Mushrooms to Lasagna via Roses

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Hello Hello Silverites and bees of the Hive.

I have been meaning to publish this for while. However, it is better late than never!

Silver Prompt 3: Scents memories

So...why don't you tell us about your scent memories? What scents bring back memories to you? What scents do you remember most from your childhood and youth? What are your favorites and why?

That is the jist from Silver Prompt - New Topic for August 7, 2022 the latest prompt from the Silver Bloggers

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Aromas to bring back childhood memories.

There are quite a few aromas and scents that spring to mind, and I will focus on the three pleasant aromas. I will leave the rotten eggs for another time @coquicoin


Mushrooms ~ My father and learning to drive

In the UK we could sit our driving test once you turned 17. You could not practise driving on public roads until you were 17. I was living in the Orkney Islands in the North of Scotland when I was 17.


My birthday is in August, and as soon as I had my birthday I was out in the car with my father. He had volunteered to sit in the passengers seat and teach me to drive.

However, there was a blooming ulterior motive to this seemingly kind act of his🍄🤣


Now whenever I smell the aroma of mushrooms I am taken back to my driving lessons with my father. August was a great time for field mushrooms to grow.

Can you guess what is coming?


I was driving along quite happily one day on the country roads when all of a sudden my father slammed his hand down on the dashboard and shouted "STOP!"

wtf was going on. I did an emergency stop and stalled the car. He then jumped out the car, walked over the grass verge and hopped over the wall into a field. A few minutes later over the wall he comes back complete with a bag full of mushrooms.

He had seen a white speck in the distance, got me to stop and yes it was a white field mushroom.

This then became a regular occurence and to this day, whenever I smell mushrooms I think back to the first emergency stop!

Roses and my Grandmother

My grandmother had a green thumb. She could grow anything, I remember my grandparents had a huge vegetable garden and greenhouses full of tomatoes in the summer. Tomatoes peas potatoes cabbage the list of produce that she grew was endless.


It was not only vegetables that she had a dedicated garden for. She had a rose garden and would enter her roses in various shows.


I do have to admit that the smells were amazing and very distinctive. Whenever I see and smell the aroma of a rose I am still reminded of her. I have lived all over the world, and it is quite strange that I now live only ten miles from where her house was, and the roses I took pictures of are local ones to her.

#alwaysaflower by @dswigle now always pops in my head when I see or take a picture of a flower.

Lasagna and my aunt Helen

My last memory always makes me chuckle.
My mother had one sibling, her sister Helen and she had three children like us.
They lived on the West coast and we always lived on the East coast, so we would only usually go see them once or twice a year.

food-5981242_1920 (1).jpg

source Image by Romjan Aly from Pixabay

Every single time that we went there, she would cook the same meal for us.

I can still smell it to this day.

Yep lasagana. It became a running joke, and we renamed their house The Lasagna House

Thanks for smelling me aromas of yesterday and enjoy your week.


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman @TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.


Haste Ye Back!


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 2 months ago  

I have fond childhood memories associated with smells. I think those are the strongest that we hold. I find the mushroom memory funny as I can see that happening in my own life. :)

I love the lasagne memory! :) We have nicknames for our relatives too!

Thank you for thinking of me with flowers! That is so awesome! #alwaysaflower

We have nicknames for our relatives too!

hehe glad it is not just us!
Yes you are right, when I was writing this, it was the childhood ones that really stuck out. The mushroom memory I am sure many people have similar ones.
Ah yes always when walking it is a case of, now what would Denise think of this and what is it!

Smells are like a part of us and they somehow take us back. I like the way the scent of new rain clouds my mind with beautiful memories. I enjoyed getting a peek into your head

Ah yes you love the new rain clouds, I think that is like the sea to me!
My head oh dear me, you will need recovery time🤣

Do not fret, my dear friend! For I possess the mind of a knight!!

Smells are the stronger memories. They’re printed directly on the primitive brain.
This is a beautiful post. 🥰

oh yes I like that Paloma, they are printed on our primitive brain :)

Oh, I came here looking for rotten eggs, and I find roses. You never cease to surprise me, Super Ed. I'm sure your grandmother loved to see her wee rascal near her roses :)

I could have gone to visit your aunt Helen every week to eat lasagna. I like it. We used to eat it at home sometimes on weekends when I was little.

I hope you had a magic Sunday, Super Ed

hehe yes that was the grandmother who loved taking the wee rascal out for tea in restaurants when I would visit her from school as she would get great service from the young waitresses when I was with her 🤣🤣🤣
The rotten eggs Super Eli I decided to keep it positive jeje

Ah you should have lasagna again, I don't make it in hot countries as I don't like using the oven that often!

Thank you the Sunday was fun the Monday manic and I am catching up now!
Wishing you a magical Monday and a wonderful week Super Eli:)

A rascal is always a rascal, haha. I love it when you talk about your grandmother. I'm sure she was great.

