3 days of HIVEFEST new friends and inspirations DAY 1

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Hivefest7 has been my very first hive fest and I would like to give everyone who has not been there a small impression of how such an event looks like. Maybe hivefest8 comes close to your location next year.

First of all big thanks to @roelandp and the team of amazing helpers I hope I have them all here: @minigunner @artakush @priyanarc and @blind-spot for helping organizing this great event. The venues where impressive and you did an amazing job of keeping the flock together and getting us everywhere we needed to be in time.

Also thanks for the amazing cold beetroot soup on day 2! @coldbeetrootsoup was accepting donations for their soup (it was amazing, and I certainly will be cooking (or not cooking) that one) but unfortunately only a few accounts sent some. If you want to contribute to their efforts I made them a 10% beneficiary of this post!

3 days of HIVEFEST

Day one was in "The Eye" Filmmuseum and I must say that this was a very impressive place fitting the purpose perfectly! We where in cinema 2 of the museum and the in the hallway you could see the artists of @nftshowroom lined up. Unfortunately I was so occupied with looking at the artworks that I totally forgot to take a picture. I must say it looked very cool and I hope that some of the artists could sell their NFTs.

Day 1 kicked off with an opener by Roeland and he honored the few hive members who have attended all 5 physical hivefests That is only a handful of people and including @gtg, @alpha, @arcange @roelandp, and @blocktrades. Big shoutout to them since that is really impressive to achieve!

BTW Roelands outfits where the most amazing going full HIVE!


Core dev update

@howo did a very detailed and clear presentation on RC delegations which will soon become a thing and there was also some talks about the next hardfork. Unfortunately I was so much listening that I forgot to take some decent photos. Anyways I will post a frame grabbed from the recorded livestream. If you want to rewatch day 1 CLICK HERE

 @howo and @blocktrades during the AMA session

NFT for Peace

On day 1 there where many interesting presentations but one of the most important ones was right at the very beginning with @arcange and @zirochka presenting the @hivebuzz NFT project "NFT for peace"
Zirochka told us about her experiences in war torn Ukraine and why she stayed and volunteered to help to put the funds collected by the initiative to good use. It was very touching as she said thanks to all the many people who stayed connected with her and helped her during these dark times. Many of us where fighting against their tears.

 @arcange  and @zirochka during their presentation of NFTforpeace

The money will be used to provide food, medics and utility items, and help to the civilians of assaulted Ukrainian cities. Under no circumstances will it be used to buy weapons, ammunition or military equipment!

source: https://peakd.com/nftforpeace/@hivebuzz/nft-for-peace

If you want to help the victims of war in Ukraine simply go to https://hivebuzz.me/ and buy the various NFTs with either HBD or HIVE you can donate in various levels and receive the NFT according to the size of your donation.

I just donated 50 HIVE and I got this nice badge that can be viewed on hivebuzz:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-21 um 14.30.17.png

If you don't have funds to donate don't worry! I made @hivebuzz a 10% beneficiary of this post as well


Next up was @lasseehlers introducing the outpost https://www.lassecash.com where it is all about truth, anarchy and crypto. A very interesting combination of tokens and dieselpools was also presented and if you want to give Lassecash a try you can log in with your HIVE credentials and start posting. There is no real restrictions on what you can post about on lassecash. Go find out for yourself and maybe you will find new friends and followers.

 @lasseehlers presenting Lassecash

Manncpt about @globalschool @winalab and #hivemeetupvienna

The most important input to take away from Christoph's presentation is that a meetup starts with already 2 people! 2 hiveans are a crowd! Christoph is organizing the meetups in Vienna and if you want to join in you are always welcome. Every first Thursday of the month we will meet up in Vienna and there is an anouncement post 2 weeks prior. The last one can be found on @manncpt 's BLOG also check out @winalab and @globalschool! Winalab is an adventure workation that can take place in several places in Austria and Hungary. I am also part of the inofficial team of Winalab and I will try to help the project where I can.
All in all a very good presentation and if you want to watch it go to youtube with this timestamp.

