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Insecurities are often the consequence of other complex situations that we have experienced, almost always during childhood. I empathize with you because I've also had to deal with personal issues that can keep you from moving forward, but catharsis definitely helps.

Excellent post, @jcrodriguez!

Las inseguridades muchas veces son la consecuencia de otras situaciones complejas que hemos vivido, casi siempre durante la infancia. Me identifico con usted porque también he tenido que lidiar con problemas personales que pueden impedirle a uno avanzar, pero hacer catarsis definitivamente ayuda.

¡Excelente post, @jcrodriguez!


Thank you for your words charsdesing

Yes, insecurities can keep us from doing many things. We have to deal with them. Doing written catharsis helps a lot. Another wonder this platform gives us, having a space to vent and receive words of encouragement from others. I appreciate you reading my self-reflection.