Learning from past experience

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You best know your mistakes


There are occasions when we fail to win, but then, we are the best judge to know, what went wrong, isn't it ? Because we know it from the core of our heart. There will be people watching outside and they may have different opinion, which helps you compare with what you know. But then you always have the answer inside. We should learn from our failures or mistakes and utilize that next time to do better. It's a continuous process, which goes on. That is the reason, I recorded this video while my son was playing. I will post a different blog, with all the details. This was his first appearance in such a large crowd inside an indoor stadium. The environment was totally new to him. The opponents were unknown, their skill was unknown, but then that is how one learns - learn how to improve your skills, by looking at other top players there. I definitely did not have the skill to guide him, except encouraging. But what he told me that, the table is different than the one he practices. The ball was coming slow on this table, and he tried his best. He wished, his coach were there, but unfortunately, he caught fever and could not come in. May be he would have guided him differently, to change some strategies, by looking at his opponent's skill, table conditions. But then I am happy that, he tried his best, and carry leanings from this to improve. I always keep on telling him - "Be the best version of yourself, you will never regret in life." And I am proud to see him trying. Win and loss are part of life. If we have tried our best, then we know, we did the right thing. And I will be always with you, no matter whatever happens.


All his friends and coach asked for the video and he thought it to upload on Youtube, but then I wanted to capture this here and share this to his friends and coach. The upload did fail couple of times, but finally it went through.



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Great performance from your son, even though he eventually lost the match. Just like you said, it´s important that he learns from this experience and plays even better next time :) I used to play table tennis too when I was a kid. It´s a cool sport. Btw it looks like your son has already lost some weight, hasn´t he? :)

Ya, it definitely is a cool sport, and he is also a cool guy. But then for the first time, I saw him getting nervous. It happens, that is what is experience. And he did lose weight, good thing is that,he is now serious, so I don't need to follow up and I am happy for that :)

Right. It´s really important that kids find sports that they like and are happy to practise, learn, improve... When you have to force them to do that, it usually doesn´t end up well... Glad your son picked up a sport that he really likes :)

Playing and participating in a game is far more important than winning and losing the match. Good luck to your son to keep maintaining his player spirit!

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good morning
What a beautiful post, you invite reflection, you say very true words, life is made of good and bad moments, successes and failures, winning and losing.
You do very well in expressing these for encouragement for your son
have a beautiful day

winning or losing is part of life but the truth is that being a new environment you have to go through a learning stage and better results will surely come as long as you always give your best effort

Ya, it just gets built over time.

if only with time and dedication we will forge a better future

This is for me Be the best version of yourself, you will never regret in life

I guess, its true for everyone.

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we evolve when we get out of our comfort zone! Let us not forget the wisdom that the story of the Buddha teaches us and the futile attempt of his parents to keep him from suffering or being sad.

Ps: Table tennis....pfff i was never even the half as fast as your son and his opponent!

Same goes with me, I can barely play two shots continuously :)

Table tennis it's a very difficult game

Ya, it needs a lot of focus, both body and mind game.

I tried one time in my college 😁😁but I failed

I think that was a lovely matchup irrespective. It's always great for a father to see and watch their children face wild, new experiences even if it's their first time and whatever the outcome is, those experiences will become the lessons that might help them growing up to face the unknown in life. Quite thoughtful of you to share this here. You're a proud father indeed.

The good thing is that, it helps him realize how to prepare for the next one, lessons as you said.

What we are supposed to do in every of life is to give our optimum efforts and leave the rest to be. Your son put efforts and it is what matters the most.
The winning is not simply defeating your oponent but it is to gain an experience and learn from your shortcomings.

Exactly, putting effort is the best we can.

life is a constant learning and many victories will surely come, you just have to work harder every day

Well said! Wins and Losses are always part of our lives and we should learn to deal with both of them! Very nice article :)

so cool! It was close it looked like.. I like his more defensive/finesse style.. seems like it will prevail in any long match. :)

Those were some mighty slams tho.. :P

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