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Hello, it's me @krystalogue

It's been barely a month since my intro post in Hive and I can say that I've found my match.

That may sound like a cheesy one-liner success story from a dating app (😅), but it's the best way to describe my experience so far.

You see, I'm a social media hermit. It's been that way since social media became a thing. I'd have some moments of being active on different platforms, but most of the time I just don't bother checking. I find it too taxing and to be honest, I don't have much energy for it.

But what makes it ironic is that I love sharing and telling stories. I'm an introvert, but when it comes to books and travel, I'm willing to talk your ear off if you're willing to listen.

That's where Hive comes in. It is not quite social media, not quite a traditional blog--it's a community and I love it!

travel Korean guard costume.jpg
TALKING YOUR EAR OFF ABOUT TRAVEL. Look at how serious @thejoeprocess and I are in this photo. Trying out these royal guard costumes were for free, but we were only allowed to wear it for 15 minutes. Also, we were not allowed to go anywhere--borrowers are limited to stay within the vicinity. You can only avail of these costumes after the changing of the guards ceremony at Gyeongbokgung.

Hive is filled with people who just want to support and uplift each other. It encourages me to write more for me and what a relief that is! I've always written/edited for work in all my jobs so far, and it's refreshing to write where I can have fun instead of the pressure of a deadline.

In a way, my Hive account is my public journal.

used bookstore in cebu.jpg
A PECULIAR SIGN. Being this my public journal and such, let's talk about that "Pickpocket Area" sign. It does not seem to be a warning (like "Beware of Pickpockets"), so are they saying it is allowed to pickpocket in this area? Just a random thought. This still nags at me years later.

What's better than sharing stories, though, is getting to read them. I love love love reading anything that interests me! Reading is my greatest form of escapism and reading the stories shared by my fellow Hivers allow me to live an extended part of life where I experience the things they experience. And to me, that's beautiful.

pinterest inspired bookshelf 1.jpg
PINTEREST INSPIRED. Did I say I love reading? Here is a photo of some of my books at my parents' house. They utilized the area under the stairs as extra bookshelf space.

pinterest inspired bookshelf 2.jpg
MY CHILDHOOD READS. This is on the other side of the shelf. If you squint, you can see my Hardy Boys book collection and some Fear Street books by RL Stine--my beloved reads when I was a teenager.

Aside from books and travel, I am fascinated by anything related to the skies. Be it sunrise and sunsets or the moon and stars, I am here for it. I took the following photos below as I clocked out of work and while I was contemplating how much Hive means to me.

photo of the evening sky with the moon 1.jpg
EARLY TO RISE. Even though it's still bright out, the moon showed up early. Here is a photo of the moon from afar with our office building under construction.

photo of the evening sky with the moon 2.jpg
A LITTLE BIT OF ZOOM. I tried the middle zoom function of my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and this was the result.

photo of the sky with the moon 3.jpg
MAX ZOOM.I forgot the exact zoom setting, but I zoomed the photo even more to get this shot. Taken using my S21 Ultra.

Even though I haven’t traveled to a certain city/country, I still experience part of its grandeur because a fellow Hiver cared to share their experience there. Even though I haven’t been to cafes and restaurants lately, I’m updated by the new places to be because fellow Hivers have checked out those places.

Sharing and experiencing stories as well as building meaningful connections: that's what Hive means to me.


I thank my sister @sassycebuana for introducing us to Hive and my husband @thejoeprocess for being very patient in explaining Hive to me.

This is my entry to the Hi from Hive Contest hosted by the community of the same name and @livinguktaiwan . Thank you for reading! Hope to see you in my next blog.


Aww my pleasure dae and glad that you love writing in this platform. 😊

I love the costumes bah! Huhu wanted to travel to Seoul na jd. 😊

Yay thanks jud te 😊

Pinaspasay jud ni ang costumes pero basta libre. Haha pohon Seoul na this 🙌

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Cheers to all the social media hermits and introverts!😂🥂

Cheers! Hahaha 🥂🥂🥂

Wow! Photos are so cool. Especially the moon. 😍😍😍

Waooooo ka awesome sa imong book collection ate @krystalogue

Hehe, thanks Kayce. Silingan ra ni ninyo. Hehe 😊

Hive is indeed like a public journal, but somehow it feels right to be so open with the people in here because it feels like a real community!

Indeed. It is an amazing community 🥰 Thank you for taking the time to comment, friend 😊❤ I appreciate you 🙏

You're welcome!

The samsung s21 is a powerful device really. It takes very beautiful shots.

Like seriously, you read a lot for you to have so many books. Unlike me, I do not read that much, so the number of books I own are not up to 6 and they are only school books as I am still a student.

Thank you for taking time to comment, friend. You are so sweet ❤😊

Don't worry, students gotta read and you are still young. More time to collect more books. This collection of mine took years to collect since I was only able to buy from secondhand bookstores because books there are less expensive 🥰🥰🥰

Love the photo sa moon! Nyay.. 🤗😻

Weee thank you! 🥰🥰🥰🙏

congratulations friend, for having found in hive a space to share and enjoy the company of the other hivers

Thank you very much, fellow hiver 🥰 I appreciate you 🙏😊

Sharing and experiencing stories as well as building meaningful connections: that's what Hive means to me.


Makasuya ang book collection huhu puhun ug nana koy akoang balay, I'd have it nya hehee😅


And oh.
The moon.
It is.... exquisite.✨

Thank you very much sa kanunayng support Ning. Hehe 🙏😊

Book collection built through the years. Hehe sa Booksale lang ang panglaban especially kadtong early days kay mao ra naay barato na books.

Hehe weee pohon pohon you will get that home and that bookshelf ❤ The universe listens 🥰🥰🥰

As innn, amazing jud ang moon 😭 Waaa

Samsung s21 is amazing. I love the way you captured the moon. It is so clear and beautiful.

Thank you very much for saying that. I appreciate it! Thanks as well for taking the time to comment 😊🙏

Wow, you have a great bookshelf! I envy :(
Nice to meet you, btw. I love reading too. Hehe

Hello, there! Nice too meet you too :) The bookshelf is years in the making. I was only able to buy books during college in secondhand bookstores and when I had some extra budget for it. It got better when I started working and little by little the collection grew. Thanks for taking the time to comment! 😊

I've followed you here.
Yap, I also bought secondhand books for my collections. I think it's better to get cheaper price than normal price on bookstore. Btw, may I follow you on Instagram? I also love doing bookstagram photography on there. Let me know if you don't mind 😊

But what makes it ironic is that I love sharing and telling stories. I'm an introvert, but when it comes to books and travel, I'm willing to talk your ear off if you're willing to listen.

Dghan na di ta. Used to be very vocal in writing and in social media but in person kay awkward kaau but lately I've been into socializing because of Hive. Lingaw mn gd mga taw dri. Ahahaha

Apir! Hehe lage.. looking forward to meeting you all in person. Basta you are with the right people, dili ra mu matter kung introvert or not basta you enjoy each other's company. Weee 😊🥰

Preaaaach!!!!! See you soon!