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Hi Everyone,


This post contains my collection of works series, my collection of Actifit Reports and Updates, and my ‘Economics is for Everyone’ course. The collection of work series consists of four posts. These posts contain my economics content, contests/challenges, Steem/Hive posts, videos, and several other analytical posts. The collection of Actifit Reports and Updates contain only Actifit posts (there are many as I have posted almost every week since 2018). The ‘Economics is for Everyone’ course is a complete economics course containing 24 videos.

Brief History of my Collection Series.


In 2018, I created two collection of works posts. The interface on Steemit made it very difficult to find my content. As most of my content can be considered evergreen, it is often revisited and referenced. Therefore, I needed to organise my content so that all my posts could be found easily. To solve this problem, I dedicated two posts containing links to all of my content. The posts were divided into sections. Posts that contained similar or related content were organised into the same section; thus, making posts easier to find. Eventually, as my content grew, I added two more collection posts as well as a post dedicated to my Actifit content and updates.

PeakD has added a collections feature to its interface. I believe this feature will further enable me to better organise my content.

Collection of Works


Part 1 contains content in the following categories: Piecing Together My Work; Economic Solutions; Conference Papers; Economic Models; Game Theory; Dark Side Economics; and Cruelty-free economics, veganism, and animal cruelty topics


Part 2 contains content in the following categories: Economic Theory, Cost Benefit Analysis, Market Structure, Macroeconomics, Covid-19 Series, Economics Facts, and Economics is everywhere


Part 3 contains content in the following categories: Spectrum Economics Six-Week Challenge, Spectrum Economics Buying and Selling Game, Puzzles, and Memes


Part 4 contains content in the following categories: Getting to know me, Steem/Hive Economics, Steem/Hive Milestones, Spectrum Economics on holiday, and Captain Hive

The collection of works series is updated every 2 or 3 months.

Actifit Reports and Updates


The collection contains Actifit Reports and Updates.



The ‘Economics is for Everyone’ course focuses on how economics affects everyday people, the decisions they make and how they interact with the world around them. The course contains 24 video lectures (about 4 hours of viewing), 64 multiple-choice questions, and 2 scenario questions. The course can also be accessed on Udemy.


Hive: Future of Social Media


Spectrumecons on the Hive blockchain



Interesting, truth is, I never knew peakd could do this. For the first time, I'm hearing of piecing a collection of different posts into similar types of content. I guess this will make it easier to reference your contents easily. Part 2 felt like where the voluminous contents actually lies, I'm probably predicting because I've read some of them. That's a lot of depth, the blockchain is a great place to have them. It's a great collection really. Happy Easter from my end, hope it's geen good on your side?

@tipu curate

Thanks @josediccus, Happy Easter to you too.

I found out about the collection option on PeakD a few months back but I wasn't sure on how I would use it. I initially planned to convert my existing collection of works posts into a PeakD Collection post but it didn't seem to work for older content. I considered recreating the collection of works post but that would have left me with lots of links in old posts to the older collection posts. In the end, I decided to make a collections post that pulled all my collections together.

You have a lot of quality works here.

Could you do a collection on taxes, IRA's and the likes

I rarely discuss taxes but I might write more on them at some point. My post Tax: To pay or not to pay? from just 3 weeks ago looks at how taxes are used and if they are to our benefit.

I should look it up...
I really need to understand taxes. I know I am pretty young to be disturbing myself about taxes but I think I need it.

Thank you for the reply

This is really awesome and i believe the collection are helpful and interesting to read and learn from.

Hopefully, it will help you find some of my older posts. Most of them are still relevant.

I have never tried this feature ar even knew about it, will have to check it out!!

It's very useful if you want to organise your content or have several posts with a similar theme.

Thank you, for the good work you do, and sharing your valuable, virtual library with us. Wishing you continued success ✌🏼

Thanks @yahialababidi, it is a pleasure to do so.

I second the motion about a post on taxes!