Camping Club Hive Contest 14 Theme "Travel Photography"

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CCH Camping Club Hive Contest 14 Theme "Travel Photography"


Dear friends on CampingClubHive!

Today we start a Camping Club Hive Contest 14 "Theme Travel Photography" in the CCH community. All interested are invited to join this contest and are given the chance to win!

The prizes for the winners are a total of 30 hives and 5PGM token, first place 15 hives, 2nd winner for 10 hives, and 3rd winner for 5 hives

Please make your entries between 18th September to 2nd October, 2022

For the TOP 5 of the Camping Club Hive Contest 14, I will award an additional 5 PGM Tokens from @zottone444
More information about the token can be found here

We will hold a CCH contest for all content creators on the Hive social blockchain. So, the theme of this contest is "Theme Travel Photography". As usual, before you enter this contest, of course there are some rules for it. Let's see, here are the rules:

  • Photos must be original participant's own.
  • Participants must submit a minimum of 3 photos in 1 post.
  • Participants must write a description of the photo of at least 150 words and mention “CCH Community Contest 14 session in the post title.
  • Posts must be in English.
  • Posts must be published through the CCH community.
  • Participants must use the hashtag #cch-contest14, that to make easy we find your.
  • Uploaded photos are allowed using DSLR, Mirrorless, smartphone cameras.
  • Photos must match with the theme
  • Not allowed photo collages.
  • Each participant only has 1 post to participate in the 14 contest session.
  • Please reblog this post and paste your post link in the comments of this post.
  • Photos do not contain elements of SARA, pornography, sadism or things that are harassing other parties

Authorized by @visionaer3003

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We welcome new users who have joined the CCH Community. 🙂


In our growing group of participants all Camping friends are welcome



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With that in mind, happy blogging 🙂


I will submit my post tomorrow thanks for organizing such contest @visionaer3003 @campingclub @jishan5

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More LUV is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Thank you. Looking for your entry.

Wow! Sounds like a great opportunity for everyone at CCH community.

Hope you will participate in the contest.

Thanks for the great initiative with the community, I will sure to participate in the contest.

Welcome. Waiting for your entry!

I'll surely join this contest. Thank you so much!

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Yes, of course. I am excited to read your post. Thank you.

Hello @jishan5 @visionaer3003 @campingclub, please how do I get the membership badge for CCH community? I would really like to have a membership badge after subscribing to this community so how do I get one?

Thank you.

Working in the Cch community we can analyze ourselves in the competition of knowledge and everyone strives to perform well. I am also one of them. All the best to this platform