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I haven’t written for a few day, have been somewhat in recovery from not feeling the best, 2nd bout of surgery, but am on the mend and starting to feel normal again. I find that when I am not the best my dyslexia comes to the fore and it takes me forever to edit what I have written as my fingers do not quite match what my thoughts are and the keyboard becomes just something I am tapping at, random letters all over the place

My go to when coming out of anaesthetic is to think of lemon tarts, so today’s topic is quite apt
Lemon can conjure up many things; It is a fruit, an object, a colour, a taste and even refers to something that was a bit of a dud, eg: that car you brought was a Lemon.

I guess this s saying comes from Lemons sometimes being a bit sour and leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

However I love a god Lemon and especially love a good Bush Lemon after a Frost. Frosts seem to sweeten up citrus fruit and I have some great adult memories of living in the bush and picking my lemons straight off the tree, juicy and sweet.

I have also had a few lemons when it comes to cars as well as love using the colour lemon in paintings, the colours is not yellow, it has a different depth to it.

I always get a hankering for lemon tarts, lemon meringue’s and lemon biscuits, just writing this reminds me of the Pie I made last week, It was an open Lemon custard pie which the whole family enjoyed. No pics unfortunately as it were devoured quite quickly. I will definitely be making another.

Unfortunately I do not have a lemon tree close by and have to rely on buying what I see, the lemons in the supermarket are somewhat lemons of lemons, not very good, very small and very dry, but I do have a neighbour that has access to someone with a Bush Lemon tree so my supply is consistent, just a handful a week, well when I say a handful, they are literally as big as my hand, so a few 

These bush lemons have had the cold and are sweet and juicy, juice one and you have half a glass of lemon juice,.

Other things I like to do with lemons are, drink straight, add the juice to hummus and even add lemon juice to any Dahl that I make.

I guess I can say that I really like lemons,

What are your thoughts on Lemons ???


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 2 years ago  

Good to see you are recovering enough to start blogging again. Hope all continues well for you.

I also like lemons and when I get around to buying citrus fruit for juicing I always include a lemon or two.


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I love lemons, a squirt of lemon in my water makes easier to swallow.

wishing you comfort in your recovery

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I'm thankful I don't have a stomach ache.
And I rely on lemons when I feel lethargic. What I know is that the Vitamin C content in lemons is believed to be able to maintain the immune system. In Indonesia, lemons have gone viral, which he said with a mixture of lemon and sweet tea can prevent Covid 19. Greetings to a hobby, hopefully the Vitamin C content in lemons always keeps us all healthy, amen.