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There is so many ways to prepare a dish, and just when you think you figured them all out someone shows you another way to make some tasty food. When it comes to baking, grilling and other ways of cooking you can always learn from others. On Hive many people post about their cooking, and sometimes it gives me ideas for new things to try. The same goes for visiting restaurants, sometimes the food can be prepared in interesting new ways and I see blogs about that as well.

This week I searched Hive for some good food posts, a few are making me quite hungry at the moment and should probably eat after writing this post :-P

Here are five Hive minnows showing off their cooking and food experiences:

Como preparar un Asado(Parrilla) Argetina/How to prepare an Argentinean Barbecue by @juanpia16

We get to see how traditional barbecue is made in Argentina. They are outside cooking some pork ribs, sirloin, short ribs, skirt steak and some sausage. Looks like they will have quite the feast.

African Ramen - spicy tantanmen in a vegan version / Afrykański ostry ramen w wersji wege by @katiefreespirit

Trying out some spicy ramen, it is filled okra, sweet potato, okra and some other tasty bits. Visiting this restaurant in Poland had some interesting observations inside, such as a pokemon poster framed on the wall. Was quite funny seeing that.

Čarobni napitak! 🍋🍊🍯🍹 A magic potion! by @vragolana

A recipe to make a drink high in vitamin C. I love the use of turmeric, I tend to cook with it quite a bit. They juice some lemons and an orange.

Fried zucchini 😋 by @yakubenko

Frying up some veggies in this post, they use some spices like paprika, pepper and turmeric. A touch of salt and flour and they go into the frying pan. A sauce is made has well using mayonnaise and garlic.. that sounds real tasty, being a big fan of mayo. The sauce goes on top of the fried zucchini. I bet they are some tasty treats.

Goiko Hamburger Restaurant // Hamburguesería Goiko by @cuvi

Visiting a restaurant joint in Venezuela, they order a burger with onion rings, pickles, cheese and a few other items making it quite the stacked hamburger. With some fries on the side it looks all quite filling.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!


That is absolutely delicious! Very nice lineup I'm not sure what we're going to have for dinner but that is some pretty awesome ideas.

Especially the ones that contain meat!!!

Yep. However thank you for all the varieties.

And have an amazing day.

Yeah that BBQ looked real good. And that burger.

thanks much, hope you do too.

am feeling hungry already.

hehe me too.. time to go eat.

I wanna eat that burger haha

Hah just wish the resturant was a little closer to where I live.

Thank you very much! Very proud to be featured on your blog post!
There will be many more delicious recipes from me ahead)
It will be very tasty with me 😋
Thanks again for appreciating my post with delicious fried zucchini 🤗

You are very welcome :-) Nice..

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