SPK Network - Claim Drop Live Party & Hive's Second Birthday Celebration!

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Hello Hivers

As we mentioned in this post, the LARYNX Miner Token claim drop will begin next Sunday. This day we are also celebrating Hive's second birthday, and we will be having a live chat in the SPK Network Discord Server.

We have prepared a very special schedule for this event. We will have a couple of giveaways, and each team member will present what they have been working on. You can read all the details below.

First Giveaway

In the first giveaway, we will give 100 USD to the top 3 blogs that help promote the claim drop and this live chat this Sunday, March 20th, at 16:00 UTC. See the exact time here: https://time.is/en/UTC.

Follow these instructions to participate in the giveaway:

  • Create an original post.

  • The topic will be Hive's Second Birthday, milestones, and future goals.

  • Mention the event that we will have next Sunday.

  • Use the tags #Hive2ndBday, #spknetwork, and #larynxclaim.

  • Share your post on Twitter using the same tags, plus #hive.

Presentations & Updates:

Second Giveaway:

We will reward the best questions and interactions during the event.


About the SPK Network:

The SPK Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 protocol that rewards value creators and infrastructure providers appropriately and autonomously by distributing reward tokens in such a way that every user, creator, and platform, will be able to earn rewards on a level playing field.

Join us this Sunday in the SPK Network Discord Server!



This is great. I look forward to the 20th. There are several things I'm interested in learning more about.

Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen, and thank you.

Sounds like fun! Wishing you guys a great launch

Why do all marketing efforts here revolve around Twitter? Wouldnt it make more sense to target other blockchain platforms with this information? Twitter normies dont care about blockchain rewards or they would be here already.

We do not need to find more people. Slow organic growth is better than getting Hive pump and dumped by 500 'influencers'.

We do not need to find more people? Then why are we marketing on Twitter? makes no sense.

Good question. Some want to do so, but I caution that it will only take the influx of one of these scammer groups to ruin Hive's reputation. Slow and steady is better. This chain is not for everyone, and that is ok. We have a great community, all I am saying is we don't NEED to go find people. We are not desperate, Hive is growing very quickly at the current pace.

I disagree. This chain is for everyone!

Those who want to be here for the long term. I misunderstand, I thought I was agreeing with you. You seemed critical of Twitter marketing, but perhaps you support it.

More slices don't increase the size of the pie.

Really excited about the launch party on Sunday!!! :)) How long it will take to finish?

A lot have happened here in 2 years, I am looking forward to 20th March.

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Hello dear friends @spknetwork good afternoon
It's a great idea; What a beautiful way to celebrate our second anniversary
The live show will be a real success
Great things are happening on the blockchain (Hive)

Ready to roll, suit is ready already. Let's goooo!

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Amazing, I love been part of this amazing community since that moment. The best wishes for everyone!

excellent! Looking forward to it.
2 years of Hive is a great thing to be celebrating as well. People say the 2 year mark is about when you know if your business is genna sink or swim. Feels like we're swimming : )

Challenge for best post accepted 😎

cool, 5 dayZ left only

We have been waiting patiently for this. Knowing now that it is only days away makes go impatient. 😅 !1UP


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This is pretty cool time to spread the word and help the community out.

You gotta fight for your right to party!!!
- Bestie Boys

Great incentive to mark the beginning of a world gamechanger project in the video industry! The revolution is here and with it, the Hive blockchain simply becomes more powerful and will have visibility that should boost the user base.

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Looking forward to the party

I will be attending. Looking forward to the event.

Countdown. Am already congratulating the winners for the giveaway

Awesome. Keeping to timelines is a great way of identifying solid projects. I will set my reminder.

This is interesting event to join. I'm excited this coming week.

20th can't come soon enough!

Time flies so fast, the most decentralized blockchain community is in its second year! Thanks be to God

Yes I totally forgot... it feels like many more years past here on hive :)
I remember it was born at the exact time of the pandemics' start... and it became the right tool for the times ahead :)

YES! Pumped up for this weekend. :)


Let's get the word out. !PIZZA and !lUV


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Yes . I have my tie ready here. Let's gountitled.gif

Looking forward to it although may not be able to be there live. Hopefully there will be a recording.

Happy day, I leave my participation wishing you much success in claiming the tokens and happiness for the anniversary of our hive. @spknetwork



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I didn't write a post about it, but I sent out a Listnerds email yesterday:


So at least 53 people came here through my Listnerds email

Hope that counts for something as well :)

I can't wait to learn more. I am not sure if it is the norm to have a Drop party or not but it is a great idea.

Hive post: Done

Shared on Twitter: Done

Created & sent a second Listnerds Email about the Claim Drop: Done

Yay, congrats! I was looking about what happened to this. I was in the testnet but as my computer skills are on par with a blind koala, I couldn't set up a node. But really excited about concept and release, definitely.
See you all tomorrow in discord!

Let's gooooo!!!

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Happy birthday hive, you have done so much 😊

I would love to know how to claim 'drop'.

( word joke from a Dutchman in Portugal - 'drop' is 'liquorice' in Dutch )