the PvP match ended. This has been corrected.

  • We've modified the UI for the dropdown to display available regions.

  • Basic build and testing are ongoing.

  • We've pushed the code.

  • We've added a list of tasks and bugs that you reported.

  • Pets will now display speed data.

  • We've added an automatic pet function.

  • Other tasks are currently in progress.

  • We've fixed the mana issue. It will only increase after one poker game is completed.

  • Damage will be 100% blocked when an attack is made,e and both players have selected the same direction.

  • Turns will switch after one hand is over and the next cards are dealt.

  • We've concealed the speed component in the opponent's cards. The pet's speed was visible even when the opponent hadn't placed it on the board. This has been fixed.

  • We've addressed the pet attack issue where pets were attacking one car,d and sometimes the second pet's attack would be wasted as the first projectile eliminated the target.

  • We're now working on modifying attacks to deal damage to pets first and then to the main hero.

  • We've resolved the issue where cards were not displaying at the end.

  • The attack location now operates as you described: after three successful attacks in one location, the effect will activate. This progress will carry over to the next match.

  • We verified the health carry-over for pieces,s, which were working as expected.

  • Likewise, we did not find the bug where health restores when a player does not act. We monitored the game until one reached 30 points from 10 through 35 rounds. Each time, health was reduced by two points, as it should have been.

  • We're working on a bugaboo drawing pet cards from the deck.

  • We've resolved the issue with pet cards.

  • We've implemented a feature to switch the attacker each turn.

  • We've ensured that the bugs reported are solved. Somee bugs, like health not carrying over to the next fight and players filling their health after a few rounds, were not found during our checks.

  • We've removed the confirmation popup after location selection.

  • We've also removed the need to click 'end turn.'

  • We're currently working on distributing the attack to pets.

  • We've worked on the feature to distribute attacks to pets. So when a player gets attacked, summoned pets will deal damage first, and then the actual player. We're testing various scenarios.

  • We've also added the stamina feature: the stamina will be the same for all pieces. Players who move any piece will receive +1 stamina and carry between battles. The game will start at full stamina (10) for each.

  • We've corrected an error where stamina was not updating when another piece moved.

  • We've added the bet amount beside the hero image so the user knows how much the other player bet.

  • We're working on updating the text when the user attacks someone.

  • We've added text to show the current bet amount of the player besides their image. When the player engages, it will remain as is.

  • We're working on updating the spell attack first to target the opponent's pets. If there are none, it will damage the opponent's hero.

  • We've resolved the pet attack issue. Sometimes, the pets were not spawning on the other player.

  • We've made it so all spells and pets will first target the opponent player's pets,s and only after they are gone will the opponent's hero be damaged.

  • We've added the folding amount as two at the start of PVP, so when the player folds, two points will be deducted and increased by one. After that, if the player folds a second time, three HP will be deducted, and so on. This amount will reset at the beginning of each PVP match.

  • We've added the shielding effect. An animation shows a successful block when players block the opponent's attack.

  • We're working on adding the defeated pieces to the board.

  • We've also found a bug where a player could not attack. We're working on solving that. After we've resolved all the bugs, we will provide the build.

  • We've resolved the bug during attacking.

  • We've added the destroyed pieces that other players defeated. User pieces will be placed to the left of the board and opponents to the right.

  • We're working on adding the check detection and checkmate logic.

  • We've imported the parts into Unity.

  • We've arranged the parts in the position of the body.

  • We've added functionality to highlight a part when the user hovers over that part. Also, when a user clicks that part, it will be selected.

  • We've added text to show which part is currently highlighted.

  • Now working on check and checkmate logic.

  • We've created a new build.

  • We've updated GitHub with the latest changes.

  • We've worked on check and checkmate logic.

  • The check function is almost complete. We've tested a few cases,s, and it was detecting check properly, but we will still test different scenarios.

  • We've encountered an issue when checking the checkmate logic and are working on it.

  • We've worked on fixing the checkmate logic. Now it detects checkmate.

  • There are still some scenarios in which it detects checkmate,e but it can be avoided.

  • We're testing the checkmate logic in different scenarios.

  • We've added the functionality to limit the king's movements only when it's checked.

  • If the king is in check and the player did not move or moved a piece that did not resolve the check,k, then the game will end,d, and the other player will be declared the winner.

  • The game now also detects checkmate.

  • We've tested some scenarios and did not find any issues. We recommend testing it from your side as well.

  • We've changed the slider to show attack values in multiples of two.

  • In some encounter attacks, the values do not align with attack values. We're working on fixing that.

  • We've updated the fold damage to four and the pawn's health to 80.

  • We've added a way to display player actions like bet, engage, attack, etc.

  • When the other player folds, the user will get stamina back equal to the amount of their last attack.

  • The player who's all in will now not be attacked.

  • We've solved bugs related to the sliders, so now the attacks will be in multiples of two.

  • We've solved the bug related to pets not spawning sometimes.

  • We've checked the issue,e but did not encounter that. We need to know your character's and opponent's health when you play.

  • We've fixed the pets screen issue. It seems that the pets were showing on top of the selected pets.

  • We found that sometimes the RPCs are not called instantly,y, and that could be the issue for the card not being displayed in the video and then the game breaking.

  • We've added photon network commands for every RPCs for instantly executing RPCs as soon as they are called.

