Tales of the Urban Explorer: Briarmede Care Home

We had been procrastinating about 'Briarmede Care Home' for some time. This was not due to apathy, but more lack of intelligence.

It’s a little off the beaten track, and wasting 30 minutes would not be conducive to our tight schedules.


One week it was open, then next it was doom and gloom and those words I don't want to hear…

…‘It’s been sealed again’…


This was to be my last explore (or so I thought), before retiring for the winter months. @anidiotexplores had other ideas about that, which I can discuss in the next chapter.

Middleton care home could face enforcement action by watchdog

A little digging provided me all I needed to see.

Briarmede Care Home.jpg

It was doomed and closed shortly after in late 2019. Click the links if you want to read more.

Closure of care home leaves 24 elderly people - including a 103-year-old - in urgent need of a new place to live

Parking none too close, we jumped a small wall snickering at the non-obstructive barriers, and headed for the back of the house, and out of sight.


A wonderful sight assaulted our eyes.

“Can it be this easy?”, I stammered to @anidiotexplores in confusion.

I got silence in response as he had already vanished into the gloom of the large house.


Following quickly and a little slower I entered a dark and wet corridor.


You know someone needs to figure out where to aim. The crappers were relatively clean inside ‘Briarmede Care Home’.

For fuck sake, there’s no need for this; dirty bastards.


The wankers had beaten us to it. I was expecting a ransacked building walking down this corridor.


Sights such as these surprise me little. Throwing the nice leather chair around takes effort. Why bother?



There was plenty left, you need to take away the positives (and try to forget about the shit, I mean literally).


The old dears need lots of clothing, and lots were left. I was not going to dig in looking for old knickers.


It looks normal, almost.


Just like living in a hotel, everyone has their own room, complete with a number.


Many of them appeared to be in decent condition. Maybe we were not too late after all.


Brian Taylor was born in 1934. Apply Galaxy to his balls, twice a day it says.



Very comfortable, the homeless could sleep here but they always wreck places with needles, fags, and beer.


Even my light was having trouble penetrating those dark corridors.


The wallpaper is suitably old. Keeping the resident's mindset fixed in the 1980s is a priority.



In the old breakfast room; now there are inkjet printer boxes on the menu.


How I would have loved to play that piano. Pulled down by mindless idiots and destroyed.


You can’t go wrong with ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly’


The letter is pre-covid and looking dire. 'Briarmede Care Home' never made it to the COVID era, but likely would have folded then.


It's little wonder care home workers leave often. Inspecting and cleaning the Urethra of old people can't be much fun.


Plenty of entertainment for the residents, though I’m not sure you can call Susan Boyle that.


Very wrecked and yet still plenty of goodies to mooch through.




Those chairs remind me of ‘Mossley Manor’, but in much better shape.


There are still a lot of valuables in 'Briarmede Care Home'. They need to do a better job of keeping the likes of me out.


Apologies Miss Morley, but now you need to pay to watch the telly; ridiculous and this letter probably scared the shit out of her.

'We are making it as easy as possible for you' - READ: Give us your fucking money.


Still using CRTs in this day and age? They used to give me migraines.



It’s almost perfect. Just lose the flowers.


In other rooms, it was obvious people had been bedding down. Tidy up for fuck sake!


That’s me with the torch.


On lovely summer days, the residents would sit in those uncomfortable metal chairs and take in the rays.






Do not put ‘what’ down the toilets?


Not ripped off the walls yet. The wankers were not totally on form that day.


Playing Cards costs? Some of these things should be accountable, others are taking the piss.


Terrible grammar. Someone needs to learn English.


This one is going back some time when things were good and our government did not neglect care so much.


What a mess and the pungency level was quite severe. It's not going to pass Health and Safety like this.


‘Dirty Pots’, that’s probably cups of tea when finished. Many must have been smashed.


There’s plenty of tea still kicking around if you are thirsty and don’t mind it cold.

Ensure Compact is a 125 ml, ready-to-drink, nutritionally complete* oral nutritional supplement for people with, or at risk of developing disease-related malnutrition.


Amongst other things, it's for treating malnutrition. I shudder to think. Feed them Bacon butties and they will be much happier.


Maybe the Ensure Compact was an alternative due to those terrible kitchen conditions.


‘Today’s Menu’ is not particularly extensive. Lite Bites and Cakes. Dietary needs I see were not high on the agenda at 'Briarmede Care Home'.


Taurus Security, your Manned Guards should be sacked. Not one was to be seen.



It was quite the blast in there. Lots left to see and a few things I would prefer to not have seen.


