PHOENIX MARKETCITY - a must visit place in Pune

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If you are comfortable to explore the big mall


Phoenix Marketcity, Pune, is one of the biggest marketplace of Pune, built over 13.5 acres of land having a retail area of 1.19 million square feet, in 2011. It is a huge spacious mall having several major brands in electronics, apparel and luxury products. And of course a mega food court, where you can have anything that you wish but it will pinch your pocket.






I went here to buy something that my daughter wanted me to bring for her. A nice ambience at the entrance, made me stop by and take some photos. This is a perfect place for selfie - young kids can't go beyond this point without taking a selfie.



Scotch & Soda - Never heard about this brand, but then looking at some stuffs, appeared to be a luxury brand for the riches. After exploring couple of other places, I tried to find the shop where I wanted to go - Bath & Bodyworks. But then this is one of the problem in big malls - unless you know , you will have to seek some assistance.


This map did not help, but good that they have a help desk who could guide me to the first floor.



She wanted a Fragrance Mist as a gift for her and this place was full of choices. But then they have a Buy 2, Get 1 offer, that made me think twice before purchasing, as it would add weight to my baggage. So after talking to their people, I decided, it is best to buy it online, because buying two will make the products eligible for free shipping and on top of that, an extra one comes free. Ya, they have a varied shipping policy and at that time, it was FREE SHIPPING ABOVE Rs.2450. But today we ordered the products online, and they have FREE SHIPPING ABOVE Rs.649. So you will have to watch, and buy online.






The mall is a huge one and exploring the entire mall would probably take one full day or more. If you are going here, make sure, you know where to go, if you have time limitation. Walking from one side of the mall to another side, would definitely hurt your leg and made me very hungry. They have a big food court, with lot of choices, having many food outlets. And one thing I must say, the mall is pretty well maintained, clean having nice ambience and décor.








Tried a Punjabi Paneer Roll and it was not good - should have been crispy. Coming back, captured some more snaps from the top, but I wished, I had time to watch a movie in PVR - MY favorite cinema hall.









Looks like a cassette from the top. I felt, walking round one floor would be easily nearly a kilometer, so unless you know the exact location of the shop you want to visit, it may be a little painful. I was almost about to get out but then my daughter called in and asked to bring some nice pouches for her. And looking for a shop was not easy, more to come in my next post.

Google review of this place -



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Phoenix Marketcity, Pune, what a beautiful market, it looks huge, if it has 13.5 acres of land with a commercial area of ​​1.19 million square feet, it is very beautiful and they sell everything, it is worth being in such a beautiful center commercial. I think you really enjoyed it, thanks for showing it on Hive. Hits @sanjeevm on your eye-catching post.

Certainly @sanjeevm , it is a wonderful place, it must be very interesting to be in that place. I wish you a lot of well-being and that everything is successful for you. Greetings from Venezuela

I have never been to Pune but I heard a lot of good about this city. You shared fantastic photos and seems this mall is so good and makes Pune a must-visit city. Hope someday I plan a trip to Pune.

Cool city, I would say, best place from weather perspective, like Bangalore.

Hi there Sanjeev

The mall does looks pretty big and sure has all the necessities within it as well. Quite sure you enjoyed it apart from the walking part lol jk.

While shopping has been one of those work which I tend to avoid. Especially with women lol. My experience with them has not been much comfortable in the past. With the help of my wife I can explore the whole cities shopping mall and she will still not get tired :)

On the other hand it does feels great to explore with your loved ones, like you did with your child. Some nice memories gets to be made.

This post will be part of my google review of this place - my little hive marketing you can say

Loved this part even more! If I ever get any chance I would probably leave a similar review as yours!

Happy Sunday!

Everyone should do review, if they can and do a little marketing for hive.

Yup, I'll keep that in mind and in next visit hopefully will make a review about it.

Beside the fact iam an anti -mall guy ( usually go there only by force - my wife's willing) this one looks really impressive! Punjabi Paneer Roll, it would be also a good reason for me to be there 😆

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It is a beautiful and modern place. Oh, it is located in Pune. Very nice photography and good information

Shopping malls are so big. You can get almost everything and lots of cafes !

what a luxury shopping center friend I imagine there is so much to see. Also ideal to enjoy with the family

One of my relative who works in oracle lives in pune.nice mall though!!

Yes, the best one in Pune, a little expensive though.

those photos are great from the top of the mall which is gigantic by the way. You can have a good time there

😉😊😎🤙 Looks like a great place that I would like to chill in..

Those giant wooden dolls are so cool!

I think my favorite thing is to look down at all the stuff below.. u're right, it DOES look like a cassette. :)

They do have nice bar :)

And one thing I must say, the mall is pretty well maintained, clean having nice ambience and décor

Indeed, it is. But your camera quality is also so good to make the photography even cleaner and better. I literally had a virtual tour by the time I finished reading this article. I hope your daughter enjoyed it, for a father fulfilling the wishes of kids is the mot pleasing thing.

I ordered it online , yesterday.

A very unusual place. Don't know when I will be able to visit it. But it's my wish and dream

If I'm there, I'm gonna take selfies too. . . Well that mall is really big, the kids won't be bored.

The mall looks fascinating. There are palm trees inside too.

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Yay! 🤗
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Hey!! Your post is absolutely amazing! Those trees inside the mall, the lights and the stores, everything looks very nice. I was taking a look at the donuts place, I would love to try one of those, they look fancy!!

It’s great to visit India at least from pictures! In this way looks more real than if I look the photos on the internet!!

Thanks for sharing! Have a good day!

Pune is really a great city to visit. You’ve amazing content, if you like please check my content as well. I’m new here and trying to learn more.

Even with the picture shared, it is definitely a must visit place to be