Tales of the Urban Explorer: Ousefleet Hall Lodge

When it comes to residential properties I always ask myself, 'Should I reveal its identity or give it some stupid name?'

In many cases, it depends on if there's anything of worth inside, and if thieves are going to visit due to my declaration of information.


Ousefleet Hall Lodge’ has been visited by many explorers and I found it within minutes as the beans had already been spilled. There seems little point in trying to scrape them back into the can.

It was a supremely hot day, around 32C which would be better suited to the tropics, yet I found myself heading to East Yorkshire with @goblinknackers intent on finding this old manor house.


Being in the middle of nowhere had saved this one's bacon, and after driving past it once and doubling back we found it hidden deep in some trees, now almost invisible from the roadside.


…’this image from 2013 shows ‘Ousefleet Hall Lodge’ during more habitable times’

Ousefleet Hall Lodge was lived in by the 'Dunstan' family up until it was sold to developers in March 2007 for £354,000. The property entered the market again in 2017 at £446,000 but failed to sell. It remains vacant and derelict as of 2021.

The property (above) looks in fine condition and is un-boarded considering it's been empty for SIX years. I can't be sure the information quoted is historically correct.

We trampled through long grass and looked upon the house. It must have been grand once and I noticed it didn’t take to being photographed very well.


That mottled brickwork somehow messes up the images and tries to make them blurred. Thanks, house!


Passing by the front door archway I noticed the AD 1869 marker. It did not look that old, or had it been re-designed since victorian days?


We headed to the back which was very junglesque and quickly found ourselves inside with little effort, only to be confronted with what looked like human shit in the sink. Oh lovely.


I wasn’t expecting a great deal of inner content from ‘Ousefleet Hall Lodge’ having seen some other reports but was surprised with what lay inside.




Some of the kitchen units had been torn out and it may take more than this ‘Home Electrics’ manual to fix things up.


I feel some sympathy for 'Emma' who could well have been the house slave, that's a lot of work for one person.


This clock’s time had frozen long ago.


Explorers like their energy drinks and frequently leave their shit behind.


It could almost pass for 'working condition' if the floor was not so filthy.


The 'Dunstans' were quite a charitable folk donating to the Salvation Army regularly.


Radiators pulled away and floorboards missing. This can only be the work of the wanker crew.


Other areas of the house were still in workable condition if you look the other way concerning mold on the walls.


Just who takes the time to rip up floorboards? It mystifies me why they do it.


Granted, getting to the toilet is a little problematic, but they could have taken that dump outside.


A doorway that appears to be blocked; there could have been anything behind it including rotting corpses.


That is quite a spider infestation. @goblinknackers has a phobia so kept well away.


This is where it gets interesting. I came upon some paperwork which details Mrs. Dunstan being in an accident, and the other driver blaming her.


Hand-written letters in the year 2000 seem a little overkill. I would have been printing them but I’m a tech geek.

He’s getting quite heated about it all to the insurance company. It is very readable if you squint.


The final printed letter appears to have not resolved anything. Mr Dunstan is not happy about a 50/50 offer. I mean, it's either your fault or it's not. I do wonder what the outcome was?


Speaking of which, it does go to show that having a huge flashy house can have a detrimental effect on your cash flow. Unauthorised daily charges of £3.50, jeez!


I don't think it works anymore; maybe that's why he wrote all those words and didn't use the typewriter.


A very green-looking room, now even more so with the number of spores attached to the wall.


What possessions remained where strewn about in this long corridor, some below the floorboards.


…’can I get up there if I stand on the telly?' - @goblinknackers looks up in deliberation and contemplates the ascent’…

Ousefleet Hall Lodge’ is structurally very sound and could house someone else after a tad of work is done.



Lots of other bits of paperwork and a classic console game; unfortunately the cartridge was missing.



Only in Yorkshire do you get these antique stoves; as solid as they come.


What a mess, this is going to take some serious refurbishment.


We exited noticing the roadkill as I almost stepped on it and then had to take cover from a crazy motorist doing 70MPH.


Poor little rodent; as it's a rural area the drivers drive like nutters.