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This time you have driven us into a different place an abandoned care home.

Center Feed a term used for toilet papers and other tissue rolls, so the management was worries about extra plumbing costs as well.

Many rooms look tidy and ready for possession, but I guess some plunderers might have vandalized some of the area inside.

An interesting tour into an old home and how its residents had passed their time. Thanks

Center Feed a term used for toilet papers and other tissue rolls

Thanks for the info, I figured someone would know.

Was that really a pile of shit in that toilet sink? Ugh.

Or perhaps it was center feed!

'center feed'. Is that some care home term we are unaware of? Yes, it was real shit.. complete with bad odours.

That is truly foul. Some folk are just fucking horrible!

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Definitely one you need to go to on an empty stomach. Was that seriously crap in the sink? That is just horrible. I spent the past week driving around the upper part of our state noticing buildings that would likely be a good explore if you didn't have to worry about getting shot!

noticing buildings that would likely be a good explore if you didn't have to worry about getting shot!

Is that a cert? One of the UK UX guys is in Louisiana right now. He won't be able to resist exploring. I did warn him... Guns first, chat later.

ABBA Tribute Night? I think the sink of shit was better. But seriously, that reminds me of many a place I used to visit with the bookmobile.

Old people do like their singalongs (shudder). I hope I never get like that, I will defy the traditionalist pensioner.

I don't know about you, but I don't have high hopes for any pension whatsoever. Social Security is projected to go broke soon here in the US. My library retirement fund is vested now, but I've only been working part-time, so that isn't growing much. I'm just glad I have HIVE as a backup plan to all that!

That's pretty well preserved, for now. No doubt someone will really trash it if they get the chance. If I'm ever put in a place like that I'll demand decent decor.


Last I heard it was sealed again. This info can change quite rapidly. Don't think I want to ever go in one of these places, its a massive burden to your siblings.

soon to be on the route, 'in search of grannies old pants", care homes are hit and miss, this is good

Yes it was decent. I am getting farther and farther behind with all these.

too many hours playing top trumps!

Its a shame to see that much internal destruction in such a short time - It would put someone else off taking it on - it'll probably go to waste now. Silly really.

If its open to the elements, then it has just a few years and then will be demolition fodder.

Wow, its a bit scary but it still look pretty decent to me. But Im just wondering how does it smell? The breakfast room was quite lovely though.😅

I do remember smells occasionally if they are terrible. Not a lot of memory on this one in that area. The shit room of course would be bad.

Why was this nursing home closed?
It looks good enough from the outside and from the inside. It's very strange.

Structurally its fine, it was being rated as inadequate by the authorities. They complained of lack of support from the government. Many have closed for similar reasons.

Great find in this state… not totally wrecked yet. Sounded like an easy get in.

Such a shame of the piano 🎹
Yep… comfy metal chairs… hahaha not.
Thanks for showing us around. 😁

Delivery trucks will roll up soon and take anything of value. It does happen.

For sure, as there was still so much in it.

Just a little elbow grease in a sink and the place should be ready to reopen.


Twice I have seen that sight. Yesterday (while out exploring), we passed a bloke in the woods have a shit. I think I am cursed with seeing 'shitty' things.

Sight I can handle, smell not to much. Luckily my blocked sinuses come in handy.

Ouch it's really nice to be here i guess someone will keep it on tired so it can come up with a job

I see you are new. Always use your vote when commenting no matter how small it is. Welcome to HIVE.

Okay sir thank you so very much😊

Okay sir thank you

That building's still in pretty decent shape. All the beds/wheelchairs/industrial kitchen ... I'd imagine that it's still worth a pretty penny.

There is a lot of money in there. Last I heard, it was sealed (again).

Really why bother. I would sit down on the leather chair instead of wanderig around the shit.

It looked like a nice chair, if it wasn't broken. I didn't check.

omg, i lost my appetite when seeing the toilet and the sink.

I have grown accustomed to seeing all manner of foul things. Call it desensitisation.

Once again, interesting to see this kind of place from the inside!

The building is fine, it could be saved. Give it another 5 years of abuse and it will be fine for bulldozing only!

I'm surprised they just abandon buildings like this without at least stripping out anything of value before it gets ruined. It's terrible that buildings like this just get abandoned, you would have thought they would have sold it on, unless of course developers already have their hands on it. Not somewhere I would want to visit!

Not somewhere I would want to visit!

It gets very addictive.. a bit like sightseeing with a difference, and I get to write about them.

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Very Close view 😲
Bad to see😓 but i think still worthy ✊