Tales of the Urban Explorer: Stalybridge Police Station

in Urban Exploration2 months ago (edited)

I had been putting this one off for a while and for good reason.

Either you climb the fence with the whole of the Tesco shoppers watching, or shimmy along a metal spiky fence with a 30-foot drop into a river if you slip” - @anidiotexplorers


Given these options and the fact that ‘Stalybridge Police Station’ looks more like a multi-story car park with a full entourage of rubble, bricks, and stones within... it was not inspiring me much.

Derelict police station an ‘exciting development’

The former police station has been empty since 2005 and is due for demolitionsoon’. Summer 2022 maybe, if the developer stops arsing about.


We were in the area, the season was getting late and I figured this overcast cold October day was likely my last outing before hibernation.

The car park was a boon, I do like my free parking within town centre areas and we would be in and out within 30 minutes, that’s if we could get in.


…’the riverside entrance would have been great if I was a teenager and had zero danger sense. Now, it’s a different scenario’…

I took in the front gate. It was around 10 feet in height and well within my climbing capabilities. Reaching for my gloves I halted...

@anidiotexplores was already inside, scrambling through a medium-sized hole in the fencing with some sharp edges.

It was not so easy for me. I got my foot caught and was pulling and simultaneously swearing much to the amusement of a smirking passing pedestrian.

why can’t you bend a little more body?

Vanishing from public view is my primary focus and I rarely do it as quickly as I would like.


I could immediately see this was not going to be an ‘A-Grade’ explore. 3 out of 10 is generally the worst and this was pushing the lower barrier.



Maybe there would be some fantastic graffiti that would save the day. Then I remembered I was on the wrong side of the Pennines. This was NOT Sheffield.


We made for the superior upstairs that would possibly be more entertaining than these stairs.


At times like these, some sex education is always most welcome, especially when depicted with diagrams. One has to learn somehow.


Why not leave all the toilet remains in the same area?


Once again I was struck by the resemblance of a car park. Could it be that during the operational days of 'Stalybridge Police Station', the cops did their business from their cars?


More toilet remains and further sex education lessons.


It was more akin to a building site within... what was left of the walls.


These flying rats might think that derps are a great home. I see so many dead ones and that hypothesis is likely incorrect.


Bad art but semi-entertaining.



Given the number of broken shitters I saw, this was quite surprising. You wouldn't want to use this mind, that's going a little far.


One needs to lock away those bad criminals somewhere.


Take away the peeling paint and you can lie down for a doze. It might look padded but it was not.



Jail cells are always in the bowels of the police station, and boast dripping water. It's similar to the medieval days but now you get fed, watered, given a 32' colour TV for entertainment, and don't die.


You are ruining the ‘atmosphere’ Jonas.



The cells were not very numerous, possibly around half a dozen, and were the highlight of this explore.

…'I did warn you, this is strictly a 3.5 out of 10 explore'…

If they cleared all this shit away the cars could park here once more.



The radiator had miraculously survived all the vandalism. Generally, they are pulled away from the walls.

The reason? No reason.., just ‘cause…



It’s a little sad when the toilets are proving the excitement of the moment.


… along with a strip of real 70’s wallpaper.


There's little left of these aforementioned interview rooms. Why 'Stalybridge Police Station' has not been demolished yet is a mystery.


This passage is where the murderers, er.. criminals would be ushered when arriving. No steps mean wheelchair bound offenders can be taken up more easily.


We left 'Stalybridge Police Station' thinking..., 'well that was quite shit'.


We had several more on the agenda that day. All proved more interesting than here.


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That did look a little meh, although the graffiti was semi amusing.

I thought it funny though when I first saw this pic I though that the flaking paint was clever graffiti!


Its abstract art.

It is!! I can see things in it!

Looks like more 70's wallpaper if you squint! I do use the conveniences occasionally, I will have you know, but generally just piss in the corner. It's very disrespectful.. I know.

I would use them as well but that is because I seem to be pissing more in my old age and cannae hold it in :OD

I had to look closely to ser that it wasn't. The pattern does look man-made.

It does indeed!!

I was going to issue you a challenge with my next urbex upload entitled "@slobberchops can you find a more derpy derpy derp derp than this one?" I conceded you have already won!!!!

Hey now.., this one had jail cells. I have some 3 out of 10's coming up.., so keep tuned!

can't wait!!!! wetting myself in anticipation 😂

Doing a Sheffield run today, 15 on the menu. Looking to break the world record of 10. There could be some bad ones 😀

15 FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We managed 8 in total, not a bad days work!

Wow, two intact toilets this time! That's something.

Yeah that river entrance looks like it could be hazardous to your health. Better find a different route in lol.

When I was young I was like "it would look really cool if I jumped off that house roof into that spruce tree next to it."
Now I'm like, "this sidewalk is a little slippery as it is. If it were raining I could slip into the road and have both my legs run over by a car."
I went from thinking that no bad could ever happen to imagining every worst case scenario at all times.

"Hmmm, I really should chew a little slower. My wife isn't home and if I choke on this sandwich I'm as good as dead."

Funny how your mindset changes over time.

I want my zero danger sense head back. I got away with it time after time, only falling once from a rope swing at 19. I let go when it was 20 feet down. Talk about dumb.

Haha yeah somehow being oblivious to danger helps keep you safe sometimes. It's kind of the opposite of what you would expect but that's the humor of the universe I suppose

Sorry this one was kind of a bust for you. At least now you know. You can wipe it off your list and move on right? Maybe the next one will be better. We have an old state police station that has been shut down for a while near where I live, but I have a feeling they likely cleared everything out of there. People sure do take their time developing stuff over there don't they?

People sure do take their time developing stuff over there don't they?

There's an overabundance of red tape here, its a historical thing and never seems to ease. You need permission for this and that. The permission givers are generally government people who move like sloths.

To bad it wasn’t more exciting @slobberchops 😎 to get in surely was hehehe
Good to hear the others you visited were better that day.

It's one more scratch on the post. Once visited, I generally don't return.

Yep, I do the same… once is enough. You have seen it all 😎

Bit of an ugly building - looked like we imported it from russia

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Great post here....you have good content so I'm inviting you for the Ecency live show on Saturday wer you can promote and explain your post to lots of users live.


The police station just sitting there on that beautiful peice of land doing nothing is something that needs a quick check. The place is such a mess.

woow, taht is very interest

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Bridge over river entrance about the only thing worth leaving!


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I think it really was a car park at one time. But that alternate entrance... It actually looks good! Better than some of the floors you walked across in other posts 😂



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