Why I'm Confident There'll Be Another Crypto Bull Market

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Nobody You Know asks "How are you so sure there will be another bull market?"

Here's my response!

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I'm also sure there will be a bull crypto market again in the future because people still believe in the crypto business so there are still many people who will buy crypto coins, especially bitcoin. The more people buy bitcoin, the bitcoin prices go up. Bitcoin is the most trusted coin and still be a favorite coin for investors.

Be greedy when others are fearful, I see huge value in bitcoin having prices go down just means I can acquire more cheaply!

So true. As they say, when others are crying, you should be buying.

It's all about buying that dip :)

Our time will come... more time to stack tons of coins! 🤑

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Yes, just be patient. As you say, now is the opportunity to buy crypto within this dip.

Agreed with your macro analysis - trillions of government bonds, housing market bubble, negative interests rates, USA stock market overbought etc.

Time soon for a crypto and precious metals bull run.

I don't believe this drop will be of a major scale, just a minor temporary one. Just like you I'm confident about an upcoming bull-train, specially 2020 during the halving of bitcoin.

I'm sure of a Bull season for Bitcoin , but not pretty much sure of another Altseason