Thursday Night Live - What Are You Waiting For?

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Tonight was a topic...We've been screaming at the top of our lungs for almost 4 years now...

What will it take?

For online businesses and entrepreneurs to finally realize that everything that matters when it comes to business building...We be on the blockchain!

Case after case is proving, that if we as entrepreneurs want to be relevant in 2021 and beyond, we must start to embrace crypto and blockchain tech like if our businesses depended on it...

Because they truly do!

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It's nice to know that the INDEX holders are on board with the Splinterlands team.

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 26 days ago  

Yeah everyone seems pretty pumped to see it in action. We'll build it and get it set up tomorrow or this weekend for sure.

Just bought some a couple days ago, gonna grab more in a few more days. Great little deal. More people need to know about it.

 25 days ago  

I agree...But very biased lol

Just announce that INDEX will be distributing the VOUCHERS it receives to the holders, and you'll see a massive buying pressure on INDEX, because there will be a shortage of VOUCHERS. ;-)

I believe you don't have plans to buy packs via INDEX anyway...

 25 days ago  

LOL Great idea

These diesel pools are really interesting. Unfortunately they seem like hidden to most of the people lol. Imagine once people learn about it on hive... or people learn about it out of hive...

 25 days ago  

Yeah TribalDex is smooth and clean but there's a lot going on. Maybe if they made it a separate function of that...Not sure. But it's such a better experience than anything on Ethereum or BSC lol