Freechain the movie

@lordbutterfly presented the developments around "FreeChain" a documentary in the works and we could see a first glance into how it will look. The original idea of the documentary is to bring the blockchain closer to the viewer and make them understand what it is. The originality is in the detail that the narrator will also learn along with the viewer which in my opinion is a great idea, and it has not been done before. So the narrator will have no clue about hive and blockchain technology, but in the end will be a bit smarter along with the audience hopefully. Major festivals will be targeted and also streaming services such as Netflix and co. Probably we will have to wait about 8 months to see the full movie. The teaser was awesome and you can check it out on the restream on youtube under this timestamp
After the teaser we could talk to Jovan Dopud about his visions for the documentary.
I am very much looking forward to this one and I hope it will have the desired impact for HIVE as well. Just imagine this movie is watched by millions of netflix users, that could have a huge impact on how HIVE is looked upon.

Visionary Studios by @jeffjagoe

I really liked the presentation of Jeff, it was clear and easy to follow and what can I say I love the project and I hope somehow I can be part of it. My first question was if they had open positions after he finished.
Visionary studios has several projects under their umbrella such as a NYC Chicken Fastfood chain and a game called soulofox. They are blockchain agnostic and mainly use hive as means of communication.
If Jeff makes it to the next hivefest he will get a 5star badge as well.
We had a great chat on the last day although I was pretty drunk and herbed at that time already :) anyways I sent him my phantom wallet address as requested. Update: I received this awesome NFT giving me access to the visionary discord: Vsy1
Thanks a lot for that and it looks beautiful.
If you want to find out more about visionary studios you can do it here on hive: https://peakd.com/@visionarystudios
or on their website: https://www.visionarystudios.io/
Awesome presentation and awesome presenter!

quantum computing and transaction signing by @pibara

This was way out of my league of understanding what Pibara was talking about, but if I understood correctly this is a future problem where the quantum computers could basically retrieve your private keys only from a single signature with your public key. It was interesting to listen to and I hope we are still a long way from large quantum computers trying to hack our private keys. (approx 5-15 years according to specialists)
If you want to read something that is not as complicated you could go for Pibaras book "The Ragnarok conspiracy" You can find the first chapter here:

Marketing efforts and a marketing agency for hive @behilarious

There is a new communication plan to target developers, @arcange introduced the team around this project. And @behilarious did an amazing presentation. It is about incentivising new developers to deploy their builds on hive. For a new developer it is quite hard to check out hive because the information is overwhelming. The scattered information around the chain does not make it easy to onboard.
A new frontend would solve this. HIVE 5 would be a project map of the whole ecosystem. It would work as a dating app such as Tinder etc. If you like a project you can react on it and if you would like to be involved. The idea is great and I hope this will be a major onboarder in the future.

If you would like to cast your vote for their proposal you can do it after reading what it is all about. https://peakd.com/proposals/@behilarious/dev-marketing-proposal
or if you wan't to go to the proposal directly:
just cast my vote there although my stake is not a major influence but still every vote counts!

Cryptobrewmaster @rollie1212

CBM is one of the games I have not played actively. I looked at it a year ago and found the interface a bit clunky and I did not get the concept of the game. Rollie held an amazing presentation and I will defo look into the CBM ecosystem more. There is some good collaborations in the foreseeable future including major breweries that we all know and love. The user interface has seen a lot of development and the game will also rebrand to BEERVERSE. Great presentation and I love the ideas of the game. Profit generation will be done by selling recipes to breweries and doing virtual tours and much more. I think I will have to get into this game soon.


Cold beetroot soup by @coldbeetrootsoup

Lithuanian cold beetroot soup is amazing! Period!
The guys presentation was awesome! And the soup was amazing. If you have not donated and ate from that soup shame on you! :D
Watch it @artakush and @minigunner did the most lively presentation!

