Not even a kitchen sink

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We have gone from this:

To this:


In less than two days - and today I have done very little, as I was working.

And I need to speed up my deconstruction activities to get back on schedule. Unfortunately, IRL a lot of work beckons and this week I have two doctors appointments, with one being the infusion treatment that knocks me down for a week or so physically.


However, I believe that I am going to start changing that treatment to a new option, which is to do it myself at home with a shot (similar to a diabetes shot) once a fortnight. It is the same stuff, but it is in a lower dose as it is spread out, whereas now every two months I get it jammed into my body so that it lasts til the next treatment. My hope is that it will be less of a shock to my system and, offer more even outcomes.

Finally Glassless?

The other appointment is for my eyes, as I am going to test if I am able to have laser surgery so that I no longer need glasses. I am not sure if it is possible for me however, as my eye issues have something to do with the shape of my eyeballs. But, if it is possible to have the surgery and there isn't any exceptional risks, I will start saving my pennies for the operation, just in case I want to make that call. Here, it is about three thousand euros, which really isn't "that much" considering what it is - a 65" OLED TV is over 3000 here.

Which is the overpriced one?

Start of an Era

And the big event of this week will be, Smallsteps starting preschool on Wednesday. I am nervous for her! Though, I am sure that while she won't want to stay there "alone", she will soon be complaining when we pick her up too early and she doesn't get to play more. She won't know anyone there though, so she is going to have to learn to make some new friends and perhaps, join into an already established group, which can be daunting at the best of times.

Back into shape

My back is killing me! After the last year of doing very little and spending a lot of time trying not to move my neck (as the Carotid artery dissection that caused the stroke healed - I was a little worried it would happen again), the last couple days are bringing my body "back to life" as I can feel muscles I forgot were there. I have also lost a little bit of extra winter warmth as I have been watching my diet, so maybe it will burn a few extra calories and I can increase the deficit a bit more.

Relax a little

You know, some people (myself included) can take Hive pretty serious at times, which is a testament as to how sticky this place actually is. However, it is also okay to chill a bit and have some fun, as there are plenty of ways to do so and still add a bit of value without shitposting. I have never really understood the joy in shitposting, I guess it is that everyone likes money for nothing, but does that money really hold value?

I mean, look at that eye surgery and TV comparison above. When I mentioned to someone that I was considering this, they said they couldn't because it was so expensive. Yet, only a few months ago they bought a TV worth over 3000€. It is about priorities and the way we value components of our world. Many these days value what they can consume now, over their own bodies and their long-term experience. While I am still very undecided on the surgery, I think having my eyesight back would bring more value to my life than a better screen to watch it on.

There is some irony somewhere in there.

It is not the time to relax now though, that will have to wait until I can pour a glass of wine in our new kitchen, and then have my wife chase after me with a cloth, making sure there are no stains left on the countertops.

Ahh.... Relaxing.

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Eye surgery will enable you to use a small screen TV, without straining your eyes too much. Two birds with one stone.

Good luck with the remainder of your 'kitchen sink drama' ;^)

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One of the reasons I bought a larger TV was because I have to read subtitles a lot and when they are too small, they strain my eyes. Perhaps I could sell it :)

Just running to the bathroom to get a coffee...

Haha, tell me about it.

My parents have always had such
small TV's that watching the screen hurts my eyes. I can't help but love my E-reader's screen, the only one that doesn't hurt my eyes.

I still read plenty of paper books too though.

I usually run to the bathroom to get rid of my coffee ( easy way for me to poop ) but then again I'm not in a renovation.

Best of luck!

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I have always been intereted in an ereader, but not sure it would have the same "feel" as a book. Your experience?

I usually run to the bathroom to get rid of my coffee ( easy way for me to poop ) but then again I'm not in a renovation.

Remember, dark roast is better for your stomach than light! :D

I bought a 50" last year and it is trippled this year. Whatever you bought in the past has now been very expensive. We are in profit unless they are broken :)

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We are in profit unless they are broken :)

Or we need to sell ;D

Sometimes we get tired and forget ourselves. The problem of this operation is frankly worrisome, it should provide double rest times with massage sessions, problems of electronic devices also have a part in the matter. It is not easy to choose friends who think the same way.
The house has become deserted but I like the way it looks, I like scary places 😊

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problems of electronic devices also have a part in the matter.

How much time do you think you spend looking at a screen each day?

And yes - it is a bit scary at the moment - especially at night :D

Congratulation on your new, Kitchen or should i say new house, it not easy to move from one location to another especially in this period where things are hiking by the day So congratulations sir,
Health is paramount,it very important your check and make sure you keep your body at the best condition at all time, in everything we do in this life we should ensure that our health should be the our top priority, because if you are sick, you can't engage in your daily activities.
Congratulations to smallstep, life is built in level, she has finish that,and she is a new level, it will be difficult at the moment but with time everything will be fine, i remember when i was transfer from my old school to a new school it took me almost two weeks to finally open to new people that we became friends later. Am sure it won't take her long to mingle and associates with new faces.
As i said early the body needs rest, even machines that run on fuel do breakdown and experience, not to talk of the body that run on blood, you are really an active member here on hive, to be posting on daily base is not an easy task,so do take a little time and rest, the body really needs it.

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Did you end up like the new school more than the last?

As i said early the body needs rest

I agree. I always get the sense (since childhood) that I will miss something if I stop exploring, so I put off rest til later. It is a bad habit or personality trait.

Just try,it vital, you can only work when the
Body is in proper condition

My greetings @tarazkp.
Honestly, what is the point in peolpe having those devices, such that TV , if one can not really enjoy them. quite agreed with you on the fact that as long as tou feel happy with the way your body, senses, work, the better it would be for you.

Reminded me of my little grandaughter, did not know any one and now she has a lot of friends and does not want us to go on time to pick her up because we do not allow her enough time to play.

Reading your post brought to my mind something a learnt a long time ago, "If you can not do it standing up, try doing it on your knees" because you would get inspiration, a helping hand from "Above"
Keep taking care.

You are really tearing up the place my friend. You are making progress. Laser surgery has helped many. I know I have had eye problems all my life. That is why I do not drive. I know those dots on the sheet music get smaller with each year.

Keep it 👍👍

Felicidades su publicación ha Sido elegida entre las mejores del día.



You know, some people (myself included) can take Hive pretty serious at times, which is a testament as to how sticky this place actually is.

Haha this is kinda true, come to think of it. I have been here almost everyday for 10 months. Sticky yes, but maybe not the "serious" part.

Many these days value what they can consume now, over their own bodies and their long-term experience.

This is very true sadly, more common amongst the young people. They choose fun over their health.
I think you made a great choice. You are too valuable not to invest in your health and they say that health is..... "wealth"
You have a lot going on and I pray you find the strength to go through them all and come out victorious, particularly in your surgeries.

Wow - you've stripped out loads...Nice! Appreciate that the job's not done yet, but please pace yourself, and look after your shell shocked muscles.

I bet your kitchen is gonna look amazing when it's all finished - yay.

Looking forward to your update re: laser eye surgery. The benefits of better eyesight cannot be overstated.

Annabelle 😊