Cassava planting , Weeding , fertilizer application and Massive Progress experience in our Commercial farm .

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Hello Hive


It's been over a month the journey of this commercial farm started from clearing of the farmland in the month of April to cultivation of the land in the month of May inclusive of the planting of maize 🌽 that was done.

Today you can see the height of our maize almost about 15inches already.


Do you notice the excessive spacing and distance in between the maize, these are some drawbacks from birds activities. They pick up and eat almost every planted grain. Having germinated now we cannot leave this spaces empty hence we will be replanting maize in those spaces in between.


I will just drop us a bit of an advice here. Whenever we intend to replant maize as in the case experienced here, it should be done earlier than this so that the corn can get matured so that it can be harvested togther. After about two weeks of the first seeds germinating and you notice some spaces like this it is the best timing to replace. A two weeks interval is the best timing rather than what we have here.


Another progress made so far has been the planting of cassava. We commenced that earlier on but had to pause the activities due to lack of finance. Remember that a 22acre of land is what we wish to cover here with both cassava, maize and guinea corn.

Activities have now resumed which is the planting of the cassava


A truck load of cassava is sold for 60k naira and our labourers here demanded for 20k naira for planting of cassava that covers about 2acre. To this end a total of about 880k will be will be the amount needed to cover the entire 22acres of land with cassava, Who says that farming is not expensive?


If all of these huge amounts mentioned aren't recovered at harvest and after the sale of the farm products it will be a huge loss of which we do not hope to experience. This is a large enough farm to produce food that can feed our families if only the cost of growing this food can be further minimized.

The next phase of our work will be the application of fertilizer to our farm. It seems like it is only in my gardens that I can use organic fertilizer since it the portion I grow vegetables is very little.
Will it be feasible to get some large quantities of manures to cover this farm space. I really doubt so

Most of our commercial farmers rely on subsidized fertilizer from the government for their farm work.
Fertilizer can be applied once or twice based on availability of resources.
Myself and my mother often apply our fertilizer to corn when it is in it's 2-3week after planting and the White tiny grain NPK is what we often use. This is to enhance positive and timely growth of the maize, proper nutrient and dark-green coloration for the leaves as a sign of proper growth.

When the maize gets to about 7-8weeks urea is then added in order to increased yield and better grain production.


Here is the quotation we got from the Agricultural ministry here about the current price of the fertilizer and urea.

An acre of land will be needing at least 2bags of NPK fertilizer which goes for 42k naira as seen on the chart. Two acres will be needing 84k naira in that order. This massive work wouldn't have been possible without the help of labourers in the farm and while we put in our best to pay them what is reasonable we also bare the concern of managing the farm capital.


They earlier have succeeded in weeding the entire farm land for the sun of 308k naira for the 22acre of land, this has just been concluded yesterday while we continue with the planting of cassava today.
The weeding was done with manual labour to avoid the excessive use of chemicals here

This is the update of the work done in our farm thus far.


Sending Love and Ecency Vote!