Science communication Stemsocial and citizen science by @lemouth

A very interesting talk about how civilians like you and me without a scientific background can help to bring it further. Stemsocial is one of the oldest communities on HIVE. Lemouth is one of the founders and he is a professor at one of the oldest universities on the planet. I am talking about Sorbonne in Paris. If you are interested in science the Stemsocial community will be the place to go! https://hive.blog/trending/hive-196387
If you want to visit CERN, contact Lemouth!
Citizen science is allowing non scientific actors to participate in scientific research. If you think this is something for you you can find out more about it at this TIMESTAMP

A very interesting presentation and I must say the timing would have been better here if we have this a little earlier in the day. Many people where already half on the boat and in the beermode.

Boatride and Balls of Steel

After the last presentation we had an amazing time having some drinks in the museum and then we went to the boats to have a tourist tour on the canals of Amsterdam. This later on helped me a lot with orientation when my phone was empty and I had to find my way back to my airbnb. The balls of steel or petanque tournament was amazing too and I really loved the location.

Saying good bye for now cheers solymi

This concludes all of DAY 1
This post is already getting too long so I will work on part 2 in the coming days and trying to give you an overview of all the presentations of DAY2 (putting link here when done)

Final Thanks

Thanks to all the amazing people who made HIVEFEST7 possible!
To make sure I don't forget to mention anyone:
This section is a quote from Roelands post, click to check it out:

Next to the @valueplan proposal's support HiveFest 2022 was made possible by generous donations of @splinterlands, @smooth, @pharesim, @spk.network and @yababmatt.
Also, minnow and plankton tickets were made possible by donations from:


Thank you so much again for your generosity and kindness!

Thanks for reading my post, if you liked it feel free to share!
I love comments so go for it and leave one!
Cheers @solymi


Thanks for mentioning me and putting more details about the project, and for your submission, @solymi!

Always, I hope we will be seeing each other next year and what I really hope that by then the war will be in the past. I wanted to talk to you on hivefest but I never really found the right timing. Are you back in UA already? If you ever come to Vienna please let the viennese community know.

I hope we will be seeing each other next year and what I really hope that by then the war will be in the past

Me too, so much hope that I and all mine will be safe and sound, and the war will be over and I can attend the next meetup.

I wanted to talk to you on hivefest but I never really found the right timing. Are you back in UA already?

Same here, missed talking to so many people. Yes, I am back home, thank you for asking just submitted a post ))

If you ever come to Vienna please let the viennese community know.

You have my word 😎 But I suppose we'll sooner meet in a year at the next HiveFest.


Hey @solymi, here is a little bit of BEER from @zirochka for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Really cool report!

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You are amazing @solymi. Happy you like the soup 🤩

I am a big soup fan. And especially cold soups are awesome, I hope we get a lot of upvotes so your share is bigger;)

Another great HiveFest update! Thanks for sharing!

It has been a pleasure to listen to your Music! Thanks for the awesome set.

Thank you very much!


It was a pleasure meeting you outside at the closing dinner very briefly. Extensive post on all that happened on day one there dude, there was so much to see and hear.

And was agreeing..when people starting to talk about quantum stuff and I realize my hair is actually blond..uh yeah

It was nice talking to you! I hope to see you again next year. Or maybe Vienna?

Looks like fun

War mega viel Spass. Wo warst du? :D

Thanks for this nice summary of day 1. I am almost feeling being there again. Time flew so quickly... and so did HiveFest (which means we had a lot of fun being there!).

Anyway, it was a real pleasure to meet you there, and I hope I will see you sooner or later as a participant to the citizen science project here on Hive :)


It was interesting rewatching your presentation, I think I am going to give it a try. I am not a very techsavy person but we will manage.
It has been a pleasure to get to know you. See you next year, hopefully.

Hopefully, we will meet at other occasions (and I will definitely try to go to HiveFet next year).

In case you try the project and are stuck with it, feel free to bump into me on Discord, or even to leave a reply in one of the citizen science posts. I am always very happy to help.

I have to next year! Greets from Paris

You really gave us an insight as to how the event went by... Congrats on your first hivefest attendance

Thanks a lot, I tried to be as derailed as possible so people can check the stream recording if they want to watch something that caught their interest.