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I had that electrics book! I don't hand-write anything much as nobody would be able to read it anyway. Could be a nice house with a bit of work, but is that a high price for up that way? Prices vary so much across the country and £400k might get you a 3 bed semi down here.

My writing is almost illegible as well, call it lack of practice! Unless they severely cut the price, it will get worse and eventually be worth nothing.

I am sure I mentioned, but, I still write letters. Grandma doesnt want anything else and Im okay with it. She loces it, and it makes me feel good because she is happy.

That was a beautiful manor house! The floorboards are scavenged for other houses that need repairs. Old wood is so neat !! Great post! Love these old places!!

I could also write letters but nobody would be able to read the content (included me). You get out of practice and typing these days is far easier (but less personal).

Lovely old place that one.

this one has the makings of a movie script, so many prompts and backstories !

Yes, lots of drama. I tend to snap them and ingest them a lot later. They make for good reading!

Those look like some really solid doors in that place. I bet those alone are worth quite a bit of money. Especially if they are solid. Not for explorers of course, but if you were buying the place and renovating it you would likely just leave them. A very cool explore.

It was our first of the day and a long drive. Some of those doors were lovely and looked new. A strange old place that one.

Handwritten letters!! Madness, the place might claim to have been around since the 1800s but still, that is archaic!!

Can't beat hand-written letters, they are so personal! Finding them in today's derps is quite the challenge. I have to figure the family couldn't afford to fund this house and did a runner!

It looks a solid theory. It is funny, nowadays when I get a handwritten letteri am over the moon. It has been a year or two.

It is funny, nowadays when I get a handwritten letteri am over the moon.

@goblinknackers has quite a thing for these, I am not sure if he noticed them while in there. It could have been the spiders, I did find him shaking in fear huddled in a corner. These arachnophobe types... sheesh.

I live with a bunch of arachnophobes. Which I find amusing until one of them throws random stuff at the tv by accident when they see a shadow move on the fecking floor. Fortunately the tv and front window have survived... so far!

Is this really you? Slobberchops, you good? I saw blue skies in an East Yorkshire explore and just the statement alone has hi-jacked hand written all over it.

I only go out when there are blue skies. All this climate change has made it tropical here now. You should come back and try.

Looking forward to it. So far we're still scheduled for April.

Ah... April Showers... or monsoons sometimes, be wary

I am sure texas DIY was around the same time as Kwikies. nicely written letters without fucking txt spk. happy days

Love those hand-written ones, you don't see so many. I remember Tilly, Oh Tilly hehe...

Tilly, yes the cooks cottage, did you ever visit?

Oh... that was cooks? No... we never got there.

yup, it has been sealed and opened sealed and opened etc etc since I found it

what a game shinobi was.......

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That Shinobi might be worth a few bob. What I found scary is that house was lived in less than 20 years ago. What do people be doing with their time wrecking houses. Is it part of a junkies job, to wreck the house they seek refuge in?

Not junkies this time, it's too rural and far away from the cities. Shinobi would be but the game was missing! (I looked).

I was looking at that sink photo and I thought it was one of those old straps one uses to pop the ones vein for the heroin hit but I have been corrected.

Lovely place, i'd watch out for asbestos!! And the floorboards being lifted were maybe thieves after copper?? - Just seen blog (used to love magic the gathering in my games workshop days)

No doubt it is the copper, is it really so valuable? I wouldn't know. I don't play Magic anymore, just sell what I have (which is quite vast).

Copper (About £4,000 per Tonne) - I used to play magic, warhammer, board games like hero quest. This is about 18 or so years ago. Seriously though, be careful about asbestos when digging about!

Seriously though, be careful about asbestos when digging about!

I'm probably poisoned by now. I have done well over 220 of these, some in a lot worse condition than this.

Ah, don't sweat it. Despite what people say, it isn't a death sentence, i have to read up quite a bit on asbestos and the more i do the more i realise it's not a death sentence if you only get a bit on a single dose, it's the guys/ gals that worked with it day in day out that take the bullet, even their families when washing their loved ones clothes could be exposed. But, i'm just so used to warning people about it, knowing it might be there might at least prevent being blind sighted. In short, no need to worry. (I work as a trainee waste manager for a construction firm - being where i had to learn about asbestos, but have a sideline as aspiring musician, ha) Happy hunting/ Hive-ing.