The rotten eggs Super Eli I decided to keep it positive jeje

I know, I was teasing but I'm sure you have some funny rotten eggs.🤣

I make lasagna sometimes, we call it pasticho and I like it more with chicken than beef which is the traditional one.

A Monday manic hum. I hope all is good now.
Have a terrific week, Super Ed :)

hehe yeah she certainly was great, a tiny whirlwhind!
Oh trust me I do have many funny rotten eggs 🤣🤣🤣
Ah pasticho you call it, yes I do make with chicken too and also instead of pasta use courgettes for the layers too ;)
Yea all good now, was just sorting tax and all sorts of bureaucratic claptrap!
Thank you Super Eli and you know I speed read well I am sure I saw you mention in a comment tomorrow is ttt well more importanyl tomorrow is Tuesday and comment in Spanish day!

Bureaucratic can ruin a day, but good you've dealt with it. I hope you've already had a few cups of coffee and a piece of chocolate to calm down, hehe.

Speaking of bureaucracy, tomorrow I will try to get Rodrigo to get the DNI, just yesterday the identification system started working again after more than a month of maintenance. Who doesn't live here can't believe it!

Tomorrow my comments in Spanish are going to rain on you jaja. You can't hide, because I will chase you commenting hahaha


oh hell I burst out reading this! Rainingcomments
Well good luck with the DNI for Rodrigo, I am not finished with bureaucracy though!

Am looking forward to tomorrow already :)

Jaja, ¡ya es Martes para ti, Super Ed!
¡Buenos días cuando veas esto y suerte con tus diligencias por la mañana!

jaja y ahora miercoles para mi Super Eli.
estoy tan atrasado!

Some great memories there Ed! I worked in a mushroom farm back in the day and it was good fun picking the mushrooms tbh. The pay wasnt amazing but it was an easy enough job.

Have a good week!

Cheers Steve.
Ah a mushroom picker. Sometimes it is great to do jobs like that, no stress just have a bit of fun! I hope it did not put you off mushrooms.
Wishing you a great week :)

Not at all Ed. I do love them even raw in salads. I wish you also a great week!

oh yeah, I have them raw in salads too Steve, and often have them pretty much raw in my meals, I will just add them at the end to warm them up!

Such a fun project @tengolotodo, I am sorry I missed the opportunity. But, lovely to be back on Hive again after my little break.

Oh hiya Angie, so good that you are back:)
Yes it was a fun one, we are trying to post prompts more often now, so you will have a chance to do one soon:)


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The smell of mushrooms being associated with driving lessons - what a great scent trigger!

Yes it has been a trigger for many many years, a great one though:)

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Brilliant, thanks for that and have a wonderful new week:)

You are welcome @tengolotodo, that's with pleasure! We wish you a happy buzzy week 😊👍🐝

Thank you and yes here is to a happy buzzy week for all of us:)

 2 months ago  

You have great scents memories Tito Ed, and I believe that of the mushroom is the best :) And did you say lasagna? Oh, I can almost smell one and a little craving for it too :)

Hehe I do like lasagna, I am not an fan of pastas and Italian cooking in general (pizzas etc🤣🤣🤣)
Now I expect to see you cooking lasagna CJ:)
Havea wonderful new week!
Yeah the mushrooms are a great way to remember my late father.

 2 months ago  

It's a great remembrance from your Dad.

I like lasagna but never made one myself :) Maybe someday, lol!

Thanks Tito Ed, have a fantastic evening to you.

oh really, you have never made one!
Wow I think it is time you try CJ;)
Yea it is always great to have good memories of your parents I thnk:)
Thank you and enjoy your Tuesday CJ

Ahhh. Sweet memories Uncle Ed. I'm always amazed at how scents take us back to the past scenarios of our lives.

Salamat wee teacher yes it is strange but fun that scents do trigger memories and take us back in time.
Thank you for commenting and wishing you a wonderful new week:)

 2 months ago  

LOL, I love your story of the smell of mushrooms, your Dad must have trusted your driving to be more interested in finding mushrooms! And your Grandma must have had perfect roses to enter them in shows; we all need to remember to stop and smell the roses, not so, just gorgeous!
Shame...The Lasagne funny😅
Nice scents and memories Ed!

hehe yeah he trusted me, he was defo more interested in the mushrooms and I was his driver haha!
Yes stop and smell the roses, she had beauties and would create her own varieties:)
thanks Lizzie it was a fun prompt:)

Oh, mushrooms! I smell that after every rice harvest because they will grow in the hays after a few days. Then, we would pick them up and cook them. Roses, also. I love them sonce I was a kid. I would asked my neighbor if I could have a branch, so I can plant it in my yard. Unfortunately, I don't have a green thumb, so it often died.

Nice entry, Tito. 🤗

oh yes when they want to grow, they will grow and I love all of them musrooms inday :)

Thank you and enjoy your Wednesday:)
Aww I would probably do the same as you did with roses, I have not got a green thumb either!