Beginner whole body training gym workout program day 1 of 3

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After joining a climbing gym for 2 years, I joined a regular gym again. The reason why I joined a regular gym even though I am still a member of a climbing gym is that I live quite far away from the climbing gym (about 30-40 minutes drive) where as a regular gym is only 10 minutes form my house.

The second reason is that while climbing is definitely a whole body workout, at the regular gym you have a lot more equipment and you can do exercises to ensure that you hit all the muscle groups at the right balance. It is a good complement to climbing.

Since I haven't been to regular gyms for a while, I am starting with a beginner workout program again. This is a workout that is suitable to the majority of the general population, who are just starting out at the gym. You will get a good whole body workout and none of the movements are too hard.

I will develop a few days of this program so you can swap between them each time you go. Each day you won't do more than 5-6 exercises, so you won't spend much more than 1 hour at the gym. Enjoy the video!

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Hacer ejercicio es una de las mejores decisiones que podemos tomar, no solo porque nos vamos a ver bien sino porque nos vamos a sentir mejor. Es una especie de ritual que nos cambia la vida y mejora al mismo tiempo nuestra salud.

you're right! thank you

I see you really enjoyed the gym time. I never do it. And in my place, not many have opened a gym. In addition, the cost is still expensive in my place. I wish you good health always. I like to follow your uploads on the youtube channel.

thanks so much for the positive feedback buddy. Yes you're right, hope you can get some exercise done at home without the gym


Well bro. I do workout too and I learn that more that have the habit is develope the discipline to can be better. Exercising is very important not only for your body. Your mind, your selfsteem and yor healt gonna be better and with all this you will feel more valuable

Totally agree :) thanks for the message.

This is great resource for someone like me that's looking for that extra motivation 🙈

thanks so much!

You're welcome

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