Reward for the best 3 posts of week 06/2022 in CCH Community

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🇬🇧 During the week I decided to reward the TOP 3 in the CCH Community with 500 Ecency points each to support the creativity of the members


🇬🇧 Hello dear Camping Club Hive lovers

🇬🇧 As long as I enjoy it and there are good posts to be found in the CCH Community, I will do this weekly

🇬🇧 I chose the following members with good contributions in the CCH Community, which were very impressive for me.

You will each receive 500 ecency points from me as a reward.


500 Ecency Points for Author @shikika


500 Ecency Points for Author @motivationrainn


500 Ecency Points for Author @passenger777



Authorized by @visionaer3003

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@dagobert007 CCH Report Manager
@mehmetfix CCH Support Manager
@sudefteri Angel


With that in mind, happy blogging
Camping Club Hive Community

Congratulations to everyone who won the rewards. I wish to win much better friendships and much better rewards here. 🤗

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Omg! 🥰 Thank you! Thank you so much @visionaer3003! Thank you so much #CCH family! It makes me more motivated! 🥰
Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️❤️❤️