Claire's Crazy Cakes, Bakes and Kitchen Hacks: Chapter 13 - Cake, Glorious Cake!!

My goodness, how all of us escaped @ZakLudick's birthday without diabetes is an absolute miracle!! Honestly, with him being such a phenomenal partner and father, I wanted to make him feel as spoilt and loved as possible.

When we 1st met, I remember him telling me that he "doesn't really bother with birthdays" and boy, do I know what that is code for!!

So, this year, our third birthday together as we head towards our third anniversary I decided to make 3 cakes for 3 parties including all 3 of 3 of our children in the process! Goodness knows there were a lot of spoons and bowls to be licked!

The process started last week Sunday, and I basically baked and decorated throughout the whole week. The biggest favour I could have done myself was to make the bases ahead of time. They are so moist and dense that they last extremely well!

If you've been following my recipies, you'll know I've posted my 3 favourites already:

Chapter 12 - Carrot Cake - My Best Kept Secret!

Chapter 9 - Death by Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

Deathly Gorgeous: Amarula, Berry and Chocolate Cheesecake

BUT what I made for this incredibly special man on his incredibly special birthday week was all 3, but each one with a brand new twist!!

I do hope you'll gorge your eyes on these images and keep yourselves glued to my blog for the recipes, coming up this week!!!!


Looks yummy, I will be waiting patiently to see the recipes. I can’t wait to try them out here myself

Thanks so much for stopping by! Recipes will be out in the next few days 😁

Can’t wait

Hello dear, this recipe looks great, with so many flavors and textures. Thank you for sharing with us!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hahaha well done there happy family. Keep up the regular posting, it will pay off in time.

Best wishes from the Garden Route.

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I have so much to post about this week!

It does indeed look glorious! I would be licking that plate!

We totally did!! 🤣🤣

Good! That would just be an awful waste otherwise 😂

An utter sin! Pure chocolate ganache that was!

This cake has a good face!

Hehehehe. "had" a good face.....

Oh... Sorry! 😅


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