"My body, my choice" vs. logic and reason

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Guess I'm a self-hating woman. ;)

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Freedom doesn't have terms and conditions.

@hivecoffee prochoice interview?

Hahaha just thinking about this today. Bahahaha.
Having my kids watch it too. bring this logic to the classroom

lol don’t speak too soon, they’re coming to govern the pussy too! I guess they refer to choice but the illusion of choice they present us with it’s like do you want apple to spy on you to google enjoy

You make too much sense to not yet be banned from somewhere and labeled a racist.

Given a long enough time period, everyone will be banned eventually lol!

@truthforce writing ;)

I found this to be insightful, well-delivered, concise, and a refreshing perspective on the system society is hopefully transitioning out of. Thanks for sharing this. 🙏

You are awesome looking... Will watch the video later ;)

Thanks for posting, upvoted by our 100+ upvoter trail!

I think I'm in love.