honestly I find this team to be the most exciting thing on the planet right now. It gives me so much energy listening to you speak. Genuine belief that something truly amazing is happening: A tool for all those who value freedom of speech, genuinely censorship resistant, community owned. I was shouting at my computer screen as if my football team was scoring goals during this video....I had tears in my eyes. Bless you all for your unselfish vision and your tireless work to make it in to reality. The free people of earth are in need and you are nose to the grindstone building us a beautiful mothership. Finally we can begin to visualise what it might look like to escape the cruel grip of a tyrannical system which seeks to own and control and steal value from every moment of our lives while hiding our truth behind the iron bars of controlled narrative. thankyou thankyou thankyou. And thankyou to us all for being here to support them. What a place to be.

Is always a plus to hear these guys speak