Spiderman or Spidergirl

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Hello, I'm spiderman for today, then you can see and know a little more about this great recreation
In this image we see how I drew a guide line and began to add color and shape of cobwebs
In this collage we can see the change when I added depth and shadow to the makeup so that it stopped being very flat colors, I also finished the neck part.

I wanted to show you this recreation of Spiderman. I currently feel confident about going back to makeup, plus I'm trying to make time for it.

It felt really good, as this is really what fills my soul, and when you stop doing it for so long you can lose practice, I don't have a natural talent so I have to keep practicing, hahaha.

It took me some time, although looking at the result I think that if I had invested even more time the result could have been much better, but I still feel good about it.

Will there be some spiderman fans here? What did you think of this version? Probably some colleagues within the platform have done something similar in the past, I hope you liked it.

Spanish version

Quería mostrarle esta recreación del Hombre Araña. Actualmente me siento con confianza de retomar el maquillaje, además de que estoy tratando de hacer tiempo para ello.

Me sentí muy bien, ya que esto es realmente lo que llena mi alma, y cuando dejas de hacerlo tanto tiempo puedes perder la práctica, yo no tengo un talento natural así que tengo mantenerme practicando, jajaja.

Me tomó algo de tiempo, aunque viendo el resultado pienso que si hubiera invertido aún más tiempo el resultado pudo haber sido muchísimo mejor, pero aún así me siento bien al respecto.

¿Habrán algunos fans del Hombre Araña aquí? ¿Qué les pareció esta versión? Probablemente algunas compañeras dentro de la plataforma hayan realizado algo similar en el pasado, espero que les haya gustado.

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i love this make up :)
a new spider girl is in the city ;)

Yes sir! Hahaha I'm in the city!

Thank you 😌

ahahaha :)

You don't look too fierce, spider girl!

Because I'm hurt 🤕

Sorry to hear that. Bloody men...

😍😍 un espectaculo amiga

Gracias amiga ☺️☺️☺️☺️

I am a spiderman fan definitely. you drew this with makeup... Wow. I am impressed. You are really good at this.

Just thinking, I am sure a spider lady suit would look really good on you!

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Just thinking, I am sure a spider lady suit would look really good on you!

I agree with you, my friend.

Haha thanks