I loved this post so much, I’m going to reblog it. My father-in-law would renovate this place given half a chance!!

It is very salvageable and in good condition considering how long it's been empty. I have my doubts over the 2007 date.

Again floorboards removed, perhaps someone used them in their house. There is a SEGA game cassette, then this house might be left 20-25 years ago.

The cartridge is from the Sega Master System (SMS) and was produced around 1989. There was no sign of the SMS to run the games, I haven't seen one in years.

What an antique I must say . I also feel much sympathy for Emma as well she must be a soldier for really holding up.

Maybe she was a house-elf? I watch too much Harry Potter.

Cracking explore. Wish there was a loophole in the law where you could claim these places

I would have a fleet of houses if that were true!

No doubt such a shame they go to waste. Forever looking for the loop hole 👍🏽


Crazy what you can find in these abandoned buildings. I hope everything was safe for you?

I get injured sometimes, but not on this one.

Stately old homes must cost a fortune to run, let alone fix up after years of being run down.

Enjoyed the photography outdoors, sorry seeing people crap in a hand basin would put me off for life!

!BEER for another great ramble through the undergrowth.

Oh my gosh, this us fascinating! I used to break into abandoned houses with my mischievous buddies as a kid. This brought back so many memories. What a fantastic read! I hope to read more about these houses and their mysterious pasts!

Oh, I have plenty more, but not all my posts are about this topic.

I had a squizz actually! I've book marked your page for when I can steal a few moments' peace from the kids 🤣 your stories are incredibly fascinating! Each one a journey. You're also incredibly funny and engaging. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thanks, I try not to make them too boring!

So strange how the poor animal decided to die doing disco.

Poor furball, I quite like squirrels. I can see this house could get quite a few cars smacking into it's walls due to it being just around a corner. The locals can drive like lunatics at times.

I like them as well. Knew one awhile back that would always come on the deck and wait for a treat, if I was sitting outside. Then it would run off; come back for another one. Only bit my hand once. Learned to be gentle.

I don't see "Take a shit in the sink" anywhere on that List of things that need doing.


Emma has enough to do, no need for more 'shitty jobs'... thanks.

Glad the dump in the sink was small enough for you to continue into the house. Just think if it was a resent humongous turd we wouldn't have seen the other crap in the once elegant house.

Yeah, I would have had to turn back. Spaminator on your back?

Yeah ;; he only takes small bites. Place in the burning lake of fire for D voters.

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Por fuera, con el lente de la cámara se ve espectacular, como una casa encantada, pero por dentro esta de terror! me imagino que muchos dejan volar su imaginación en cuanto a remodelación o por lo menos sucedió conmigo !

As always, seriously entertaining in the text and the photos!

What a gorgeous derp!

As for Emma, lucky she had to do all that work then and not now! 😱

I always have a dual feeling with these types of finds, I love to read and watch you clever explorers finding all the abandonment and usually such lovely things hidden away, but it also makes me so sad, not what you do of course, but for the state of our world...it makes me think that there was a time when these houses were in tact that the thought of anyone spray painting, destroying and just general vandalism would seem as foreign as if faerie were to descend upon them with biscuits and tea lol. I love see into the past this way, in such wonderful posts as yours, but in order to see the past I have to look at the present, dead in the face, with 'monster energy drinks' and spray painted destruction. Ah well, such is the post modern world.

Wonderful post tho, @slobberchops and I have a feelin that list was not for a 'house slave' it was most likely (by the handwriting 80's) just the list of the homeowner to get things done. My home has such things all the time, having to check off what needs doing for the year, ( I wish I had a houseslave to help sometimes haha)

This was obviously a very beautiful property many years ago. It's looks pretty poor today.

Sungguh sangat di sayangkan rumah sebesar itu di tinggalkan oleh penghuninya...!