A battle to find the ideal spot.

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So I saw this scene below from far off and decided to go and get it on camera.

At times Mother nature can get very tricky, but I am of the sort that I want something then I get it come hell or clear water.

So come with me to go and get this picture card shot and don't moan if my small car seems to be a bit bumpy along the drive. One day I hope to get myself a proper 4x4 truck and then I will laugh at mother nature's tricks.
But for now I have to endure and my little car is very willing to tackle the challenges. In fact I think it enjoys to be seen between the tougher cars.

Oops! like I said, the car would drive a little bumpy, but slow and easy can always get people to the places that they desire to be. It is the same in life.



We were nearing the destination and I hope that you have enjoyed the ride thus far.

Almost there.

Ah yes. This is where I stopped as for some reason this majestic scene just did things for me.

I will in future take you on many more rides like this as we really have some magnificent nature scenes around here. My new motto is; if you can't walk it, then drive it. Pity that the government makes things difficult with the sky high gas prices, as a full tank used to last us for a month, but nowadays the tank seems to have shrunk and it makes things a bit difficult for us. Not that I am moaning, as everyone suffers with the new high prices of food and gas.

In any case, we wish all of you great new week and know that every day is a gift.

And That's All Friends.

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX70HS Bridge camera.

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This is a wonderful place. The real beauty of nature. Mountain and surrounding environment are really amazing

 2 months ago  

Thank you and yeas we are blessed to have such beauty.

I can see why you want a farm one day :) It will happen!


 2 months ago  

Oh man, I am a child of the soil and concrete jungles are not for me. Glad to see your positivity :)


As I suspected – someone has been adding soil to my garden.
The plot thickens.

Credit: marshmellowman
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Who wants a concrete jungle? Real ones are so much better :)


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Hahaha, not you nor me as the real ones are indeed so much better :)


What do you call an island populated entirely by cakes?

Credit: reddit
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Have you heard the one about the jump rope?
Never mind, skip it.

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Hola estuve leyendo tu publicación, y puedo ver qué eres una persona muy perseverante y que no se detiene ante nada... Gracias a tus esfuerzo podemos ver nosotros esos hermosos paisajes... Espero que logres lo de el automóvil 4x4 ya que te ayudaría mucho en la aventura de nuevos paisajes y nuevas fotos para tus publicaciones que me parecen sencillas pero de gran calidad.

Hello, I have been reading your publication, and I can see that you are a very persevering person and that you stop at nothing... Thanks to your efforts we can see those beautiful landscapes... I hope you achieve the 4x4 car, since I It would help a lot in the adventure of new landscapes and new photos for your publications that seem simple but of great quality.

 2 months ago  

"It is always the simple that produces the marvelous." - Amelia Barr.

This is one of the mottos that I live by and simplicity has always worked for me. We have many second language speakers here on hive, such as yourself and if I make my posts complicated then they will not understand it.

Thank you for your hope that I will get a suitable vehicle and it all depends on providence.
In the meantime my little VW gets the job done.



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That is one of the most stunning pictures I've ever seen, what a wonderful place you reside. The road that you had to travel to snap that picture is more than a little bumpy, the pot holes look as though they could swallow a car.

The price of gas is very high here in the states, which makes you think twice before just jumping in the car and enjoying a pleasant ride.

Peace my friend.

 2 months ago  

Thank you Rob and I just felt the drawing power of that picture, so come what may I was going to get it.

Can you believe that road is not one of our worst roads. I buckled the front wheels of our car when I had go and do a wedding in a far off town. The only thing that can drive on those roads is a tractor. But of course nobody warned us.

Ah, so it is the same as here with the gas prices and yes, we can also only go out out on short trips. Around town and the mountains at the one end and the ocean on the other end is only 6 kilometers away from us.

Peace and !LUV also to you guys.

Oh, and have some !PIZZA.

Gas prices seem to be falling a little, but they have a long way to go before they get back to being affordable. I would like to see some of the roads that are on your worst road list if this one isn't.
It seems that you have so many spectacular places to visit, only a short distance from your new home, that's a good thing.

 2 months ago  

You are right and may I say that I don't think that it will ever again become affordable. Opec has to cover future losses, as the electric cars are slowly taking market share away from them.
Whenever I am up north again I will send you some photos my friend.
We are blessed with nature here and will take a long time to see everything in the close surroundings.
But we so want to visit all of the mountain passes and there are about 85 of them all over the place.

Have some !PIZZA and !LUV to Robin

Electric cars are the wave of the future, but they need to build out the infrastructure so that there are places to be able to charge up the battery when on a long trip.
If the other mountain passes are anything like this one, we're all in for a treat.

'm happy that you've found a place to your liking, it sounds like you are very happy there.

thanks for the beer and pizza my friend, greatly appreciated.

 2 months ago  

Greetings Rob, and you are right, as the infrastructure should be a priority at this stage. Another factor is that the range of the electric cars are limited and in South Africa where we can travel for 2 or 3000 kilometers, it will turn out to be expensive to stop for many recharges.

Thank you and we have some stunning passes here and I will hopefully get some on camera to show you.

Just another transit place my friend, as we haven't found the ideal home yet, but yes it will do for now.

Always my pleasure, as you guys also do a lot for us and we thank our Lord for your hearts.


Ps. One cannot issue the BEER tokens in combination with other tokens anymore.

Hanging your hat in a new area opens up a whole new area to explore and get to know, very exciting. It's very much like when we travel over the winter, all kinds of new stuff to explore and enjoy.

Thanks for the beer my friend.

 last month  

Agreed and that will happen soon I hope, as we are still in the same area, but just in a better house that is not near the roads with all of that noise. So the silence is a blessing.
Sad thing is that the new place has no view of the mountains and so we will wait until by grace we can get something small on one of the farms.
You guys are lucky to be traveling over winter and yes it should be an explorers playground.

Speaking about traveling, I read an amazing report today. One of our bird agencies caught and tagged a Honey Buzzard that visited here last year. They also tagged him with a tracker to see where he was from.
So when he left they tracked him and can you believe that he flew all of the way to Finland.
Traveling some +250 kilometers per day he took 42 days to get to Finland.
From the southern tip of the African continent crossing the Suez canal and up over Belarus and the other countries to end up in Finland.
So next year they will track his return path and so amazing methinks.

Have yourself another !BEER my friend and greetings to your beloved.

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Felicidades su publicación ha Sido elegida entre las mejores del día.



 2 months ago  

Greetings and thank you.

Love the colour in your photos, which I am sure made your drive all the more sweet. But, I see why you need a 4 wheel drive, those dirt roads are very rough indeed.
Fuel costs are excessive in Australia too at the moment and we pay per litre. We drive a hybrid SUV so there is some saving but it certainly hurts filling up the tank!

 2 months ago  

Thank you my friend and yes it was a great reward. Many of the roads here are gravel and the rains can cut deep furrows in them. I love traveling on back roads as most people stick to the highways and the byways. So yes a 4 wheel drive will be so much better.

I read yesterday that the oils price has severely dropped per barrel and let's hope that the prices for fuel to do likewise.