It's hay baling season again! 🚜 | 又到捆草包时节啦





I recently saw quite a lot of hay bales in France, both in the fields and on the road being transported by trucks. Depending on the baling equipment, some are round, while others are square or rectangular.

I took a few photos of some patriotic-looking ones that I thought were amusing and creative.🙂 These were wrapped by tri-color covers inspired by the French national flag. However, it was already quite dark without any lights when I spotted these along the roadside.





So I'd like to share another set of photos from Belgium taken exactly one year ago, with these hay bales captured in better lighting conditions at sunset. I liked how the yellow round bales were soaking in the gentle golden light rays. The other crops and farm houses added to the cozy and peaceful atmosphere of the scene.

They are my entry to Deranged Photography Contest's Yellow theme. He runs these contests on Liketu, each week with a different theme. Check them out if you would also like to join the fun!

It was interesting to see the farmer operate the tractor and machine to bail the hay and drop the wrapped bundles. Given that I didn't grow up in the countryside and had rarely seen it before, it was intriguing to observe the entire process.

I was told that hay is typically cut from July to September, depending on the material and weather. Normally, earlier cuts occur this month and later cuts occur the following month, which is beneficial for a hay meadow when compared to cutting at the same time each year.















All content by @itchyfeetdonica. Thank you for visiting!
图文 by Donica,谢谢来访!=)

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hey hay and you. haha. like olden times, preparing food for winter for humans include cured meat and preserved vegetables.

A beautiful collection of photographs @itchyfeetdonica! Love the golden, side-lit landscape. :)

Aha, side-lit, was looking for that word, thank you! :D

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