Anyone hungry?

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One week ago my palates had the pleasure of enjoying a magnificent lunch in the village of El Palmar. It is located in Albufera Natural Park and I got there as a member of the choir I performed with. About the music part, we could already see and hear some details in this post, but now we will talk about food!

I know I am not a professional food reviewer or food photographer. I am not even an amateur one. But these delicious bites could not miss out on my menu. I mean on my blog. With clumsy attempts but honest admiration for those who prepared our food, I will try to bring a few snippets from the lunch we had in Albufera restaurant.


It was not the first time I enjoyed delicious traditional dishes from this area. Lucky me. If I don't forget some of the visits, it is already my third time having lunch in El Palmar, though all happened in different restaurants. None of them left me disappointed.

Once we went there with our friends and the person who was teaching Spanish to foreigners in our town. It was a one-day excursion to Valencia, to meet the history and most important places of the city. Later, for lunch, we went to El Palmar and ordered a few aperitives and rice with seafood. One of our friends has her own restaurant so it was funny as she was observing everything from the eyes of a professional. But she was very happy and satisfied with the food and service, the same as we were.

Last Saturday I shared the table with these people:


Hahaha, I am drinking water at this moment, though there was wine, beer, other soft drinks and even liquors. I really wanted to buy one of these bottles and take home but then we had to go quickly to the boat excursion. Some people stayed in the restaurant so I hoped we would be back here and purchase a bottle of prohibited rice cream. It didn't happen, unfortunately.


To go back to the beginning. Each of us had several appetizers. The first was garlic sauce and crushed tomato with bread. I forgot to take a photo. {I started this food review in a perfect way, right? 😂 already missing one photo of the food we had}

The next aperitive that arrived was a place with sliced tomato, olive oil and little pieces of fish. I loved this one.


The next dish was a pleasure for the eyes too. Roasted red pepper with salted cod fish on top of it, and thin slices of mojama (fillets of salt-cured tuna) and anchovies around it. It was tasty, of course, but a bit too salty for me.


With the Duck Foie, topped with candied fruits and sweet sauce I found myself in heaven!
After this, I didn't want anything else. However, it was not the end of our suffering food pleasures. The waiters didn't stop pampering us. So, let's see what was next.


An almost inevitable dish in this area is mussels. Actually, they explained that there is a difference between mussels and clóchinas, which is the type that is grown in the waters of Valencia. The size of the clóchina is smaller (compared to that of the mussel) and has more orange colour. I made some space in my stomach for them.


And no, it was not the end. Do you know what is a must in El Palmar?

Paella Valenciana, of course!!!

The chef prepared it in a huge paella pan and the waiters brought it when it was finished. They showed it and went away with it. They said we had enough food for that day.

End of the story.



It was just a joke, they served us paella on plates and yes, I made space in my stomach for paella too.



Should I mention that we also got Crema Catalana which is custard with caramelized sugar?



I ate so much so I can't now say anything else... Oh yes, the liquors were there again, and the views from the hall where we had this delicious lunch.


I opened the window to see it better.

The rice fields look like this in the Valencian region. They are famous for rice production, so no surprise the best authentic paellas are prepared here. Now I indeed should finish this post as I could be tempted to book in a restaurant in El Palmar.




I have not even saw foods like this so far. Good to hear that they are delicious. Today I will eat spaghetti Milanese. That is also a traditional food. And a well known food.

Spaghetti Milanese is a tasty dish, I also like it 👌

I Never had chance to see or eat these delicacy but as you mentioned. It's super delicious!

If ever the fate, will give me a chance. I will try to go visit that restaurant in El Palmar.

Fingers crossed you can!

Oh a food heaven with many of dishes and at lunch time. I would have tapped out much sooner than you did, haha. I seen a post the other day about how to make paella, looks like something very worthy of giving a try. Hopefully the boat excursion allowed you to burn off some of the food you took part in. Take care and enjoy what's left of your weekend.

The boat excursion was so nice! We were joking that it would not finish well if the waves were too big hahaha... It was a bit windy, but we survived 😁

Wow! Those dishes look like a state of art indeed 🤩 Not sure I’d be able to fit all of them in my stomach 😂

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Art had to be followed by art. We participated in a music festival, so it was kind of a food festival 😂

True dat! That dinner was sure a music for the stomach and taste buds 🤩

Wao, this is a big enjoyment for you all and I love the happy ending so much😋😋😋😋

I was just lucky to be part of that choir performance 😉

Woa! That's is a nice one

What a great service, they have treated you with abundant and exquisite dishes, dear friend @mipiano, everything looks exquisite
I had never heard of cream of rice before, it must be exquisite
thank you very much for sharing this experience
May you enjoy the weekend

Yes, they arranged it very well, the food was chosen already in advance, so they knew how delicious it would be. I didn't know, so it was a super nice surprise for me 😇

Happy weekend, @jlufer

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much, @ackhoo 😇

where are the bloody french fries?

In Benidorm 😂

ah! I know my place in life so well, ho hum


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Thank you 😇

Eat with those views, what a delight! Everything looks great. 😋 What appeals to me the most are the mussels… and the liquors, hehe. ♥️🤗

Oh, I also like mussels, actually clotxines in Valencian :D

What a delicious and varied menu! I want the crema catalana .... and the paella is said to be the best of all, it surely is.