Marvelous! Thanks for sharing this moment, It feels like I was around too! We'll cathc up next time, perhaps.

Thank you, I hope I can make it to next years Hivefest wherever it may be.
Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you as well 😂😎😍

Toller Bericht zum ersten Tag des Hivefest. Hat mich gefreut dich kennen zu lernen.

Im Theater war mir der Fehler "NTF vor Peace" gar nicht aufgefallen. Auf dem Bild war es das erste was mir auffiel.

Great report on the first day of Hivefest. It was nice to meet you.

I didn't notice the "NTF before Peace" mistake in the theater. In the picture it was the first thing I noticed.

Oh du hast Recht. Ich schau mochmal durch meine Fotos vielleicht ist es ja auf dem nächsten Slide richtig. Hat mich auch sehr gefreut und hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald wieder.
You are right gonna check my photos maybe its correct on the next slide. It was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we see each other again soon.

Warst du dort😎?

Ja, war super. Beim nächsten bringt Christoph dich ja mit, habe ich gehört.

great meeting you @solymi! I am very glad we had a chance to chat about movies and scripts. Hope we can continue conversation about it.
Another BIG thanks for making CBRS beneficiary of this post. It means a lot for us!
Much Love

Amazing story! Really cool …

I am happy that we talked too. You can chat with me on discord I still have about 30 minutes on the train :D
I loved the cold beetroot soup so this is only natural to make you a beneficiary here.
Looking forward to talk to you. I send you my discord ID:

It was a fun day. I never expect to enjoy or even understand all the presentations, but there was plenty there to get me excited. Shame about the weather, but the boat ride was a cool way to see more of the city.

Indeed, I really enjoyed the ride. Can‘t wait to see you on next hivefest

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Balls of Steel - HiveFest⁷ Petanque Tournament Results

Thank you for mentioning me and my presentation. The message you have inside your post. Let's organise Meetups everywhere! 😎

lets do it!

When we can go to Balaton next year?

We gotta check it out, but best is pre or after the main season. Either March to May or September-November

Let's talk about that @winalab adventure workation at the next #hivemeetupvienna 6.10 at Edison! 😉

Looks like really fun …

Looking forward to the next Meetup! 😉

Great writing and thanks for sharing the summary of the projects... We didn't get a chance to talk to each other properly unfortunately, time flew so quickly...

Yes but maybe we can talk soon. How about a trip to Vienna? Next hive meetup is on first Thursday of October

Next year

I love how an event like this one always manages to gather in a single place people from all over the world and where they manage to make new friendships and learn new stuff. Really love it!

Yeah next year I am coming …

Thank you! It has really been awesome.

Hivefest7 wow i never knew it is the 7th one and i have been wishing to be part of it well i think there is still time for me to be part of the next hivefest7.

Great update, nice one!!!

Thanks a lot! I hope I can put day 2 and 3 in one post without blasting the block size

Im looking forward to reading it man! Keep up the good work on and off chain!


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@roelandp still innovating with his sexy fest clothing xDD

Wait for the outfit of day 2 😂

It was nice seeing you man! Even though we have talked for a tiny little bit, you got some relaxed energy around you. Hopefully, we meet again.

I hope to meet you again too, next time we talk more! I really liked the pictures you did, will you share more?

Yeah man! Let's see ^^, thanks a bunch! I didn't take that many photographs haha :P




Real nice detail on your post. I feel as if i am there experiencing it with you. :) Thanks for exploring everything you can and sharing with us. I hope i can go on the next one. Looks like you had a very good time. Cheers


Really amazing report! Good work 500% upvote

Thanks a lot Schmidi! See you soon on #hivemeetupvienna or #hiveviennameetup

I have been really happy to meet you in Amsterdam @solymi.
Thank you for supporting the Ukrainian people and buying an NFT.

C‘etait un plaisir de te connaitre Arcange.
I hope this is the correct way to say it, my french is a bit rusty.

Perfect answer!
See you at the next HiveFest! ❤️

I am looking forward to it!