Seafood meals with priceless ingredients

I love seafood, and we don't get anywhere near enough of it in UK. My quest for fresh seafood took me to a small fishing village called Afurada on the Duoro River, opposite Porto in Portugal.

I arrived at the local market, a modern complex with not many stalls. I didn't have high hopes here as in my experience, normally the older the market the more good stuff there are. It was fairly quiet inside and there were only a couple stalls selling fruit and vegetables.

Then I saw a couple of stalls selling seafood!! The produce smelled so fresh and fishy, perfect for seafood lovers like me. If we had this in UK, I'd be here every day!

Let's find something that I can eat immediately. Afurada is well known for its seafood restaurants and barbeque outside on the streets. These places are rustic. If you have the freshest products, that's all you need, no need for fancy decor.

There weren't that many places opened when I visited in mid week but I found Taberna Do S Pedro that looked very irresistible. They had just started to setup the barbeque for lunchtime, and trays of fresh seafood were on display in the open fridge. I was starting to drool already!



This guy is responsible for cooking. He was so chilled and it looked like a pretty easy job. You just put the seafood in the grills, sprinkle a touch of salt on top and place the grills on top of the barbeque.

If it was that easy we'd all be opening our barbeque seafood restaurants! Seafood lovers will know there's an art and technique to cooking seafood. A few minutes over or under, can make all the difference to a good or bad seafood meal. If you overcook it, particularly fish, it becomes tough, rubbery and dry, not nice at all. You might as well eat cardboard boxes.


We ordered a plate of squid, a skewer of prawns and cuttlefish, a whole fish, I think it might be a sea bream, and a plate of sardines. Our order didn't take long to arrive. I could smell the charcoal barbecue aroma even before the plates were placed on our table, followed by the whiff of freshly cooked seafood. Everything was cooked to perfection, including the fish which was so juicy and tender. I haven't had such a lovely seafood meal in a long time.

Remember the seafood stall I showed you earlier on? The stall owner was very friendly, as was a customer, who is a regular and helped us to translate. Originally we thought we wouldn't be able to buy anything for dinner as the stall closes at 1pm but we wanted to have lunch first followed by a walkabout around the village. Then the stall owner said we she could ask the cafe in the market to keep the seafood for us, and we can pick it up whenever we wanted in the afternoon. She even took us over to the cafe, so the cafe owner would recognize us when we pickup our stuff. Problem solved!

We ordered a big sea white fish and the cuttle fish you see in the sink. The stall owner cleaned and prepared everything for us ready to cook in the evening.

Although we were tourists, and it's not like we'll be back for repeat business, everyone was incredibly nice. We were especially grateful for the cafe owner, there was nothing in for them and they kept our purchases in the fridge so it was nice and fresh.

That evening, we baked our fish and pan fried the cuttlefish. Another delicious meal, especially one that was purchased with kindness and human touch. These ingredients makes all the difference to a meal and is not something that you can buy.


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Wow, the people there look incredibly friendly! In a lot of places if you aren't a regular customer you often don't get considered much, and sometimes you even feel like they are trying to scam you because you are clearly not going to come back... finding such kind people is becoming rarer and rarer!

And the seafood also looks delicious, with lots of different choices..... 🤤 I'm getting hungry just by watching your photos ahahahh

Tourists are very prone to be scammed, and sometimes don't even realised they've been scammed. We were very lucky, not only did we eat and buy very good value products, everyone was so kind and friendly.

Very happy that day!

The grilled fish is delicious 😋

It certainly was!

How spectacular, I am very fond of traveling and visiting places, it is nice to be in places where you are served with love even being a tourist, the seafood looks wonderful, I worked a long time with fish products, I love to eat them hahaha, just delicious

Lucky you, working with products that you love eating!!

I love trying local foods when I travel, even if I end up not liking it, I've at least tried it, it's all part of the travel experience

That's the wonderful thing about traveling, being able to know and taste new flavors, enjoy those trips. 😊

Kindness is an essential ingredient... People in Portugal were friendly with us too, especially at the place where we stayed for one night in Porto. And wow, that fish prepared on barbeque looks amazing!!! 🤤

We had a great time in Portugal, everyone was so friendly, plus we had lots of great weather and food 🙂

It seems that she is really cold, let alone her hair is not there✌️😂

Seafood never fails to whet your appetite, have you ever tried a female crab with a good egg, oh it tastes so fantastic with oyster sauce

I like crab but it's not the top of my list because it's too much effort to eat it😅

Yes, it's true, I have eaten it, but in fact he can also eat me even though it has been cooked 🤣

Oh, I feel like you should be held accountable for doing this to me. I could almost feel stains of tears on my face as I read.

This is bullying! As a lover of sea food. I don't want to accept you enjoyed this alone. Where's mine🥲?

Anyway, It is nice you were able to enjoy what you've missed eating for sometime and very fortunate that you met good people who made it possible.

Don't worry, I did share with my family, but of course the best I can do it to share virtually on Hive 🙃

Haha... you did well. Thank you.

We Brits are not so adventurous with our seafood. We don't even eat some of the local species and so it mostly gets exported.

When we were in Australia we went to a restaurant that had a fishmonger shop. They would cook you any of the fish on offer to eat there.


It's absolutely disappointing here, considering we're an island, fish is so uncommon in people's diet. We struggle to find any fishmongers nearby and have to make do with Morrisons.

We ate seafood every day when we were in Porto

This is for sure one of the best meals that you can have in Portugal! All the freshness of the fish, and just with simple ingredients... salt and hot charcoal!
When we try to find this type of cousine in other places, isn't so easy to find, like in Porto :) I'm already dreaming about my next trip to Porto!

All the food is so delicious in Porto, the seafood, the traditional cuisine (we had tripe the last day), the leitão, and of course all the sweets pastries. Missing all that already 😋

Just by reading this... my mouth just got watered! Ahahah I have to schedule a trip to Porto! Luckely my Goddaughter lives there :) A win-win situation :)

Talk about some amazing looking food right there, you must have had a feast! I love fish cooked over the fire. You are right tho, slightly overcooked it's gross, only takes a few seconds to turn a fine piece of fish into a rubber boot. Thanks for sharing! xox


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Deym, I can smell the grilled seafood all the way here!

That's amazing how that person kept the food fresh for you!!! Just when we tend to lose hope in humanity, moments like this pop up and change our perspective!

Seafood is not easy to cook and not everyone can cook seafood with perfection. I had the best seafood in Phuket, Thailand, and Genoa, Italy. The food looks delicious. Some people are really kind and often do a lot for the stranger without any motives. Because of such kindness, I believe the world is still a better place...

These days, there aren't many operators who do their job well and treat their customers well. Especially when he knows that you are a tourist, how kind of her to behave like this.

I wonder how many people ate that fish, it looks huge 😂

That looks so good! You've chosed a good place to try fresh seafood for sure; if you want to pair it in the future with awesome secluded beaches, SW Portugal is the way to go. Hoping for more warm to find my way there soon.