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When I started off on Hive, I did not expect most of my posts would end up being garden related. Though I discovered over time that many people were curious about growing food and flowers, so it quickly became something I talked about a lot. Others have discovered how great it is to post about plants as well, and with some much diversity of plants around the world its always worth a look.

This week we take a look at some garden posts by five Hive minnows:

[ENG-ESP] Working to recover some banana plants after a very damaging fall/Trabajando para recuperar unas plantas de Plátanos luego de una caida muy perjudicial by @hjrrodriguez

After some strong winds, some of their banana trees were knocked over. So they spent some time getting them straightened up and chopping off parts that broke. Though all and all they have many flowers and fruit still forming, so hopefully it was not too bad on their crops.

My plant started growing by @hindavi

Lots of plants are coming up, sugar peas, green beans, tomatoes, currants and many more. They are also going to try to grow a pumpkin again, the wind took out their last one but they are hopeful for the seeds in the ground now.

Sitting quietly, doing nothing by @jagged

Some seeds are emerging with new growth at the soils surface. Hay was laid down to help cover and protect but now there is great progress in their rows seeing new plants pop up.

[Esp-Eng] Lirios o Azucenas. / Lilies or Lilies. by @guelmi1958

Some pretty lillies are coming up, I love the color of the pedals with the orange and yellow colors mixing together. They talk about how they visited a hill and saw some amazing flowers that reminded him of what is coming up at home now.

Acer pseudoplatanus in spring by @soulsdetour

Some pictures of a sycamore tree were taken through out its growth emerging from the spring time. All the way up to the 23rd day, they get to see bees visiting the flowers of this tree.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!


Thank you🙏 very [email protected] choosing my post in your selective category. I appreciate.
thanks 🌸for your support. greetings 😊

You are very welcome

I also never imagined that I would have as many garden-related posts... observation garden posts, as I have lately. But it was this year when something seemed to change. In my attitude and perceptions. And now I mainly cover the situation in our garden.😊
Thank you very much for the curation!

I am glad someone else notices that too, hah I need to do some more garden posts myself.

It is certainly interesting to publish about plants, precisely I am a graduate of the Pedagogical of the city of Maturín I was Monagas in Venezuela as a professor in Agriculture with mention in Phytotechnics in 1973 and I feel that agriculture is the best investment and hobby in life, which I share with Yoga. That's why I congratulate you for continuing to make publications about plants and have many successes.

Oh very nice, I do not have a formal education in plants.. I focused on computers myself. But I still enjoy working out in the gardens and have learned a lot by doing.

thank you

A garden is one of the best environments, while we are planting plants, watering or cleaning them, our physical and mental bodies are also strengthened. It is very good what you do, make the most of gardening. Internet offers a lot of help to cultivate our gardens. Thank you for your visit, from Venezuela I wish you many. Successes.

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it very beautiful,did you grow those beautiful flowers frow your backyard,i need some some to give my girlfriend.

You would need to ask the minnows.