9 Days to Go - Get Your Manly Vegetables On!


Whilst it's only been less than a week since we announced the challenge, we like to post on a Saturday to earn some HIVE for the account so we can use it for challenge rewards, tips and powering up so your upvote is bigger! And in this post, we're setting the THREE bloggers who entered in the last few days a small beneficiary. We're huge on spreading the abundance here at Natural Medicine, so join in with your viewpoint on plant based diets and whether they are 'manly' enough by posting the link to your post here. There's a heap of prompts that might get you started too:

  • What's been your personal experience as a man who doesn't eat meat? Have you had to fend off jokes, jibes and jabber about your manliness? How do you respond to them?
  • Is there any truth to the meat and virility myth?
  • What's the manliness plant based meal you can think of? Is it fake meat in a fake blood burger, or is it all carbs and cheese? Barbecued and smoky, or just lots of it?
  • Check out the arguments against male athletes on plant based diets and SMASH them to pieces!
  • Cook a meal for a meat eating male lover/friend/partner/colleague and write about their response/or reaction
  • What plant based foods are supportive of men's physical and mental health?
  • As a man, what's your experience with plant based eating?
  • Refute all the arguments for being a plant based man & play the devil's advocate!

@zydane extolled a meditarrean diet and good fats in his post here - delicious! He's not full vegan, although he eats a helluva lot of plants and recommends people do the same. Excercise caution, though, he suggests - iron intake can be problematic. But everyone should give it ago, not least because eating tons of meat may mean more toxins than we need, especially non organic chicken. What his post highlights for me is the importance of researching what's in your food, how your body absorbs it, and where you might be deficient.

@hetty-rowan tells us that she became a vegetarian FOR LOVE! This made me laugh - frantically trying to prepare a vegetarian meal for a hot vegetarian guy sounds like fun. Not only that, she shares a great, easy recipe for sambal, and details the benefits of capsicum and onions!!! Now a chilli sambal sounds quite manly to me.... yum!


@pavanjr, like @zydane, is also a meat eater, so it was an interesting learning experience for him to research whether we can build muscle mass and still be vegetarian. One point I found interesting is that in his country, Venuzuela, it's not always possible to afford meat all the time, so a varied diet is more important. Sometimes richer countries take for granted how easily it is to source meat, but for many places in the world, it's not as easy as going to the supermarket and stocking up on heaps of steak for the freezer!

Whilst these people officially didn't enter the challenge (yet) as I was wrapping up this Saturday's curation post of the entries, I was reading the other vegetarian recipes on HIVE. Here's two I loved!

@carolynstahl made vegetarian pizza - I had some for dinner last night, but I always add pineapple as it's quite an Australian thing to do. The best thing is that cold pizza is even better - thanks for the reminder I'll be eating it for lunch!

@fionasfavourites shows us her Moroccan salad in jars - what a great idea for a takeway lunch. Beats sandwiches in my opinion. Read her post here as she also talks about harrissa - I'm a huge fan of harrissa although I've never made it myself. Into the kitchen I go!



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Appreciate the mention @riverflows! Let me know how your harissa turns out?

Incidentally, a recurring theme in my posts devoted to plant based or vegetarian meals, is the carnivorous husband's delight and growing appreciation of meatfree. That said, 20 years is long enough to know what battles to pick. Unless he's told by a medical practitioner to give up meat, I am not so certain! Lol

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