I was looking at the dishes and I was saying, what a great photo and how tasty what I see. I love it @my piano, I love it!

The vitas are great!!!❤️

Crema Catalana disappeared too quickly hahaha

Although we were full, there was place for a dessert haha. And coffee.

What a delight, what a delight!

Good night! See you tomorrow!

Good night and bon appetite, if you will have a dinner or Crema Catalana now :))

Nooo I don't have cream Catalan hahaha😀

Oh me encantaaaaaa!.

Any food review that is made from or sincerity is a good review hehehe so you have done very well.

I think I had told you that I love that place, wonderful to go to eat there, I like to have the reference of a different place in the area that I know, I have to go back and try it.

Also you have created a new curiosity for me, I didn't know the rice liquor, now I need to know what it tastes like, although the name "cream of rice" sounds like baby food to me hahaha.

I love mojama, but it's true that pairing it with anchovies and cod is too much, too much salt in there for those poor peppers.

Hey hey jokes about people taking the food away no, no no no. Hahaha I always think "you can't joke with my food".

The last picture is spectacular!!!

Nina, I was thinking about your bike ride to Albufera and having paella (I didn't forget you mentioned). Also, I was curious what you would say to this post, as you are the foodie pro :D I hope it was not too painful to read haha

Yep. that combination of salty things in one plate was a bit too much, I couldn't eat a lot from that.

"you can't joke with my food".

You would fight for it, I know 😁

Gracias Nina 🤗

Deliciosa historia! jajaja...ya pude apreciar el sabor de la comida valenciana... después de trabajar nada mejor que darle placer al cuerpo jajaja

Se come bien en Valencia, y sí, después de tanto cantar y tocar la comida vino como salvación :)

Yuum. Im drooling over the Crema Catalana dessert😋

It was very tasty 🤓

The food looks so good, especially Crema Catalana. That dessert I could eat a lot... The presentation of each dish looks delicious and exquisite... 😀

I see, everyone liked the dessert here 😇

It looks delicious 😇

You have a big stomach because if you ate all that... hahahaha.... 😁

Oh, I do have a big stomach. Porque soy una gran mujer lol 😂

soy una gran mujer lol 😂

No me cabe dudas de esto. ✨


Qué es eso de la crema de arroz prohibida jajaja 😂 La etiqueta dice eso 😮 Si está prohibida qué hace ahí... me quedan dudas.


Yo qué sé por qué lo pusieron así jajajajaja

Quería volver y comprar una de esas cremas, pero ya todos se fueron de allí hasta que terminó la excursión en barco 🙄


It is a sales strategy. La próxima vez que vayas la compras y me cuentas qué tal.

The photos whet the appetite of even the most inappetent.

If they show me the paella and then take it away...I run out after the waiters and snatch it from them. 🤣

Thanks for sharing your experiences always with that subtle and accurate sense of humor. Feliz finde.

If they show me the paella and then take it away...I run out after the waiters and snatch it from them.


Yeah, luckily they served us paella :)

We were singing later to the waiters, Es un muchacho excelente {mi idea 🤦‍♀🤣) porque luego nos trajo y postre y café 😂

If he brought dessert and coffee... it was definitely a good idea to sing the song to him 🤣.

Tell me, mipiano...why wouldn't I be hungry at the sight of this delicious meals 😋

oops 😁

How delicious it is to eat in Spain, the Spanish dishes are delicious and so are the chefs. Not in vain do you have some Michelin stars over there.


Yes, one of the very good things in Spain is that siempre se come bien hehe 😉


@mipiano how I love gourmet dishes. Those dishes that you present in your post I see them a lot in Los Máster Cheff. I really like the one from Spain, Colombia and Mexico. Thank you. Very nice post.

I don't watch those programmes but I am happy with the opportunity I got, to go to this restaurant and consume these delicious and nicely presented bites 😇
Thank you @mamani 😇


Bon appetit, ma'am! I'm really hungry. Can I have a plate? By the way, the dessert you like so much is very similar to the "Kazandibi" dessert in Turkey.

Thanks for letting us know, I checked now what Kazandibi is.
Yes, that is a kind of pudding, with caramelized sugar on it what we had in the restaurant.

Bon appetit, ma'am!

Thank you @incublus. Though I will have to do some magic today to have lunch ;)

Hola amiga! Esos platos se ven muy bien! Y la paella espectacular 😍 quiero mucho comer una, aunque ya no estoy embarazada me antojaste jajaja! Entiendo que comiste mucho pero no sé podía perder la oportunidad de probar todo! 😍😍

Hola @evelynchacin :))

Cómo estás? Y Olivia? 😍

Hehe, siempre podemos encontrar una buena ocasión para comer paella ;))

Hola amiga! Estamos muy bien, gracias por preguntar. Olí es una niña muy grande y apenas tiene un mes, parece que tiene más tiempo y es una niña muy bonita 🥺❤️ ustedes cómo están?


I'm hungry

Such a beautiful restaurant and such delicious food, even if one is not hungry, one's heart wants to eat.

Awwwww, I am drooling now. What a treat .... the very first dish... the first picture looks a bit dry and pale for my taste... sort of paper'ish. The dish that you said was a bit salty sounds absolutely divine as does the Duck Foie...

What a fantastic afternoons nourishment !!

True, the first one had a very paper-ish taste but ok, if it was the part of the menu I accepted it. It was free lol


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