The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Markets Dip, Use Case Rises!

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Red days to start the week...People losign their minds.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual on Hive and right here at CTP!

That's what matters. And I know we're beating a dead horse here but if you are attacthed to the price of crypto...Oh boy. Buckle up!

Use this stuff!

Create with this stuff!

Build with this stuff!

And wow, your approach changes dramatically :)

Plus you sleep a lot better at night lol

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Well, I was listening to a bloke called Gareth Solway (on YouTube) whose chart analysis suggests that the price of Bitcoin will drop 20k before the next big bull run. I kinda hope he's right as that would create the buying opportunity of the decade...

 20 days ago  

LOL I hope so too...Would love to get more!

Great stuff Jon have a wonderful day

 26 days ago  

Thanks man , you too! Glad you enjoyed it!

In the long run I think ctp token price will get back to 5 cents and higher in the long run. Use case of the ctp token will in the ling run drive the price up it will just take some time. Have a great week all.

 26 days ago  

Slow and steady! That's out motto lol

The problem with hive is that people are not seasoned investors and the jump to buy when things are green and to sell when prices are read. There will be a time when the average person realizes that 1 hive is 1 hive and 1 ctp is 1 ctp. The dollar value doesn't matter that much and in the end it's the use cases that will matter...

 26 days ago  

Welp, that's the greatest explanation I've heard in a long time. Completely agree!

How much is ctp used to buy products on clicktrackprofit? Could be nice to see some stats about that from time to time.

Then again, if Leo is going down then you’re in good company. Things will get better. Most people are going to buy in when the price is already going up or when there’s new stuff to play with, like the front-end you mentioned.

Perhaps you could introduce some products on clicktrackprofit that can only be paid for using ctp? You could then burn at least a part of that to reduce supply on the market and create some buying pressure.

Leofinance has shown that liquidity pools can be great sink for a token.

You could also do stuff like a free month subscription to one of your services between all people with 10k+ ctp staked.

 26 days ago  

Lots of products and websites have CTP as a way to pay for things. At last count, it was like 50 different websites.

But the problem is, educating consumers and business owners as to why it's a good idea to accept crypto.

We're thinking about pools for sure!

Ah Yes, I forgot about that. I guess people still need to get used to using ctp for that.

I missed your Road to 10K CTP last week, but I'm back again.

The price of CTP?

I'd rather focus on the journey to 10 K CTP. When you start focusing on the price, one of two things will go up. It will either be the price or your stress levels. Seeing that we cannot guarantee the price of any token to go up at any given time, I prefer focusing on accumulating...

 26 days ago  


Yeah man, the journey is what matters to me as well!

I guess having a plan helps with not caring about the price anymore. Maybe the people that are freaking out about the price are just along for the ride and without any long term goals. Sorry if my communist joke didn't land I guess you have to see the memes and read a little history to better understand it. Proletariat means working class people but it's a word mostly used in communist countries and history books ( but it does exists in the English dictionary so I didn't make it up :)

 26 days ago  

LOL Appreciate it! Yeah first time I ever heard it. I've never claimed to be the most knowledgable...At all LOLOL

Price is not everything. It only matters if you have accumulated something that it can be applied to. So the focus should be on having as much of that something as you can get. In this case it is Hive and H-E tokens. When I look at my balances, I look at the quantity and have my goals set to increase the quantites of each holding.

 26 days ago  

That's a fantastic approach to it all man. I think it's the best way to go!

The price of CTP is going to be hard to dictate. It does seem like the price of tokens tends to go along with the hype. Back when BRO announced adding CTP, it went up by a lot. However I do think it will succeed at reaching 5 cents eventually.

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 27 days ago  

Yeah, we messed up by not deploying our front end to go along with the hype. lol

Lesson learned, but we're not going anywhere :)