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You might find any of the photos below worth using for your desktop photo or screensaver.
All photos were taken this July when I was travelling through Iceland.
Beautiful country with so many photography opportunities.


DSC07258 2.JPG

DSC07296 2.JPG

DSC07267 2.JPG

DSC07223 2.JPG







Another awesome collection of landscape photos all looking amazing 👍

They are not top class photos, but from Iceland also average photos looks great usually :)

You are right about that it's just simply naturally beautiful 👍

Wow nice, I just imagine these places in Winter. They must be hilarious in winter too with the snow and the ice. But cold....❄️🥶

Iceland is nice in winter and summer time.
I was there in August and February. Very different story. I hoped for more sun in August to catch better lighting for photos, but it was still OK weather.
In winter days are much shorter, but bonus is high chance for catching Aurora Borealis. Landscapes covered with snow adds something to the photography.
So yes, maybe winter is still better time if you are not affraid of cold :)

Absolutely amazing shots😍

Thank you!
I am glad you like them.
Iceland offers so much...

Oh yeah! How well you said! I'm glad you liked it.

Such an awesome scenery!
Iceland must be a magical place, would love to see it. I'm sure I'll visit it sometime, when I can afford it :-)
So you've been there through the lockdown phase? Must have been great, not as many tourists there as usual I guess :-)

Thank you for your kind words.
Now is a great time to visit. Well during summer where Covid pandemic was not that active, at least in my homeland and Iceland as well.
One of the reason for visit was also how affordable it was. Almost half of the regular price. No tourists. I heard that you can wait hours for parking in front of bet tourist attractions, but at the time of my visit we barely met someone...
Awesome feeling and no Covid anywhere. One of the better decisions...

Your photos remind me of the Viking series -


It is a wonderful landscape. imposing historical.

Hey Icelandic people were vikings in the past...

Your photos remind me of the Viking series -


It is a wonderful landscape. imposing historical.

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