  • We're working on the counter-attack calculation issue.

  • We traced an issue in the calculation.

  • We're working on updating the attack calculation logic.

  • We fixed the pot amount calculation issue.

  • We're working on other issues pointed out in the feedback video.

  • We've checked the video and crash issues posted in the mastermind group.

  • We're working on reproducing the issues and fixing them.

  • We tested the build for app crash issues after some chess turns.

  • We played much chess turns, and the game didn't crash now.

  • We worked on pet auto-attack functionality.

  • We've updated the pet auto-attack functionality.

  • We worked on the bet amount display logic update functionality.

  • We're working on other issues.

  • We worked on the All-in and engaged button display issue.

  • We traced the issue that the attack slider is not displaying the correct value in the next match after using speed.

  • We're working on this issue.

  • We worked on the counter-attack and end-turn issue.

  • We're working on the logic update for deciding whether the counter-attack is done or only the button is clicked.

  • We're working on the speed slider issue.

  • We worked on the speed slider issue.

  • We're working on updating the logic for different speed use.

  • We've implemented logic for allowing either speed or normal health points.

  • If the user has speed points greater than zero, then the user can use speed points or the attack slider for attack and counter-attack.

  • When the player clicks the "All-in" button, an error is raised due to a null attack location.

  • Due to this, sometime,s when the player clicks on All-in, only one player can see the result,t and on the other player's side, the result is not displayed.

  • We've fixed the issue with All-in.

  • We found that sometimes when the speed amount is decreased speed value is displayed with many digits after the decimal point. Speed text display format updated to two digits after the decimal point (0.00).

  • All-in issue traced and fixed.

  • We reset the initial pawn movement boolean variable (2 steps first time) in case of a Rematch.

  • We've checked the feedback video by @andrewmusic.

  • We traced the issue causing the All-in bug-"health point not decreased even after a loss." It is raised when both chess pieces have different start health.

  • We're working on fixing the All-in issue.

  • We've pulled code from GitHub and merged it.

  • Some of the scripts were overwritten.

  • We tried to start the game with a new scene (the scene with the new UI)

  • When we tried to tap on a chess piece,e errors were encountered.

  • We're working on resolving errors.

  • We've updated the scene order in the build settings.

  • We've updated canvas settings for the NewMenu and Match scene.

  • We changed anchor positions of NewMenuScene objects for responsive UI.

  • We've fixed the new chess game scene error - tap is not working on chess pieces.

  • We're working on the matchmaking issue in the new match scene.

  • After the merge, we've fixed the "FindMatch" script missing issue.

  • The game scene is not working correctly after the new design merge when starting a poker match after a chess match.

  • We're working on this issue.

  • We've updated the attack slider script.

  • We're working on fixing errors and conflicts in the menu scene and game scene.

We're excited to showcase numerous updates spanning game development and UI enhancements. We extend our warm invitation to join our Discord community, where you can provide valuable feedback and participate in game testing. We greatly appreciate your contributions to shaping the game's future.

We're pleased to announce that users who reported bugs have received liquid HIVE as a reward, adding an extra incentive to engage in the development process actively.

Additionally, we're proud to introduce one of our main developers, @keshav777, who recently joined the Hive community. The talented @valkangel skillfully crafted the UI and Chess Pieces art. And finally, @vishyte has also contributed to the game's development.

Special thanks to @andrewmusic, @jelly, @verbalshadow, @edicted, @ange.nkuru, @antisocial, @minigunner, @samostically, @awildovasquez, @rubencress, @jacki01, @iviaxpow3r, @drlobes, @antisocialist, and @gr33nm4aster for their invaluable contribution in testing the early builds and reporting bugs.


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My suggestion for the gameboard is to have it bigger so the pieces clearly fit into the squares. Looks kinda strange to have the pieces bleed into the other squares.


Thank you for the suggestion. We will pass it on to the designers and artists.

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wow, this looks much better than I thought! well done :))

This only shows that the developers are actively working on improving the game and value the feedback and participation of the players.

Yes, it has been a lot of work. A game like this can have a lot of bugs and every time something is fixed something else can fail.

That's huge we need it as a hive community, I think this one will be a most valuable and papular game bulid on hive blockchain after splinterlands

also will there be an open beta? and when?

Hey, not sure about the date, but if you join our Discord we can give you the role to test the alpha version.

Wow, a lot of work has been done! What a sheet of fixed things. WOW.

Thx. Now looking into it further (with the link provided)

Feel free to join our Discord to test the game.

Yay! 🤗
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Hmm interesting chess pieces.

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Wow! the game is looking great!

a lot of bugs fixed for the team, devs what a job. the new UI looks so sick! 10/10 waiting to try it asap

Saludos a todo el equipo de @ragnarok.game

Éste juego se ve bastante interesante, voy a intentar jugar! Tendrán alguna guía para nuevos usuarios?? Me gustaría saber algunas recomendaciones generales para iniciarme.

Un abrazo fraternal

Salutations to all the team of @ragnarok.game

This game looks pretty interesting, I'm going to try to play it! Do you have a guide for new users? I would like to know some general recommendations to get started.

Brotherly greetings


Dogs can't see your bones.
But CAT scan.

Credit: marshmellowman
@ragnarok.game, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @gameexp



is it possible that @anomadsoul & i could test the game live on our podcast @crypt0holics?